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  • :christmas13::christmas34::snowballfight:The First Snowball Fight is officially on!! SPLAT, GOTCHA, PASS IT ON, BUT YOU CAN'T GET THE ONE WHO GOTYOU!
    :halloween16:You have been hit by a Trick or Treater!! Pass it on to 5 people but you cant return it to the one that tricked you!!:halloween6::halloween15:
    I am just glad you got them!! Did something new hapen with Aldo? Last I heard the place up here was going to keep him? Is he okay?
    Definitely not in bad form and even if it was I would never mind :) She is, was and always will be in my heart and in this family. Thank you for the card and for thinking of her
    Sally, thank you for the gorgeous ornaments you sent me! I love them all! the stockings are adorable and the photo 2012 ornament is just what i was looking for!! They're very special.

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