1. TheLost

    This site is cathartic...

    I spent the weekend freaking out over (my dog) Kevin's leg. As he gets into his golden years i know at some point his body will give out before his spirit. Last week he started limping more than normal... and by the weekend he would hardly walk. I spent all last night awake worried what...
  2. S

    Mr. T Half in Half Out

    Yup - because laying in his bed is just not photogenic . . .
  3. B

    Barking Issues

    Our one-year-old EB (Frankie) is crated at night and during the day if no one is home with him. We have another dog that is also crated during the same time periods, but in a separate crate across the room. They can see each other, but pretty much ignore each other once crated. Our bully will...
  4. NigelsMom

    Goodbye is the hardest part...Rest In Peace Nigel

    My beautiful boy is gone. We had to say goodbye early morning yesterday. It looked like bloat My heart is shattered and the joy he gave me is now gone. He passed with me and my husband and kids around him. We said our goodbyes and let him know what a good boy he was and how much we loved him...
  5. 1Chumly

    Buster had to have ACL surgery

    Buster had ACL surgery yesterday. He had a partial tear that we had been keeping an eye on. He would limp a bit when he got out of bed then kind of walk it off. The past few days he was really hobbling but not carrying his leg. We took him to the vet yesterday and the partial had turned into...
  6. Vikinggirl

    Blossom Has a New Bed

    Blossom has a New Bed, and I think she loves it.
  7. N

    Behavioural & dominance issues, please help 🙏

    Good evening, I'm a newbie here and was wondering if I could have some advice about my winston please �� So Winston was originally my boyfriends dog but due to his busy lifestyle he didn't feel he was giving him the stability and commitment he needed so now he lives with me and my...
  8. kyredneck

    Bulldog proof dog bed ?

    Any suggestions for a dog bed that’s “Bully Proof” ? Levi loves his beds but,, if there is any flaw in a bed at all that he can make a small incision with those 5 sharp little front teeth,, he’s gonna find it. I mean if there is a thread hanging out he will find a way to dissect it till he can...
  9. B

    Day 3 and he is absolutely precious! Pics included

    Hi Y'all! Our sweet Brian came home on Tuesday and we have been obsessing over him (and losing sleep :tongue:) Our 6 daughters are in love and I just wanted to share our sweet boy with you. He is so sooo sweet! 2nd night he did better and didn't cry so much - hard not to bring him onto our...
  10. berlin78

    Chloe is being a little poop!

    So Chloe is now almost 17 weeks. She's doing pretty well on the housetraining front, even making it through 8 hours one night in her crate! But... she hasn't yet been allowed to sleep in our bed (which is what we wind up doing eventually) and I think she's trying to "claim" it. We do let her get...
  11. J

    New puppy help and advice

    Good afternoon! I have a brand spankin new eb puppy. She’s is nine weeks old and does not have a name yet. I am struggling with names! We picked her up on Saturday and she’s has done pretty well so far. She came from the breeder eating Royal Canin Bulldog puppy. She eats it well. This morning...
  12. sisters3

    MOM....what Joey....I think that I over did HAPPY HOUR

    Notice the bottle of GRONNA next to her bed.....LOL I just COULD NOT resist taking this photo HAHAHAHAHA
  13. J

    Is this normal behavior?

    My 5 year old male English bulldog licks furniture constantly. He also pees in his own bed, almost daily. Then he will try and go into the others dogs bed, and usually pees in that one too. I've mentioned this to the vet multiple times but nothing is ever found health wise. Any advice?? My...
  14. N

    Are these issues food related?

    Hi all. Our 8.5 year old guy has been having issues for a couple months. It first started with occasional vomiting 30 min to 2 hrs after meals, and an increase in vomiting in the morning prior to breakfast. He had always done that every once in a while but it started happening more. Also, he...
  15. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Amazing Grace~Special Needs English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    Amazing Grace was found as a stray, filthy, dejected, and in rough shape. We were stunned to find out she does not have any major health issues, except some aging joints and loss of hearing. She is, in fact, deaf, but it sure doesn't slow her down one bit. Grace adores her humans and isn't...
  16. T

    General Question Bulldog does not play much

    Good day, I recently got an english bulldog (last week) and he's amazing ! He is 13 weeks old now and i got him a week ago. He does not play much, he is very low on energy he wakes up will bitw stuff here and there and go back to bed. I haven't seen him run or jump once. I am trying to engage...
  17. E

    Don't know whats wrong with my bulldog

    I've posted here before about this but it's been awhile. My EB Woody is 8 years old, and for the last 2 years or so, he has these "episodes" where for hours or even days, he just acts very strange. His symptoms are the following: -slow movements (sometimes it looks like he's tip toeing)...
  18. KrysA724

    Prolapsed urethra!?

    Hey guys, So lately things have been hectic, with me starting a new job (remote), and my kids going to school full time here at home, I’ve been crazy busy. But yesterday, I noticed Brisket sitting on the edge of his dog bed, and the tip of his penis was red and swollen. It Looks inflamed and...
  19. anatess

    Angus... why?

    This is the only dog I've ever had in my long life who'd rather sleep on the floor than on a bed. You can plop him on the comfy couch and he'd jump right off. And, of course, he'd much rather dig up the yard and sleep in the dirt.
  20. ddnene

    Willow & the "calming bed"... Lol

    WELL I guess I need to contact Chewy... I don't think they gave me the "calming" version!!! :giggle: