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  • Hey my friend... just checking in to see how you guys are doing. Are you still in the hotel? Did they get your house fixed yet?!!
    Hello, I'm new to this group and hope I'm posting in the correct place. I had a question...I just bought my first male pup (have only had females) I was told that his testicles hadn't dropped yet...he turned 10 weeks today. Everywhere I read says they should drop by 8 weeks. Has anyone experienced this and had them successfully drop after?
    my goodness.. a lot happening! Have you ever thought of going raw? My supplier isn’t too far for you.. it has been fantastic for Lambeau allergies, no meds at all and it will be great for Jewel too. Healthierpets dot net.

    gonna pass on the clapper.. but thanks for thinking of me. LMAO
    Hi Roger!! Thank you for checking in on us, we are doing well. We are just finishing up our summer activities. I will try and get an Ellie post up soon. We think of Jewel often, please let me know how she is doing!!
    Wow.. that is always a lot of work, clearing a house and down sizing someone. Good luck with it all. PA -- wet, wet, wet and crazy busy at work. The boys are doing well and behaving :)
    Look out PGA.... he comes Roger! very happy for you... I'm 53 and counting the years - 40.5 yrs till house is paid off and then I can think about leaving corporate America and do something part-time
    WOWWWW.... good for you! That is fantastic, wishing all the best in the next leg of life! I will totally keep you in mind for transports and get you hooked up with some of the rescues so you can also volunteer to assist without my intervention!
    Happy to hear that you are starting to come out of your shell! Glad you are feeling better. Gabapentin is one of my meds. I,too, am a pill popper! My hub just used to say I was a pill. I have missed you!:yes:
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