1. S

    Age to switch from puppy kibble

    Hi! At what age did you switch your puppy to an adult formulation? Our breeder suggested as early as now (4 months old) and my AKC flyer from registration also mentioned switching by 6 months old. The reason was for the %ages in a puppy formulation not being good for bulldog bone structure...
  2. summerep

    Raw food suggestions

    Hi everyone, Was just wondering what everyone’s raw food suggestions are?! (That are available in uk) Thank you 😊
  3. bulldogs1501

    Allergic to Food, or something else?

    Hello all! So Moose is almost 4 years old and almost all of his life he has been on N&D Cod Grain Free. We've switched up the protein, but anytime we've done so he has had either upset stomach or his eyes start bothering him. So we stuck with what works. Lately, he has started to throw up, and...
  4. gobronco

    Bruno is doing well

    Hi people. haven't been on for a while. life's trials. Bruno is doing well. At 19 months old he still thinks he is a puppy. Ankle biter. Crazy the little white deaf dog is doing well too and had her 9th birthday a few months ago. Crazy is the one laying on the couch. Bruno is the one...
  5. F

    UK food suggestions?

    hey everyone! im new here and have been loving reading all the advice but one problem i keep having is that many of the recommended products, especially food, isnt available in the uk. Lenny is only 14 months and had to have surgery for bladder stones last month :( the vet suggested purina HA...
  6. P

    Does anything really work to eliminate tear stains?

    Hello bulldog lovers! I have a puppy 7 months old. She has REALLY bad tear stains and I need help figuring out what to do. She had a little staining when we got her at 8 weeks. At that time she was on Fromm Puppy food. The breeder suggested switching to Victor Performance food as that is what...
  7. J

    Help Needed! Cyst between toes. Remedies? Ointments? Anything?

    My Sasha had a cyst form on her back foot between her toes. I read it's common in Bulldogs. The bad thing is my Vets only suggested surgery. To me that should be a last resort. It's not big and it doesn't bother her. Another crazy thing is another one is starting to form on her other back foot...
  8. YDsmomma

    New here, also new to owning a dog 🙂

    Hi my names ashley, I’m the proud owner to a 7 month old spoiled English bulldog �� I never owned a dog before this just cats so it’s been an experience, I got him when he was 8 weeks old, still kinda on formula and wet dog food. He’s the love of my life, and goes everywhere with...
  9. YDsmomma

    My dogs shedding like crazy😭

    So I’ve had my dog for 4 months now, he’s 6 months old he’s been on RC since he was with the breeder, he recently stopped wanting to eat it, like he’s not even enthusiastic like how he used to be he just smells it and walks away, he’s never been like that at all and I think he’s so over the...
  10. H

    URGENT!!! HELP with food selection food to transition (new four legged mommy)

    Hello to all. We just got a EBD. His name is Hank. He is 10 weeks old. The breeder was feeding him Victor and his stool was really soft, really dark and smelled really bad. After tons of google searches we decided narrowed it down to Royal Canin and Canidae. Took a trip to Petco to make a final...
  11. rocco24

    Bald spot

    Hi all! I noticed this little bald spot near my puppy’s ear but not sure what could have caused it? He’s 7 months old and I feed him Victor puppy food.
  12. C

    Bald spots please help

    Have a 6 month English Bulldog and recently started getting 3 bald spots. One in his neck and 2 on his body. They are very small but nothing I've seen before. Wondering if y'all know what it could be. Has me alittle worried. Idk if it a food reaction but berly came up and has been eating Acana...
  13. S

    Mr T is Switching to Raw

    After reading the posts here I’ve decided to switch Mr. T to a raw diet. I signed up for the Darwin’s Natural Pet “Natural Selection” line of meals. I will keep everyone posted on Mr. T’s raw food journey. Any suggestions re the switch are appreciated. Thanks!!!
  14. Coach

    Herschel Choking, Seizures, Or...?

    Herschel is 8. We have always fed him kibble With no issues. In the past year he has began to have bouts with either choking, seizures or something else while eating. At first i thought seizure for sure. Then I noticed this always happens when he's eating or just finished eating so I thought...
  15. B

    Barking Issues

    Our one-year-old EB (Frankie) is crated at night and during the day if no one is home with him. We have another dog that is also crated during the same time periods, but in a separate crate across the room. They can see each other, but pretty much ignore each other once crated. Our bully will...
  16. C

    Acana Food

    What acana food do y'all recommend for a 5month english bulldog. Seeing lots of people say feed him 1 protein at a time. But currently feeding my ebd the acana puppy and junior formula and has 3 or 4 different kind of protein. Should I keep him on that puppy formula or should I switch to a...
  17. B

    Help Needed! FOOD DECISIONS>>>>>AM I doing the right thing

    Trying to research what is best for my little girl. She is 28 lbs 5 months old and feed her Fromm Puppy Heartland Gold Grain free. Just under 1 cup three times a day. Where should I go from here? How long should I keep her on this food? When should I start mixing proteins? Which ones...
  18. D

    4 month old EBD

    Hello my fellow EBD lovers. Recently brought home my new baby boy Nugget. Slowly weened him off food Breeder was feeding him (Victor) to Hills Science Diet chicken and brown rice flavored because my vet recommended. He keeps having wet poos. Kind of like soft serve ice cream. No other symptoms...
  19. F

    Too Skinny?

    Hi All, Just joined as owned an English Bulldog since 8 weeks old... just over 13 weeks currently. I am just wondering if she is too skinny? She eats 3 meals a day currently on AVA dry puppy food, what can I use to fatten her up? My friend got one from the same litter and he is huge compared to...
  20. C

    New to raw

    Hi so put my bull dog on recommended raw food amount for her weight only been on a week she loves it but been constipated all day crying wen trying to poo wont let me near her bum panting should I be worried