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  • Hi Chip. What is the name of the Bully rescue you do work for?
    No Sir, not at this time. Our re-homed boy Cooper has real aggression issues towards other animals...even the ones on TV (i.e Dr. Pol, and Critter Fixers).

    The reason I asked is Denise and I can make a contribution to your efforts in the form of a check. Just let me know what the address etc. is for Rebound Bulldog Rescue.

    Oh, well that's mighty nice of you to offer...and I cannot turn down a donation because if I did, Sandy would fire me.
    Thank you very much Roger & Company.

    The foundation address is:

    On the Rebound Bulldog Rescue
    3601 Margaret Court
    Chesapeake, VA 23321

    We very much appreciate your consideration and support.

    Chip Hanbury
    Copy that or what I say...Roger that!
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your advice... God knows I could never run a pack of bulldogs!!! Your insight is invaluable...
    OH my goodness... they keep you guys on your toes!!! I hope that things settle down for you, it's hard when they get older... :pray:
    Photobucket is being a pest, could not download your entry but I did a screenshot finally when I could get all the million ads not to cover a portion of the picture! Normally there is a download button but it looks like they have done some changes.....
    Your profile and avatar photos are incredible!!! I so wish Mabel was able to run and play like that! I especially like the avatar photo! :havemyheart:
    Eavesdropping on Lynn's page, saw your mention of Paladin & not many would
    know him...I did...faithfully watched him. If more kids were watching those
    kinds of shows, it'd be better society!

    Sure enjoy & appreciate your posts...thank you, Chip :)
    I used to watch PPaladin as a child-won a contest about what it said on his biz card! I'd say I AM old-YOU are just well-informed! Love what you did!
    Ok -- that explains it. system glitch... due to you paying for the 4paw membership. Since you accepted position as a mod -- 4paw and veteran came along with it. No need to have paid for it... we can refund that if you'd like. No worries on the gang being on vacation... Jessica (tytysmom) brought it to my attention so I jumped in and fixed it. took about 3 seconds ;) stay cool this weekend
    hey -- can you still get into the mod lounge? your moderator badge is gone and want to check before I change anything
    Well you are VERY welcome... you really seem to know your stuff when it comes to bullies... way more than me!!! :biglaugh: We are blessed to have you on board...
    I just want you to know that your advice and support on this forum is spot on... very much appreciated!!! ;)
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