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  • Thank you for sharing my post with your friend, I'm such a mess. I have been dreading this for a few months. I have a restaurant in Columbus GA and dialysis treatment in my home town Houston tx. So I travel a lot. She hates to travel. I was paying for her to go to camp bow wow but they weren't giving her the care she needs and I expect her to have. I have to be in Georgia tommorow and I don't know what to do. She is very smart and she knows when I'm getting ready to leave. She gets depressed cause she knows 1 of 2 things are going to happen and she dislikes both equally. I was really hoping to find her a new family before leaving . :(
    I was wondering if you could help me post a young Bulldog on your forum. I don't see the post button anywhere? Do you have an email address and i can send you the info to add? She is 1.5 years old and super sweet. Thanks, Sabina- Caring Hearts Rescue
    :couchpeek: Hey you how the heck are you? How's your new family member, I need more pics of those adorable ears :luv:
    Are sorry havnt been on for a while been very unwell hun yea he's been bit naughty x
    You have been hit by a Trick or Treater!! Pass it on to 5 people but you cant return it to the one that tricked you!! :halloween4:
    LOL.... it went to you and a few others. Good, I guess I just want to make sure it's cool witcha ;)
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