1. walterenglishbulldog

    Helping a friend Get her 8 month EB adopted makes me cry

    Hello I am currently helping my friend to get her 8 month old EB adopted. I wanted to adopt him but we are not allowed to have 3 dogs in our apartment. This EB puppy is so nice and kind and great with other dogs and also with kids. Complete with all vaccinations and microchip etc. Is there any...
  2. J

    Puppy Question

    Hello, my name is Jason and my son and daughter-in-law are looking to buy an English Bulldog puppy. They were asking me as to what questions they should ask and I figured it would be beat to ask the professionals. So what would y’all say are must ask questions to ask before picking up their...
  3. K

    Bulldog with small head, will it grow?

    This is chubbs, she’s a 1 year old English bulldog. Attached are what she looks like as a puppy when we got her and her now. Her head is slim, and she’s very lean. We were just wondering if anyone else experienced a bully with a small head and did it grow? At what age? Or will she have a skinny...
  4. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ August Bulldog of the Month ~LAZY BULLDOGS~

    Welcome to the Bulldog of the Month Photo Contest! This month's theme will be: Lazy Bulldogs!! :lazy2: You've got a bulldog, right? Then this contest is for you, because EVERY bulldog paw-rent has a picture (or 1000) of their precious sleeping bulldog doing what they do best- being LAZY...
  5. M

    Please someone help me!

    My little English bully has been suffering with a respiratory infection for approximately 5 weeks now, the first course of antibiotics had worked wonders, she was still a bit noisy so the vet gave an extra week of antibiotics. After that week she was seen by another vet in the same practice and...
  6. 5

    Hello, New here and new pup on the way in two weeks.

    Hello, We just lost our six year old English Bulldog earlier this spring. He was a good boy but had many health issues, The worst of which was epilepsy. He required 5 pills twice daily on a pretty strict schedule to control seizures. He also had chronic ear infections and developed dry eye late...
  7. K


    Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself. I am a part of a writers team. I've been working there for over 2 years, creating content related to dogs. I found this forum occasionally when looking for articles about English bulldog traits, care tips, etc. The thing is - I am going to have one handsome...
  8. YDsmomma

    New here, also new to owning a dog 🙂

    Hi my names ashley, I’m the proud owner to a 7 month old spoiled English bulldog �� I never owned a dog before this just cats so it’s been an experience, I got him when he was 8 weeks old, still kinda on formula and wet dog food. He’s the love of my life, and goes everywhere with...
  9. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ JULY Bulldog of the Month Contest! "Cutest Bully Booty"

    Who's got the cutest Bully Booty? Welcome to the Bulldog of the Month Photo Contest! This month's theme will be: Cutest Bully Booty:D:D This month we would love to see a photo of your bulldog's sweet little (or large) tushie for a chance to win a 30 day supply of Nuvet Plus! 30 day...
  10. C

    Bald spots please help

    Have a 6 month English Bulldog and recently started getting 3 bald spots. One in his neck and 2 on his body. They are very small but nothing I've seen before. Wondering if y'all know what it could be. Has me alittle worried. Idk if it a food reaction but berly came up and has been eating Acana...
  11. 1Chumly

    Heat warning!

    This was just posted on my local bulldog group FB page here in Houston so I am posting it here as a warning to us all. So very sad. Everyone, please be careful this summer, it will be very hot. A week ago, my husband and I went out for a walk with our English Bulldog. It was about 8 PM and it...
  12. L

    New to the forum

    Hello everyone, we have 3 English bulldogs, 2 girls 6 years and 1 year and a boy 8 months. Looking forward to reading and interacting with others who dedicate their love and time into these beautiful babies.
  13. C

    Acana Food

    What acana food do y'all recommend for a 5month english bulldog. Seeing lots of people say feed him 1 protein at a time. But currently feeding my ebd the acana puppy and junior formula and has 3 or 4 different kind of protein. Should I keep him on that puppy formula or should I switch to a...
  14. C

    Bulldog Too skinny?

    Have a 5 month english bulldog and feeding him Acana puppy plan twice a day 1 cup and doesn't seem to be gaining weight, looks skinny for me but need y'all opinion. Am I feeding him too little? Just curious... comparing him to most English bulldogs I've seen that are chunky.
  15. D

    Traveling with English bulldog puppy

    Hello all! We have a 4 month old English bulldog. We currently live in CA and are going to visit my husbands family in Alabama in 10 days. Of course everyone wants us to bring the puppy and we really want to bring him with us as well. Would it be safe for puppy to fly. He is registered support...
  16. F

    Too Skinny?

    Hi All, Just joined as owned an English Bulldog since 8 weeks old... just over 13 weeks currently. I am just wondering if she is too skinny? She eats 3 meals a day currently on AVA dry puppy food, what can I use to fatten her up? My friend got one from the same litter and he is huge compared to...
  17. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ June 2021 Bulldog of the Month Contest "FUN IN THE SUN"

    Welcome to the Bulldog of the Month Photo Contest! This month's theme will be: FUN IN THE SUN:sunny: :sunny: TLet's see those bulldogs outside in the bright sunshine..........for a chance to win FREE Nuvet Plus!:sunny: 30 day supply of NuVet Plus Supplement! To enter our next...
  18. D

    Newbie Here - Hello all from Long Island, NY

    After wanting an English Bulldog my entire life, my daughter and wife were the straws that broke the camels back. Finally got my dream pup in February and couldn't be happier. Perfect breed for my family and definitely makes us laugh as well as keeping us on our toes! Diesel (I know it's common...
  19. rocco24


    Hello everyone! New English bully mom to Rocco! He is my first ever puppy so I’m glad I found a forum that can help with all my questions. ☺️
  20. rocco24

    English Bulldog Shoes

    Hello everyone! I’m a new English bully mom to my 5 month old Rocco. We live in Nevada and temperatures are starting to rise high enough to increase temp on concrete. What shoe would you recommend I get to protect his paws? Thank you!