1. Vabulldog

    Puppy seems unsettled?

    Our 7-month-old puppy spends a little time here and a little time there, lays down, moves, gets up, lays back down, comes to smell my feet, gets pet, goes and lays down, moves, lays down again. Is this normal? I'm usually on the couch that has carpet underneath it. He tends to go and plop down...
  2. Mdaniel1984

    Should I worry about this much sleep?….

    Hi everyone Quick question, trying to see if this normal behavior or something I should be concerned about our boy is 1.5 years old This past Saturday we went out and had a HORRIBLE outing with our boy…. It got WAY to hot to a point we thought we were going to have to make a emergency run to...
  3. summerep

    My dog was attacked :(

    Hi guys, I’m just looking for some advice really… So last night I was out for a walk with my dog at our local field, out of nowhere a dog (French Bulldog) runs at Bear and attacks him. He grabbed him by his cheek and pinned him to the floor. I was with my dad who has grown up with dogs and...
  4. A

    They ripped my heart out

    Tuesday we had to put our beautiful boy Billy to sleep...very unexpected and the shock is with me still 3 days later. I’ve had 2 bullies prior so have been down this road before but it really never gets any easier. In fact this one is the toughest. We had him from 2 months old to almost 8. What...
  5. B

    Day 3 and he is absolutely precious! Pics included

    Hi Y'all! Our sweet Brian came home on Tuesday and we have been obsessing over him (and losing sleep :tongue:) Our 6 daughters are in love and I just wanted to share our sweet boy with you. He is so sooo sweet! 2nd night he did better and didn't cry so much - hard not to bring him onto our...
  6. berlin78

    Chloe is being a little poop!

    So Chloe is now almost 17 weeks. She's doing pretty well on the housetraining front, even making it through 8 hours one night in her crate! But... she hasn't yet been allowed to sleep in our bed (which is what we wind up doing eventually) and I think she's trying to "claim" it. We do let her get...
  7. S


    Shirley has vomited a small amount of what looks like undigested supper twice this week. It happened both times between 3-5am (yeah I hardly sleep). She's not lethargic nor showing any signs of not feeling well, no temp, eyes clear, no runny nose etc. I feed her bfast at 6:30am and supper at...
  8. Zedsded

    Wesley’s got the puppy zoomies!

    Wes had a long sleep this afternoon and seems to have recharged his batteries hes been doing this for the last ten minutes :D:D:D
  9. helsonwheels

    What a life!!!

    My next life I want to come as a dog. EAT, SLEEP, DONT BOTHER ME, IF I FEEL LIKE IT, MAYBE, THATS MINE & NOT YOURS.......
  10. Hceril

    Silly girl....

    Lately prefers to sleep on a table rather than the couch!🙄🥴🙄
  11. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Peanut~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Edmonton

    Peanut is 6 1/2 years old and is currently in the Edmonton area. She is a sweet loving dog who loves lots of attention. She seems to think others out walking are really only there to pet her - and many want to. She enjoys regular walks that are more like leisurely strolls. Peanut came to the...
  12. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Mini & Hera~Bonded Pair of English Bulldogs Available for Adoption in California

    Hera is an 8-year-old Bulldog that came into rescue with her littermate sister Mini (Minerva). They have been together their entire lives and we want to place them together. Their human family was having a crisis and could no longer care for them. They have been indoor/outdoor dogs but had been...
  13. anatess

    Angus... why?

    This is the only dog I've ever had in my long life who'd rather sleep on the floor than on a bed. You can plop him on the comfy couch and he'd jump right off. And, of course, he'd much rather dig up the yard and sleep in the dirt.
  14. anatess

    Bullie, we love you.

    Bullie passed away in her sleep last night. It went quick. She refused food and water the whole day and just wanted to rest. I knew then it was time. All the way to the end, she didn't want to cuddle. Just wanted her customary butt rubbing. She was a proud Queen bulldog. The best of them...
  15. bulldogs1501

    Moose Growling All of a Sudden

    Hello!!! Some of you may remember we recently moved to a new house at the start of the summer. Moose has adjusted well and knows this is his home. I feel like he has become more cuddly in the last few weeks, but still the same stubborn bully we love. Ever since he was a puppy and could jump...
  16. T

    URGENT!!! Transitional Cell Carcinoma

    Hello, my 9 year old bulldog was diagnosed with Transitional Cell Carcinoma in March. She has been on medication---has little to no control of her bladder and is squatting every few steps on walks. She also has mucus that comes out when she pees occasionally. I know this is terminal---I'm...
  17. yankydoodle

    My dogs sleep close to a fridge

    The fridge makes a humming sound of sorts, and does it most of the day. Their sleeping quarters border the kitchen. The fridge drives me crazy, because i'm sure it is not good for them. They have no sleeping problems, but i'm still bothered by the sound it constantly makes. Should i do...
  18. H

    Barking in crate

    I have a 9 week old EB I got last Saturday. My son and I have been crating her periodically throughout the day (split an hour or two in and an hour or two out etc). She doesn't give me much of a fight at night but during the day is a living Hell. She will bark and bark and bark for 30 minutes...
  19. SMammers816

    Help... Defecating in crate at night :(

    HELP.... please!! Copper is a year and a half and we have a situation where he will defecate in his crate at night. Our dogs always sleep in their crate at night and Cooper is downstairs in our living room. Gunner, our six year old fur baby, sleeps in a crate upstairs in our room. We tried...
  20. bulldogs1501

    COVID-19 and Bulldogs

    Hello! I hope you are all safe and doing well. As I am sure many of you are, we have been home with Moose for almost 3 weeks now - we live in NJ. Last two days Moose has started acting weird...he got up and went to the bathroom and put himself in a corner and sat there for a good 30 minutes...