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Nov 20, 2011
Bulldog(s) Names

Harley David joined rescue today as an owner surrender. Through no fault of his own, Harley David was surrendered because his owners could not handle the maintenance involved. He is good with other dogs and humans of all sizes., however he is easily excitable so small kids might not be the best for Harley. After a quick trip to the clinic to get his vaccines he will be joining his foster family. Once Harley joins his foster family there will be more details on his unique personality. 7/15/2015 Update: Our new student Harley David is doing well! He’s only been at our “School for Fosters” one day but overall we give him a smiley face on his behavioral chart, 7/18/2015 Update:Harley David has morphed into one (mostly) easy peasy bulldog.
His only caveat is sharing – He doesn’t know how to share toys. He likes to quickly get one or take one his foster brother was playing with , and he’ll growl when he wants someone to play with him. We think it’s a “play with me!” Growl, but it sounds like a “this is mine” growl.
Besides that – he’s great. The other 2 dogs in our house have moments where they don’t get along, and Harley is just doing his own thing. He’s never the trouble maker, and is one I sometimes “forget” where he is because he’s quiet and calm and when I go looking for him, he’s laying down and gives me that sweet bully look.
Like his fur foster sibs, he loves treats and knows to sit when he gets one. He does great in his crate and will sometimes nap in there on his own accord.
He loves car rides but is quite rambunctious – he likes to try and jump on the dash board and rest his head on my lap under the steering wheel.
People: does well with them. This includes a grown man/woman and two teenagers.
Lunch/Nap time: he has a good appetite and does well in his crate.
Bath time: He wasn’t thrilled with it — but he stuck it out so he gets credit for that.
Restroom breaks: he goes frequently outside and only one incident of (marking) inside the house. We’ll take it.
Car rides: loves them. Runs to the car. Loves the back and front seat and will go back and forth between both because he’s JUST SO EXCITED he can’t decide!
We are still evaluating him but he seems like a sweet pup who will do great in the right home.
7/25/2015 Update My sweet boy Harley. He has really started coming out of his shell. He has relaxed enough with us to nap with me on the couch! His fur is looking better, and sans not liking to share toys, he is the perfect gentleman.
When his foster bulldog bro and lab don’t get along, there’s Harley… Just hanging out. He’s content to spend the day in his crate, or laying on the kitchen/laundry/ living room floor. He’s generally my “easy peasy” dog and sometimes he’s so good and quiet I lose track of him inside the house!
He loves treats – but what those fingers because he can jump high to snatch it out from you.
This 8 year old boy loves his crate, his bone, his treats and his humans. He’s a sweet, sweet bully.
Harley didn’t like the kiddie pool like his foster bro.
8/2/2015 Update:Don’t let Harley David fool you… He may be 8.5 years young but that doesn’t mean he’s slow. If you have a treat in your hand, watch out because he’s a jumper. He could be asleep a room away but if he hears me go in the kitchen… He’s by my side right away for a treat!
Overall he is doing great. He gets along great with all humans and his foster fur siblings – but does NOT like sharing toys.
He continues to get more comfortable with us – including relaxing on the couch with me. He generally likes to do his own thing but he’s starting to get the hang of being a spoiled couch potato.
8/9/2015 Update: Sweet ole Harley. This senior boy is one cutie patootie. Every day his personality shines more and more. He went from liking his own space, to “I’ll sit near you… But on the floor” to “I’ll sit on the couch with you” to “I’m going to pretend I don’t like this belly rub as we snuggle on the couch but I do!!” Sometimes I’ll scratch his head and stop.. And he’ll tap his head to my hand to say “more foster ma”. I think he tries to be a tough old man but he’s a sweet heart. If I move rooms, he’ll go with me. If the gate to our bedroom is up, he’ll contently lay outside until he can come in or I go out. He will sometimes bark at noises outside (which I appreciate when I’m home alone… He at least sounds like a good guard dog).
He likes to lay in bed with me or lounge elsewhere. He loves treat time and at meal time… He acts like he’s never eaten before!! He gets so excited he’ll run around in circles until you put the food down. He makes a big old mess – but he cleans it up nicely His coat is also looking MUCH better. Harley is a great reminder of how great senior dogs can be.
8/22/2015 Update:I never understood why people raved about senior dogs until we got one. And boy now do I! Don’t get me wrong, Harley isn’t perfect. He growls for every emotion and he can get cranky if his food isn’t in his face fast enough or someone gets within ear shot of him and his toys… But overall this guy is a sweat heart. He reminds me of the grumpy man next door.. The one who can be rough around the edges but once you get to know him, he’s a big old softy.
He spends most of his day in relax mode. When the other dogs are rambunctious, he’s just hanging out. When we are trying to coral the other dogs and get them to move/sit/stop, there’s Harley, just hanging out doing his thing. He loves nothing more than getting fed, getting the occasional rub, and just lounging – whether it be in his crate or on the couch/bed.
He may be older but there is NOTHING wrong with his hearing. He can be clear across the house but if he hears someone in the kitchen… He comes running for a snack! Harley does great with kids, and good with dogs but he’s not too interested in them. He prefers his humans – ones that like to veg and give treats often.
9/6/2015 Update: We picked up Harley today after his wonderful stay at Dr. W’s for the week while we were on vacation. He walked right out, jumped in the car and was ready to go home! He was obviously pooped from his long week of lounging there instead of here. He’s already making up for lost time. This sweet senior boy is still waiting for his forever family!

9/13/2015 Update: Harley David had a blast at Hollywood Feed yesterday! Usually calm and cool, Harley was excited to see all the people and Bullys. He did well with everyone – men, women, kids, dogs — he loves them all! He learned that the longer you sit, the longer someone would pet him and rub his belly!
This senior saint met some great people and is keeping his paws crossed that his forever family is out there looking for him– he’s ready!

9/26/2015 Update: Harley David is ready for Halloween! Or at least prepared to bark and bark at the decorations in his foster families house until Halloween. His foster mom will be on the lookout for a costume.He continues to be a good gentleman/ house guest while waiting for his forever family. This week we learned he doesn’t mind sleeping on the bench in front of our bed, he does NOT like it when he gets left at home when everyone else leaves, and he doesn’t like ear drops (but who does?!)
His foster brother got his first Barkbox this week and Harley enjoyed it just as much. Poor green squeaker toy didn’t last 12 hours!

Are you looking for a senior buddy to hang out with? Do you want a dog to follow you from room to room? If you want a sweet companion to just hang with — Harley is your guy!

10/4/2015 Update: On a scale of 1 to 10 of “how comfortable is Harley in our house?”, he’s now at an 11. He’s been sleeping in our bed some nights and has become a bed hog! I woke up Saturday morning, and somehow he scooted up near our pillows. and I woke up with his paws in my face.
He has become like a vacuum eating dinner, so we started putting a tennis ball in his food to slow him down some. He makes a big old mess (photo evidence below), but it does the job.

I bought him and his foster brother some Halloween stuffed toys from Petsmart… Poor pumpkin lasted only a few hours. Harley also has enjoyed some new tennis balls. He will run after them – you’d never know he was a senior with how energetic he is.

Are you looking for an easy going senior saint?! Harley is your man!

10/11/2015 Update: Harley can be a bit of a grumpy goose – but he’s a sweetheart at heart. I can’t say enough about this old man – he’s energetic, yet lazy, and follows you around like a shadow. He’s crate trained, house trained, inhales food like there’s no tomorrow and can hear the quietest noise in the kitchen half way across the house.
Foster dad gave him a bath this week and he did decently – but he was fed many snacks! If you’re looking for a loyal friend to always be by your side – Harley is for you!

11/1/2015 Update: Not much to report on sweet Harley David. He did great at Bulloween – sniffing some dogs, prancing around, and finally lounging on some cool tile to take a breather. He has enjoyed the cooler weather to lounge outside – but has not liked the rain. He takes a lot of coaxing to go potty outside in the drizzle.
11/8/2015 Update: Now with cooler temperatures, we have learned something new about Harley David : he loves walks. He is always excited to leave the house (still a bit of a handful in the car), and did great walking with his foster brother in the park. He came home, drank water, and plopped on the floor with a pillow to say “mom and dad I’m pooped!!” He continues to be a great house guest: he loves lounging, watching tv and the occasional snuggle. He will investigate any noise and will watch over you like a hawk when you’re in the restroom! Make no mistake, he may be a senior but he is not slow. There’s still a lot of life left in this sweet boy.
Harley David remains an energetic 8 year old who enjoys toys/bones/balls almost as much as he does relaxing at your feet/laying by your side.

11/22/2015 Update: Not much new to report with Harley David. He still enjoys eating, sleeping, squeaky toys, sleeping on his foster mama (he’s napping on me as we speak), snack time, and sleeping :-). He has learned he can rest his big ole head on pillows for that extra bit of comfort! We learned while he enjoys walks, he’s not a big fan of the dog park. And while he gets along with his foster brother, he is still a toy hog and would do best in a home where he gets all the love, attention and toys to himself. He’s a fairly easy going senior boy who gets excited when you come home and when you are within a 25 foot radius of the treat container.

4/24/16 Update: Harley David is still enjoying his time at his fosters while waiting for his forever family. He’s our sweet, yet sometimes grumpy, old man! Harley could do well in almost any family — as long as they know this sweet senior boy needs lots of time to get adjusted to his environment.
He still doesn’t like to share toys but he’s the best cuddler around! He enjoys time laying in bed, on the couch, in his crate… Anywhere he can lounge!! And he loves nothing more than eating — he can hear the food bag from 372837 miles away!

5/30/16 Update: This senior saint patiently waits for his forever home. He’s been with his foster family for nearly a year and has been a pleasure! Yes he can be grumpy at times, is toy aggressive and much prefers humans to dogs, but he’s a sweet boy. He’s a man of routine; he gets up, waits for his foster brother and goes outside to potty together. He’ll come in and head straight to his foster parents bed to snuggle while mom is still sleeping. And once he hears the slightest bit of noise near his food bowl, he’s up and ready to eat!! He loves sleeping and can anywhere. His crate, the couch, the floor, the hallway, the bed… He has no preference. Since he’s been with us almost a year, he’s quite comfortable with us. He would do well in any family that’s willing to be patient with him. He’s a sweet boy that deserves the best family!!
9/13/16 Update: Harley David here! Life was different for me this weekend..foster mom said we had a family member in the hospital (they’re okay though!) so we had to watch their dog for a few days. And that young little dog wore me out. He and my foster brother, Buddy, wanted to run and play and run and play the whole time.. it wore me out just watching them! I found sanctuary in my crate, and at one point, I think they were even annoying foster mom because she said “Come on Harley, lets go!” and we went back to the quiet bedroom just us. I much preferred the quiet to the craziness of two young dogs running around!! Other than that, same old same old for me! I enjoy sleeping anywhere I can, lots of treats, and the occasionally belly rub.
10/23/16 Update: Harley David here! Life is still pretty good for me. I enjoy my naps, my meals and my occasional belly rub! I enjoy sleeping in my foster parents’ bed, my crate, the couch, the floor… yep, I can sleep anywhere! I’m a pretty easy going guy! Just love me and feed me and I’m happy.
11/27/16 Update: Hello everyone! Harley David here. I had a nice Thanksgiving week. My foster parents were off for a lot of it so we had extra lounging time and got to sleep in more often! I would sleep in my crate, then after foster ma got up to take us outside to do our business, we’d head back in and I’d get to sleep in their big bed! I like the big bed. Foster ma says I’m a bed hog, but I think she just needs to learn to be happy with the corner I give her! I had a good time hanging outside with my foster parents this weekend while they decorated the outside of the house for Christmas. I just kind of hung out in the grass while they put up all these lights and giant inflatable things. I think I’m pretty cute in the outdoors What do you think?
12/26/16 Update: I had a great Christmas morning with my foster brother Buddy inspecting our gifts! Blankets and toys and treats… I am worn out! Now I plan to rest while my mom and dad do another Christmas elsewhere. Fine by me! I’ll just be lounging here.
7/1/17 Update: Harley has had a rough time trying to get accustomed to his new pad and people who love him fretting over him. Let it be known that Harley David is a growler and sometimes can get cranky, which can be intimidating (if you didn’t know this ol’ man’s tactics). Our darling Harley lacks in his communication skills just a little; Harley only knows one growl and it’s used for attention, for treats, growls when he is getting a massage, growls, growls, growls. Harley is territorial about his toys and his crate, which he depends on for security when he gets upset or when he hears the word NO. Harley is our only foster who loves his crate and we all understand why. It’s funny – he does not like the door closed, which we don’t close, nor does he like being behind a gate, nor does he like thunder, windshield wipers (oh gosh … if you could have seen our recent drive from HOUSTON with Harley during a thunderstorm) or vacuum cleaners. Our sweet old man Harley acts just like a cranky ol’ poot.
I gotta say he loves the ladies; when our girls bring home their friends from school, ol’ man Harley is smack in the middle, letting all the ladies coo over him. We love seeing a side of him that he seldom shows, especially when HE decides to play (he will bring you the toy drop at your feet for playtime). I am so thankful that we are fostering Harley. He has taught us a lot and tested our skills. We love this cranky ol’ poot and he deserves security.

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