1. cefe13

    Castor is 8!

    Sweet Castor turned eight today and celebrated with his own hamburger and even some fries (and no, he usually doesn't eat on the door mat!). We got him a lick mat and some hopefully tasty wet food plus a treat dispenser toy, but since he was so happy and surprised by his hamburger dinner we...
  2. cefe13

    Lick mat?

    Have any bulldogs here experience of lick mats (there's one called Lickimat, for instance)? It is a rubber mat with some texture and you spread raw food or some treat and apparently it will keep dogs and their brains busy. I have no idea if this is something that Castor would like, so thought...
  3. 1Chumly

    It's our Anniversary!

    One year ago today we got Buster! What a treat he has been, as stubborn as they come but such a character. We just love him to bits!
  4. C


    Hi, hopefully someone on here has some advice for me. I have a 20 week old English bulldog male Reggie. He was well socialised with friends dogs plus we have a 10 year old Dalmatian all was going well. Now for no reason whatsoever he growls and goes completely crazy at any dogs he doesn’t know...
  5. D

    Hello all

    Hello everyone - I'm happy to have found this site! I have a now 17 week old English Bulldog and she's a character! Aren't they all? I do have a question ... she is not up for walking unless a whole lot of treats are involved. I'm making progress, and I know about the stubborn nature, but...
  6. jsygrls

    Need some advise/help my EB right foot ankle area is lightpink and glows when he's hot

    Please take a moment check this out my bully, only the lower right ankle area on my Bubba seems to glow warm PINK when he's hot like today after his am potty walk. We live in central Florida and its hot today. The area is NOT tender to my touch and it appears not to bother him. I can see no...
  7. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Bigsby~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Washington

    Hello, all my name is Bigsby. I'm currently accepting applications for lifetime cuddle buddies. but please don't have any kids that are not confident around dogs because I tend to nip when startled. I'm a healthy 6.5-year-old, 70 lbs English Bulldog. I love long walks and other dogs don't bother...
  8. mer55

    Jackson's Training!

    helsonwheels- I ordered that jowl leash the first day you posted the link. It came yesterday- GAME CHANGER!! At first he hated it, as he has never had anything up around his neck ( really jowls). However after 5 minutes of letting him walk with it on, he was fine. A quick yank and he is...
  9. C

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! I think I’ve spent more time on this forum than I’ve spent working lately :excited: This is our little 3 month old EBD girl, Snickers (she’ll also accept Nugget, Squishy, baby shark, or literally anything if you have a treat in your hand) We just wanted to say hi and thanks in...
  10. S

    Anyone use gras green treats?

    Heya So I'm looking into the different chew treats for dogs that are meant to help balance the PH in their urine to reduce the damage to our yard.... We're getting those pesky yellow/brown areas and before it gets worse I'd like to figure out something. I saw there are a bunch of different...
  11. H

    12 week old playing tug of war with son's shorts and leash

    I have a 12 week old that is jumping up on my 26 yo son and biting and growling on his shorts--almost like tug of war. She does the same exact thing with when I leash train. I started yesterday with placing a treat on her nose and giving the command "release" and if she doesn't release I say...
  12. Amy89

    Tear soreness

    Hi All Hope you are all keeping safe. I am sorry if there is already a post I cant find it Bruce's wrinkles where his tear stains are, are getting red and look really sore. How can I treat this or is it a trip to the vets? Thanks in advance
  13. H

    Barking in crate

    I have a 9 week old EB I got last Saturday. My son and I have been crating her periodically throughout the day (split an hour or two in and an hour or two out etc). She doesn't give me much of a fight at night but during the day is a living Hell. She will bark and bark and bark for 30 minutes...
  14. cefe13

    half his age...

    We found this photo from when Castor was 3.5 - soon he will turn 7. He might look a bit older these days but he still hops up on to the fountain ledge each morning to get a better view of the park. Since this photo was taken he has also managed to train me to give him a treat for hopping up there.
  15. S

    General Question Best chew toys for mental stimulation

    I'm wondering what chew toys are best for mental stimulation. I have a 10 week old puppy and I want to keep her busy. So far she has a KONG, nylabones, bully sticks, west paw treat dispenser, and an antler shed. I want some "games" for her so she doesn't get bored. She loves tug-of-war and...
  16. M

    Help Needed! New English Bulldog Parents need Advice

    Hi everyone, we’re new here! We adopted an English Bulldog from the Humane Society on 1/13, named him Moe :). Our vet thinks he’s around 1 year old, and he is the sweetest ever. This is our first Bulldog, but we’re quickly learning that these guys have special needs. On Friday (1/17) we noticed...
  17. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Frida~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Illinois

    Hello! My name is Frida, and I’m a 4 year-old little lady being fostered in Chicago. I’m a very petite bulldog, with long legs, a beautiful tiger stripe brindle, and the softest, sweetest face in the world! I’m gentle and loving, a little shy at first, but ready to give (and receive!) love from...
  18. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Butters~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Illinois

    I was named Butters, because butter makes everything better, and I do! I was rescued on November 10th from a puppy mill and since then, I have been loving life. I’m the sweetest bully you will ever meet. I love everyone! Especially my foster sister, Belly, the kids next door and everyone who...
  19. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Otto~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Illinois

    Otto is a 5 year old very sweet, handsome boy. He is very laid back and likes a quiet space. He doesn't like mornings as that means getting out of his comfy bed but once a treat appears, he's up and ready to go out. He's also extremely stubborn as true bulldog should be. He is treat motivated...
  20. R

    Bulldog has cancer

    Hello all I am new to the forum and I am looking for some opinions about weather or not I should pursue chemotherapy for my 5 year old bulldog. My oncologist says that it is not necessary but that if we want to treat the cancer aggressively that they feel it will help. He had a subcutaneous mast...