1. TheLost

    This site is cathartic...

    I spent the weekend freaking out over (my dog) Kevin's leg. As he gets into his golden years i know at some point his body will give out before his spirit. Last week he started limping more than normal... and by the weekend he would hardly walk. I spent all last night awake worried what...
  2. T

    Hi all - new to site and need help & advice (with the female)

    Hi to all Have come onto this site many times since becoming the owner of Jorja but have only registered today. Am currently at a loss as to what to do next. As since she turned 2, she has violent attacks on my other dog Davey. Not all the time but becoming more frequent. We have 3 dogs in...
  3. J

    Intro: Gravy

    Hi! First time dog owner here:blush2: I've been researching EBD ownership for the past 5 years and finally got this bucket of Gravy 8 weeks ago. Most of the questions I've had, I've found the answer to on this forum. This is his favorite this to do.
  4. TooTooMommy

    Collapsed trachea AND bronchiectasis

    Hi everybully! Our precious ten-year-old was recently diagnosed with collapsed trachea and bronchiectasis. Our vets are pawsome, and we trust them implicitly; HOWEVER, it is always nice to hear peoples' personal stories! I'd reallllly appreciate any info, tips, what worked, what didn't. How...
  5. dymeale

    Extremely Dry Nose

    Hi everyone! It’s been a while….my dog has an extremely dry/cracked nose. Any suggestions?
  6. 1Chumly

    And he is still such a happy boy

    This really made me laugh! Silly dog!
  7. summerep

    My dog was attacked :(

    Hi guys, I’m just looking for some advice really… So last night I was out for a walk with my dog at our local field, out of nowhere a dog (French Bulldog) runs at Bear and attacks him. He grabbed him by his cheek and pinned him to the floor. I was with my dad who has grown up with dogs and...
  8. C

    just joined today

    hi im new and my dog just gave birth to a 6 puppy last week.
  9. 5

    Hello, New here and new pup on the way in two weeks.

    Hello, We just lost our six year old English Bulldog earlier this spring. He was a good boy but had many health issues, The worst of which was epilepsy. He required 5 pills twice daily on a pretty strict schedule to control seizures. He also had chronic ear infections and developed dry eye late...
  10. S

    Need recommendation for stroller

    Hi, My dog is about 50 pounds, has a torn a lot and is now 8 years old. I’m trying to find a good stroller that I can walk over trails with. I just bought the Petique all terrain jogger but would like to know what others use. Was also looking at Pet gear no zip jogger but read complaints...
  11. D

    How do you keep a young EB entertained when you’re working?

    This is my first post but I have been lurking on this site for some time after getting my dog Mayo last May. Mayo is a 15 month EB and I feel like he needs constant attention every time. I try taking him to daycare 2x a week when I’m working or busy. I also try to walk him in the morning...
  12. gobronco

    Bruno is doing well

    Hi people. haven't been on for a while. life's trials. Bruno is doing well. At 19 months old he still thinks he is a puppy. Ankle biter. Crazy the little white deaf dog is doing well too and had her 9th birthday a few months ago. Crazy is the one laying on the couch. Bruno is the one...
  13. anatess

    Angus has terminal cancer. 😭

    Today is a very hard day. Angus is my last surviving family dog. He turns 11 on Saturday. We took him to the vet after I noticed an enlargement of his belly and a lack of luster of his fur. He is still the same happy Angus albeit he tires so much quicker. But then he is an old dog now. The...
  14. D

    Newbie from Scotland

    Hello my names mark and I’m the proud owner of an EBD called Geoff . He’s 16 weeks old now and my first dog or any pet. He’s such a wee character and very stubborn aswell. Loves being nosey and follows me everywhere. Joined to get information and make sure the wee boy gets the best life. He is a...
  15. YDsmomma

    New here, also new to owning a dog 🙂

    Hi my names ashley, I’m the proud owner to a 7 month old spoiled English bulldog �� I never owned a dog before this just cats so it’s been an experience, I got him when he was 8 weeks old, still kinda on formula and wet dog food. He’s the love of my life, and goes everywhere with...
  16. YDsmomma

    My dogs shedding like crazy😭

    So I’ve had my dog for 4 months now, he’s 6 months old he’s been on RC since he was with the breeder, he recently stopped wanting to eat it, like he’s not even enthusiastic like how he used to be he just smells it and walks away, he’s never been like that at all and I think he’s so over the...
  17. F

    New to the forum :)

    hey everyone! just signed up after reading a lot of threads, excited to meet you all! this is Lenny, hes 14 months and loves to meet new people and dogs! hes my first dog so theres a good chance i'll be asking some newb questions in the next few days/weeks/months/years!
  18. 1Chumly

    Heat warning!

    This was just posted on my local bulldog group FB page here in Houston so I am posting it here as a warning to us all. So very sad. Everyone, please be careful this summer, it will be very hot. A week ago, my husband and I went out for a walk with our English Bulldog. It was about 8 PM and it...
  19. 1Chumly

    Eating contest

    I think the dog showed remarkable restraint! :lol::lol:
  20. H

    Rescue dog skin issue, suggestions wanted

    Hi… I joined back in 2017 when I was considering getting a Bulldog to do some research. Fast forward to 2021….got that bully..a rescue, got another rescue and became a volunteer for our rescue. We lost our first rescue this year (we rescue seniors). So while doing a rescue transport last week I...