1. Zedsded

    Wesley’s acting like “ jekyll and hyde” !!

    Just hoping the experienced bully owners on here may have any more suggestions to help with Wesley who at the moment (7.5 months old) can be a complete and utter s##t!! :censored::cursing: He goes from being a sweet playfull bulldog to an absolute pain in the :censored:, jumping trying to bite...
  2. K

    Bulldog with small head, will it grow?

    This is chubbs, she’s a 1 year old English bulldog. Attached are what she looks like as a puppy when we got her and her now. Her head is slim, and she’s very lean. We were just wondering if anyone else experienced a bully with a small head and did it grow? At what age? Or will she have a skinny...
  3. V

    Help Needed! Five month old bulldog hates going on walks?

    Hi all, my five month old bulldog puppy is amazing - so happy, calm, and sociable. Really the only concern we have right now is that she just doesn't seem to like going on walks. We take her out multiple times a day to go to the bathroom and she just refuses to leave the area right in front of...
  4. 5

    Hello, New here and new pup on the way in two weeks.

    Hello, We just lost our six year old English Bulldog earlier this spring. He was a good boy but had many health issues, The worst of which was epilepsy. He required 5 pills twice daily on a pretty strict schedule to control seizures. He also had chronic ear infections and developed dry eye late...
  5. D

    Happy bulldog

    I’m maybe being over sensitive but paranoid Geoff isn’t happy and loving life. What’s the signs I should be looking for to tell me my boy is happy. First time bulldog owner and I love him unconditionally and he is completely spoilt. Sometimes I look at him and think I hope your loving life and...
  6. anatess

    Angus has terminal cancer. 😭

    Today is a very hard day. Angus is my last surviving family dog. He turns 11 on Saturday. We took him to the vet after I noticed an enlargement of his belly and a lack of luster of his fur. He is still the same happy Angus albeit he tires so much quicker. But then he is an old dog now. The...
  7. YDsmomma

    New here, also new to owning a dog 🙂

    Hi my names ashley, I’m the proud owner to a 7 month old spoiled English bulldog �� I never owned a dog before this just cats so it’s been an experience, I got him when he was 8 weeks old, still kinda on formula and wet dog food. He’s the love of my life, and goes everywhere with...
  8. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ JULY Bulldog of the Month Contest! "Cutest Bully Booty"

    Who's got the cutest Bully Booty? Welcome to the Bulldog of the Month Photo Contest! This month's theme will be: Cutest Bully Booty:D:D This month we would love to see a photo of your bulldog's sweet little (or large) tushie for a chance to win a 30 day supply of Nuvet Plus! 30 day...
  9. H

    URGENT!!! HELP with food selection food to transition (new four legged mommy)

    Hello to all. We just got a EBD. His name is Hank. He is 10 weeks old. The breeder was feeding him Victor and his stool was really soft, really dark and smelled really bad. After tons of google searches we decided narrowed it down to Royal Canin and Canidae. Took a trip to Petco to make a final...
  10. 1Chumly

    Proof that we start to look like our dogs

    I just love this picture! (And it is not my dog or human!) I seem to be having problems with my posts lately! I don't know what's going on and why it is duplicating....
  11. L

    New to the forum

    Hello everyone, we have 3 English bulldogs, 2 girls 6 years and 1 year and a boy 8 months. Looking forward to reading and interacting with others who dedicate their love and time into these beautiful babies.
  12. B

    Barking Issues

    Our one-year-old EB (Frankie) is crated at night and during the day if no one is home with him. We have another dog that is also crated during the same time periods, but in a separate crate across the room. They can see each other, but pretty much ignore each other once crated. Our bully will...
  13. S

    Giving surprise grooming session to my arlo

    its my Arlo birthday and i want ti give him a token of love by giving him a grooming session I found a grooming kennel did i give this as a gift or not to Arlo did he become happy after grooming session thanks fellows:) i am so excited to see arlo reaction:)
  14. JorjaSnoh

    New Member Jorja Snoh | Lilac Tri Merle

    Hello Everyone, Wanted to get more knowledge and involved in the EB community so I thought what better way then to Google for Forums. Bought My Beautiful Jorja , now 5 months old, about a Lil over a Month ago and have been lovin’ every second of it. Absolutely in LOVE with her! My first time...
  15. sisters3

    Happy Birthday Joey Girl !!!

    My sweet Joey Girl turned six years old yesterday. Combination Memorial Day celebration and Joey's birthday! She had an amazing day! Dear Sweet Joey, On your sixth birthday I want you to know that you are the sunshine, smiles, happiness, blue skies, and LOVE of my life. Thank you for being...
  16. Zedsded

    Wesley’s first trip to the beach

    We took Wesley to “Runswick bay” at the weekend for a two night stopover unfortunately it was freezing cold so wasn’t the best first experience of the beach for him as he was trying to get climb into his mums arms because he was scared of the noise of the wind and waves crashing! :( We took him...
  17. A


    Hello everyone...still coping with the loss of our beloved Billy after a few weeks, but trying to focus more on the good times we all had and the blessing he was instead of the grief and it is making things more bearable....we put up a little table with his picture and ashes and some of his toys...
  18. NigelsMom

    Goodbye is the hardest part...Rest In Peace Nigel

    My beautiful boy is gone. We had to say goodbye early morning yesterday. It looked like bloat My heart is shattered and the joy he gave me is now gone. He passed with me and my husband and kids around him. We said our goodbyes and let him know what a good boy he was and how much we loved him...
  19. V

    General Question 11-week old puppy doesn't wag her tail?

    Hello! I picked up an 8-week old English bulldog puppy from a great breeder about three weeks ago. She's now 11-weeks old, and we're totally in love with her. Lots of energy, very sassy, and a overall a great puppy. She has some puppy traits that we are working on, but seem normal for her...
  20. H

    Stella and Angus’ babies

    Because our family and friends all love Angus and Stella so much and wanted one of their puppies, we decided to go ahead and breed once. We had a great breeder to help us along and happy to report Stella had 4 boys and 1 girl. Unfortunately the girl was a walrus baby and did not survive. But the...