1. K

    Bulldog with small head, will it grow?

    This is chubbs, she’s a 1 year old English bulldog. Attached are what she looks like as a puppy when we got her and her now. Her head is slim, and she’s very lean. We were just wondering if anyone else experienced a bully with a small head and did it grow? At what age? Or will she have a skinny...
  2. summerep

    My dog was attacked :(

    Hi guys, I’m just looking for some advice really… So last night I was out for a walk with my dog at our local field, out of nowhere a dog (French Bulldog) runs at Bear and attacks him. He grabbed him by his cheek and pinned him to the floor. I was with my dad who has grown up with dogs and...
  3. I

    Bottom jaw shaking. Cause unknown please help!

    Hey guys, someone posted exactly the same issue 6 yrs ago but no one knew what was causing this. My fingers are crossed there has been some advances in testing since. Monkey is a rescue, about 4-6 yrs old. He started these jaw shaking episodes a few months ago. Sometimes it’s mild and...
  4. Zedsded

    Wesley’s getting bigger!

    You don’t really notice when you see your puppy every day until something obvious shows how much they are grownig. Until this week he couldn’t get on the sofa by himself, now you can’t leave the room without coming back to find him very pleased with himself sat on the sofa :D , obviously he...
  5. T

    Hello’s waggle bottoms, head bows and a sideways smiley crab......so pleased to meet you all

    Hello all Looking forward to talking bulldog with a bunch of like minded lovely people. Apologies if I’ve popped up in the wrong thread, just wanted to say a big hiya :w00t: Tushie and Bunk
  6. gobronco

    Bruno has a hard head

    Bruno picks up speed really fast. 'not so good at slowing down. He has such a large hard head it didn't even faze him. Replacing the outlet cover wasn't on my todo list today. Maybe I need to think twice before tossing his ball in the house.
  7. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Belle~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    Belle had a sudden turn of events that led her to the rescue, but she is ready to start 2021 in her furever home! Belle might be young, but she KNOWS what she wants in her life. She is a strong independent woman looking for a likeminded human who also thrives in routine. Belle is a very...
  8. H

    Help Needed! My bulldog has a wound that keeps bleeding, see post For info

    My bulldog has a wound/skin blemish between his ears on his head, we noticed it a few days ago when we saw his fur was turning brown (dry blood) so we cleaned it and it didn’t get any better. We have shaved a patch of his fur off to reveal the issue but we can’t put our finger on what the hell...
  9. sisters3

    Joey's Eye Issue UPDATE -- NEED INPUT PLEASE

    Hello all, I started a new thread because we're at a new point. Joey went back to her doc this morning. Doc says "the inner most of the ulcer has healed nicely BUT there are now 2 distinct ulcers on the outer edge, right and left side" She said that we are at the point where she needs to get...
  10. mer55

    Get a bulldog they said.....

    I have been MIA for awhile. To refresh my story, we have had a terrible time with Jackson lunging at loud trucks, motorcycles, diesel engines, etc.:nonono: He was almost not controllable. Thanks to the experts here, I was given the advice to get a correcting harness that goes up around his...
  11. J

    Cone Alternatives??

    My bulldog is dealing with a herpesvirus outbreak in her eye. She’s also doubling being difficult with allergies (which a balance between meds and the herpes is needed as the allergy meds that work for her suppress the immune system which we need to be at its best to get the herpes to go...
  12. C

    Does my bully look fullbred?

    Hi all! I have an english bulldog who is going on 7months, he is a skinny guy, long face and the head it proportionate to his body. Ive had an english in the past and she was much more round. He is registered AKC, both his parents look different than him, more of the traditional bully look and...
  13. J

    Eye Ulcer/hemorrhage

    My bulldog has what started as an ulcer and progressed to a cornel interstromal hemorrhage. We will be headed to a doggie ophthalmologist but the first opening isn't for 3 weeks. I am curious if anyone has had a similar issue. Also any tips or tricks to keep her from rubbing her eye... I’ve...
  14. mer55


    We are officially "old'! We sold our 2004 Jaguar convertible and bought a Golf cart! We have named it "Jackson's Jag", thus the license plate. Sorry about the sideways pics- couldn't get them any smaller!! He LOVES the ride and has now taken up residence right in front of the inside garage...
  15. bulldogs1501

    Moose Growling All of a Sudden

    Hello!!! Some of you may remember we recently moved to a new house at the start of the summer. Moose has adjusted well and knows this is his home. I feel like he has become more cuddly in the last few weeks, but still the same stubborn bully we love. Ever since he was a puppy and could jump...
  16. S

    Abnormal cells on bald patch

    Hi, So my 6 month old English bulldog went in to be neutered today, he got an all over check and everything went fine. Except we did say if they could have a look at a new bald patch on his head which appeared last week. He has allergies, and is on daily antihistamines, so we put it down to...
  17. D

    Bumps on pups head

    Hello, new to this group. I have a question. 10 week old puppy with bumps on the top of his head. Does anyone know what this could be? Thanks
  18. N

    Droopy Eyes

    Hey folks, i am from germany sorry for my english. I have a pure breed english bulldog he is 1 year and 1 week old. He has droppy eyes and they look red. He has not Problem with it yet. His eyes was droppy as a puppy. It is not cherry eyes ? What do you think ? Do you think it will be better...
  19. M

    Pretty urgent help needed

    Hi, my wife and I are heartbroken at recent events. First we are new here. We have owned 4 bullies,2 pugs,Newfoundland and Great Pyrenees Over the last 45 years. We currently have two litter mates ,brother and sister. Our current situation is rather dire. These two were great for a year but...
  20. mer55

    Just resting my head...

    No mama, I am not even thinking of chewing your shoe. Just resting my head.