1. F

    UK food suggestions?

    hey everyone! im new here and have been loving reading all the advice but one problem i keep having is that many of the recommended products, especially food, isnt available in the uk. Lenny is only 14 months and had to have surgery for bladder stones last month :( the vet suggested purina HA...
  2. rocco24

    Bald spot

    Hi all! I noticed this little bald spot near my puppy’s ear but not sure what could have caused it? He’s 7 months old and I feed him Victor puppy food.
  3. E

    Fish mix?

    So my guy is allergic to pretty much every protein..so i put him on purina pro plan ha diet(hydrolyzed protein). I dont like it he seems lethargic. I wanna put him back on zignature and noticed they have multiple fish flavors and goat. Goat is not listed on allergy report so idk if its such an...
  4. S

    Calorie Questions

    I have a 7 month old EBD pup (Mr. T - pic. Below). Was wondering what the approximate caloric intake should be for him. There is much written about cups to feed but this misses the point regarding nutrition. Anyone have any input and/or a calorie intake guideline to consider when feeding an...
  5. C

    Acana Food

    What acana food do y'all recommend for a 5month english bulldog. Seeing lots of people say feed him 1 protein at a time. But currently feeding my ebd the acana puppy and junior formula and has 3 or 4 different kind of protein. Should I keep him on that puppy formula or should I switch to a...
  6. B

    Help Needed! FOOD DECISIONS>>>>>AM I doing the right thing

    Trying to research what is best for my little girl. She is 28 lbs 5 months old and feed her Fromm Puppy Heartland Gold Grain free. Just under 1 cup three times a day. Where should I go from here? How long should I keep her on this food? When should I start mixing proteins? Which ones...
  7. rocco24

    Blueberries? Bad or good?

    Hello everyone! I’ve seen many people feed their dogs blueberries but the breeder I got my bully from said not to feed them any? Is this something specific in his breed or does anyone have anymore knowledge on this for me? Thanks! :fie:
  8. S


    Shirley has vomited a small amount of what looks like undigested supper twice this week. It happened both times between 3-5am (yeah I hardly sleep). She's not lethargic nor showing any signs of not feeling well, no temp, eyes clear, no runny nose etc. I feed her bfast at 6:30am and supper at...
  9. G

    Newbie needing advice or reassurance.

    Hello to everyone I’m Kelly and the very proud owner of Duchess, a 6 year old (although you would never think it) rescue bulldog. We have had her a month now and she’s just great. She has a good background but was handed in as her owner was taken into hospital and no one else could have her...
  10. M

    puppy food and amounts

    hi, i picked up my new pup this weekend and was after your knowledge please. i have a 8 week old male. i was after some advice on what the best food is to give him i have taken him to the vets this morning and have been told he is over weight. thanks for any help .he is 6kg. i feed him lamb mice...
  11. yankydoodle

    Peanut butter

    Hi folks, Is peanut butter good for bulldogs ? I'm trying to find another way to feed my one bulldog her medication. I don't like the sausages route. Too many questionable things in sausages. Is peanut butter healthy ? And is it fattening ? My bulldogs need to lose some weight. Thanks for any...

    Puppy feeding advice

    Hello, After having lost our last bully Matilda in Oct of 2019 we have finally found another. We just brought home an 8 week old puppy today named Dozer. We have never raised a puppy before so we have some questions mainly about feeding. We are going to give him a few days to settle into his...
  13. Hstead

    Breeders - colors, exotic, Health, Temperment - Trends

    So I haven't posted a lot over the past couple of years although I do visit to see pup pictures and any time I have a question about something that pops up with our 3 1/2 year old Bolt. We have been thinking about getting Bolt a lil sister. The breeder we bought Bolt from has two litters...
  14. SunnyThebully

    How much to feed my puppy

    Hello everyone, I am a first time owner of an English bulldog and as most of you when you bought your first bully you had a lot of questions my question is very simple, yet very important. Currently my dog is almost 4 months old and I am feeding him 3 times a day .5 cups for a total of 1.5 cups...
  15. dymeale

    Me again!! Ugh!

    I started Niko on a raw diet about two months ago. Initially we started him on rabbit and he did great, his folds cleared up, his nose got better, his fur started growing back. We did only rabbit for a month, then we tried alpaca and that irritated his folds right away and he got bumps...
  16. 1Chumly

    Vomiting in the middle of the night

    I would appreciate some thoughts as to what could possibly be going on with Buster. Occasionally, he will vomit in the middle of the night. I say vomit, it could be regurgitation, as I have never actually seen it happen. It is undigested food, hours after he has eaten. He seems absolutely...
  17. Hankster

    food ordeal and a lesson

    I feed pre made raw patties and semi to fully thawed to Hank and as of late i drop the whole thing into his bowl and he enjoys a lot longer. Anyway, i broke in about thirds tonight and it was only barely semi thawed. I turned my head to fill a jug of water, and something made me turn back...
  18. Frost

    Second Time EBD owner First time Raw feeder

    So thebfirst EBD I owned had all sorts of food allergies and had a constant troubles sticking to one brand that would work long enough. Just when you thought hurray! it would quickly damn! I decided I would try the Raw diet craze, yesterday I picked up my 10 Week old male from the Breeder. I was...
  19. K

    Raw feeding - How to start

    Hello all and cheers from Portugal. I've adopted an English bulldog (named Oscar) which is currently aged 6 months. Besides a cherry eye problem, which is already solved (unfortunately when I adopted him the case was serious which led to slightly dropped eyelids), he is healthy and happy...
  20. H

    12 week old playing tug of war with son's shorts and leash

    I have a 12 week old that is jumping up on my 26 yo son and biting and growling on his shorts--almost like tug of war. She does the same exact thing with when I leash train. I started yesterday with placing a treat on her nose and giving the command "release" and if she doesn't release I say...