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  • Hello sweet lady! I moved that to the junk page because it is not true and was from 2018. Iā€™m surprised you can see the post still?

    we are good, I hope you havenā€™t been sick and are able to get all your supplies without issue? If you need anything you better let me know.

    I agree on the spoil, Iā€™ve been home full time since July and Cheli has a breakdown if I leave to go food shopping. Lewis says he sits at door and cries the whole time Iā€™m gone. Not good at all since we at some point in the next three years will go back to the office. Gonna have to slowly go back so he will not be anxiety ridden.
    I feel awful about it... I never had any contact information about her son either. I hope you are doing well, and staying busy...
    Ugh... I'm so sorry my friend... I would love to meet you in person!!! Did you ever hear anything about Texas Carol? I have a feeling that she passed... and it breaks my heart I didn't get a chance to talk to her beforehand. She tried to reach out to me several times, and I was in the middle of my in-laws both passing within 8 months of each other.
    Hello my friend, just checking up on you to see how you're doing... the weather here has FINALLY turned to spring, and we are enjoying it until it gets TOO hot!!!
    Carol Smith-Hewitt... I don't have any other information, or her son's either.
    The last time she posted on FB was about a year ago... nothing was on her page!
    The only address I have is the one that she gave everyone on here... I DO have her on FB, let me see if her account is still active.
    Oh gosh... I didn't have any other information for her, do you have any contact information for her son?
    I'm so sorry that you are alone, but you always have us here!!! :heart: I've been meaning to catch-up w/you, life has been crazy... how are you?!! Have you heard from Texas Carol? I have tried to call several times, and I sent a card out months ago and I've heard nothing...
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