1. paw7004

    Looking for commercial wheelchair recommendations

    Due to spinal bone spurs and arthritis, Porkchop's back legs don't work well anymore. His feet are so displaced the pads are now pushed forward, one leg twists when he walks. He's 11 years old next month and still has some vigor. We go for walks with him in his buggy, but I think he would also...
  2. gobronco

    Bruno half way through his first one mile walk

    Bruno (the rescue dog) half way through his 1 mile walk. Since his recurring pneumonia and throat surgery in December I have been taking it easy on him. He needed time for his lungs to heal. Short walks at first then 1/2 mile then 3/4 mile walks. His lungs seem to be doing much better and he...
  3. gobronco

    Creepy Easter Bunny

    My wife has this creepy Easter Bunny she puts out for Easter. We call it creepy because it changes height from about 3 to 4 feet high. My wife changes it on purpose just cuz. It is just to the right of the main hallway. Every day I play fetch with Bruno by rolling his Nylabone ring down the...
  4. gobronco

    Bruno the rescue dog is learning to sit

    Bruno the rescue dog is learning to sit. At first sit meant stand there and stare at you. He would much prefer to chase a bone or a ball than learn how to sit. He is getting there. He knows lay in my lap without any voice or hand commands. He sometimes prefers an elevator ride onto the...
  5. gobronco

    Bruno update, all is good

    Update on Bruno the rescue dog. No more lung issues so far. We have been watching him really closely to make sure he doesn't get overexcited. We have found out he is super smart. every day when I get home from work I put all of my stuff away before I greet the dogs (this prevents Crazy from...
  6. KrysA724

    Swallow first, ask later

    Question. Brisket is a fast eater, always has been, but I’ve starting to limit that by giving him a little at a time and using a slow feeder bowl, but today he grabbed a bone out of my hand (I was not giving it to him) and he swallowed it whole!! It was a round pork bone and I had to use...
  7. Cbrugs

    Dog Fight

    One week ago today, Louie and Jax got into a full blown dog fight. I believe Jax is the one that started it. They were all in the kitchen while I was preparing dinner as they usually are and then they went at it. I broke them up and then went back to preparing dinner, and then round 2. It was...
  8. K

    Raw feeding advice for newbie

    Decided to transition to raw due to health reasons Ronnie is now 2 and we started him on 4 days of tripe then we added a protein of turkey and tripe. In the first 4 days he was pooping fine. Now today he has t pooped for 32 hours he’s drinking and peeing and keen to eat but has been lethargic...
  9. Amy89

    Bruce update

    Bruce is over a year old now and is definitely a character. Absolutely amazing dog, heart of gold and not a nasty bone is his body. So much love to give. Show us your bullies.
  10. MelanieNormansMom

    So many questions

    Hi again. Thanks for all the kind replies to my previous post. This is Jenkins. He's settling right in. If you missed it, he's my second rescue Bulldog. Norm was my first. It's a whole different deal. Norm was 4. We're thinking Jenkins is about 1. How much did your bully weigh at a year? I...
  11. J

    Question about bone broth bits

    Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is well and using common sense during this trying time. I made some bone broth for Fiona, (I finally got around to making it), I cooked it for about three days. It turned out good I guess. After straining it I had the bones and some meat pieces. I pulled the...
  12. C

    My bulldog swallowed a chicken wing

    We are about 80% sure Crabcake swallowed a drum bone from A chicken wing last night. Just a really stupid thing I did by putting my plate that was already eaten on the ground, and not seeing him for a few seconds. We were googling to see if we immediately needed to go to the hospital and that...
  13. A

    URGENT!!! Bald spots

    Good morning. Our English bulldog has been having really bad allergies we changed her diet to homemade food but she's still having issues with her allergies and now is getting these bald spots. I'm not sure if they are related or not. Her new food is beef bone broth, turkey breast and ground...
  14. EllieMay

    While I showered...

    It appears Cinder was busy.. I left her chewing quietly on an antler bone and returned to a party site!
  15. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Bentley~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Illinois

    Well hi everyone, my name is Bentley! My owner left me at a shelter and said he would return for me, but he never did. The great people at CEBR heard what a handsome, lovable hunk I was, and the next thing you know I’m enjoying the good life with my foster family! I am 8 years old, about 55...
  16. cefe13

    Summer photos

    Been warm here lately so Castor has been enjoying outdoor life As usual, Castor looks like he's only got two legs. When we had a bbq, Castor snacked on a reindeer bone Perhaps some meat for me too?
  17. M

    Worst day ever 😭

    Two days ago our 10 yr old eb Jake hurt his back leg. We waited a day to take him to the vet to see if it would get better on its own. Yesterday he seemed worse so I made him a vet apt. Yesterday evening I started to notice other symptoms that he wasn’t feeling well. Today he was much worse but...
  18. paw7004

    Overgrown paw pads?

    Porkchop's paws look like they are miniature overgrown toenails. His back issues are such that he can't go for walks anymore so there is no rough surface to 'exfoliate' the paw pads. His left leg sort of twists when he walks also, which the vet attributes to neuro damage due to the bone spurs...
  19. paw7004

    CBD Oil might be working!

    I inquired recently about CBD oil as an alternative to carprofen & other meds, that he’s been on for 2 years. Porkchop has spinal bone spurs, causing him much discomfort and his hind legs to get wobbly sometimes. He’s a bit arthritic too, being almost 9 yrs old. Someone here mentioned success...
  20. Cbrugs

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Diesel~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Ohio

    Intake Date: 12/6/18 Last Update: 2/20/19 Age: 6 (estimated) DOB: Unknown Gender: Male Weight: 51 lbs. Energy Level: low / medium Color & Markings: fawn & white Can go to a home with other dogs: No Can go to a home with cats: No Good with kids: BBR Policy states no children under the age of 8+...