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Nov 20, 2011
Bulldog(s) Names

Chloe is an absolutely beautiful 60 pound, three-year-old brindle Bulldog. But just as some people prefer to be alone, Chloe prefers to be an only dog. Her parents contacted us a year ago about her behavior issues and we suggested a behaviorist. They took our advice and have tried their best during the year and have had some positive strides and setbacks. Their biggest concern is when Chloe and their other dogs are together around the young grandchildren. One was almost hurt recently. They do not want to keep Chloe in a crate most of the time to keep her and other pets and kids safe. So we agreed to take her and find her a forever home where she can be more comfortable and relaxed.
3/15/17 Update: Chloe is such a beautiful and sweet brindle girl. She loves nothing more than to be your quiet companion. She walks well on a leash, sits beside you and loves to run around in the yard. She takes some time to warm up to strangers, but has not had a problem with any dogs she has encountered. If anything, she tries to avoid other dogs. She is very shy and cowers some, so her family will need to give her some time to adjust to new surroundings.
3/26/17 Update: I picked up Chloe on Monday from boarding and I’ve never seen a more frightened, terrified, shut-down dog in my life. While her crate door was open and she had free run of the boarding facility offices, she was cowering at the back of her crate, quivering and terrified. I sat outside of her crate talking gently to her for about 15 minutes before she would come out to me. Once I got her on the leash and headed out the door – she couldn’t get to my car fast enough! Once home, I decided to not force her into a crate, but allow her to find her “place” which happened to be right under my desk. And that has been where she has stayed since! Chloe is scared to death of normal household noises and movements, and venturing out of her comfort zone (my desk). But we’re taking baby steps and she now knows she can go from my desk to the family room and out the back door – all on her own without any coaxing! We’re working on the other rooms in the house. An unknown noise can send her scuttling back to the safety of my desk, but she comes right back out – so we’re getting there! And even through all of her fears, she is very sweet and loving! Oh, and I don’t think she’s had many bully belly rubs, but we’re showing her what that’s like and she approves!
Her owners indicated that she is dog-aggressive, but we’ve had no issues or confrontations at all with the other dogs in the house. I don’t know if that’s because she is still frightened and not totally at ease yet – or just their perspective of her and their other dogs. So, we’ll watch that closely. I know we’ve got a long way to go until Chloe is living totally stress-free, but she has come a VERY LONG way in 6 short days. As she is right now, I would recommend Chloe find a forever family without busy/noisy young children. A family that’s willing to go slow and easy, showing her that the world really isn’t a scary place. I know her forever family is looking for her, but until they find her, we’ll just continue to love her to pieces and introduce her to this not so scary world!
4/2/17 Update: Chloe decided the best way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon is snoozing on the couch. I’m so happy to report that Chloe is officially the best little girl, ever! She has come so far in two weeks. She still has to be coaxed a little to go through the outside doors, startles at unexpected noises, and forgets who her foster pops is every morning (tee hee), but she is by far a totally different dog than the one I first met. She is the sweetest little Bulldog girl – and loves to snuggle, cuddle, and play. She also loves her foster fur sisters. We haven’t had one single issue with her not getting along with them. Chloe has a lot of love to share and can’t wait to meet her forever family! We know you’re out there looking for her. Well, here she is!
4/9/17 Update: Chloe continues to get more relaxed and settled in. She loves to snuggle and is a sweet little lover girl. We had one little scuffle when Chloe’s foster fur sister got a little too close to her favorite ball, but we’ve removed that “trigger” and everything has been calm since. Both of my dogs are non-dominant females. She’s had a couple of accidents in the house, but I think that’s because she’s scared to go through doorways – thus not wanting to go to the door to ask out. We’re working on the doorway issue and it’s improving daily. I think Chloe will do best in a calm and quiet, child-free home since she can be a little “nervous” at times. Still startles at unknown, sudden noises or if you move a chair to a new side of the room (which was actually pretty funny!). You would have thought we’d brought a boogey monster into the house! But in general, she needs a forever family willing to take it slow and easy and realize it will take her a little while to settle in to a new life and routine. Chloe continues to inch her way into our hearts a little more each day – I know she will do the same with her new forever family.
4/30/17 Update: Chloe is sitting patiently waiting for her forever family! She’s looking for a quiet, child-free home where she will be loved and spoiled. Chloe’s new family must understand that it will take her a little while to settle in to a new home, surroundings, and routine – and appreciate her quirkiness. She’s very active and loves taking walks. She continues to get along with her fur sisters. She totally ignores one of them, and as for the other sister, one minute she is playing with her and the next she’s snipping at her. Nothing has escalated into a full-blown fight – maybe because my dog does not respond – but this is something that would need to be addressed if her new family has other dogs. Chloe is a beautiful, loving Bulldog and deserves a beautiful, loving family!
5/30/17 Update: Chloe is looking for a Bulldog-savvy mom or dad with a quiet, structured, kid-free home. She gets along with her fur sisters, but can have an occasional “meltdown.” Chloe is young, athletic, loyal, and loving. Who is looking for Chloe?

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