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  • One of my English Bulldogs, Biggie Brady Berlin, who is 8 collapsed suddenly this am - took him to Vet- found Mass on his Lung via X-Rays - we will not be doing chemo and, thus, we heard that you have used CBDs for your Bully - do you recommend a specific Brand for Lung Cancer, If yes, could u share any results - we know Biggie could die at any moment or could live awhile so we will
    continue to love him and his older Bro Boss Brady Berlin who is 10 - again we will love them and then love them some
    more - thanks for any encouraging words / finally we had another Bully named
    Bruiser who lived until 14 - this am
    was very unnerving thanks
    Thank you for sharing my post with your friend, I'm such a mess. I have been dreading this for a few months. I have a restaurant in Columbus GA and dialysis treatment in my home town Houston tx. So I travel a lot. She hates to travel. I was paying for her to go to camp bow wow but they weren't giving her the care she needs and I expect her to have. I have to be in Georgia tommorow and I don't know what to do. She is very smart and she knows when I'm getting ready to leave. She gets depressed cause she knows 1 of 2 things are going to happen and she dislikes both equally. I was really hoping to find her a new family before leaving . :(

    My dog is also on a raw diet! Wondering if you can give me some tips on what fruits and veggies are safe to add to his raw food?

    Thanks so much in advance for your help!! :)
    Hi Citty, I saw this on the internet, and thought you might like to ask your vet if this would be beneficial for Jax
    Wiggless Dog Back Brace Wiggless is a unique veterinary approved back brace for dogs with Ivdd Thousands of dogs live with the pain of IVDD and the WiggleLess back brace can greatly lessen their discomfort. The one-piece brace is made of a breathable, lightweight material that is designed to stabilize the spinal column. It relieves stress on a dogā€™s back while providing firm back support.
    I can only imagine!! Awe, im sure, Ellie is doing well, STILL working on her potty retention time, its been a LONG road for us, so ready for it do be done, but we WILL get there!! :)

    Happy Monday, I always write this in emails to my customers ;)
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