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  • Hello, so I am replying to a post you made in 2014 about Porkchop! Btw is adorable 🥰. The post about excessive drooling. I’m at a loss here, my Wilma has the same issue every now and then for over 2 years. Asked the vet, she thot maybe GI upset and to give Pepcid. The out of the blue excessive drooling has happened 2x in past week. It usually happens for like an hour, I’m talking big pools as she lays there and has constant licking and it’s like her mouth is real warm. I’ve googled about this, haven’t read anything that relates. Then I remembered this page and came across your post! So, did you ever find out what was going on? Thank you for your time, Hope all is well with this crazy virus
    Erin and Wilma 🐾
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