1. H

    Help Needed! Chewing

    Our 10 week old EBD chews on everything. We bought him a lot chew toys which he plays with but he looses interest real quick and starts to chew on his crate (metal), furniture, garden gnomes, etc. If I am wearing my fuzzy socks he starts to chew on them. He also tries to bite us. What do we do?
  2. B

    Barking Issues

    Our one-year-old EB (Frankie) is crated at night and during the day if no one is home with him. We have another dog that is also crated during the same time periods, but in a separate crate across the room. They can see each other, but pretty much ignore each other once crated. Our bully will...
  3. F

    Too Skinny?

    Hi All, Just joined as owned an English Bulldog since 8 weeks old... just over 13 weeks currently. I am just wondering if she is too skinny? She eats 3 meals a day currently on AVA dry puppy food, what can I use to fatten her up? My friend got one from the same litter and he is huge compared to...
  4. berlin78

    Chloe is being a little poop!

    So Chloe is now almost 17 weeks. She's doing pretty well on the housetraining front, even making it through 8 hours one night in her crate! But... she hasn't yet been allowed to sleep in our bed (which is what we wind up doing eventually) and I think she's trying to "claim" it. We do let her get...
  5. Zedsded

    Puppy Wesley’s home!

    We picked this little man up on Sunday and hes a little terror :D mischievous little bully into everything and already in full shark mode :eek: i am sure Dudley didnt start attacking feet/hands/shoes/socks/sleeves/laces until he was little older :D We we’re spoilt with Dudley who slept...
  6. gobronco

    Bruno Mars the rescue dog

    Meet Bruno the rescue dog. We got him in November. he was surrendered because of health issue. Chronic aspiration pneumonia. He was surrendered in June? 'spent a lot of time in the hospital and with foster parents. He got pneumonia again just before thanksgiving and went through pallet and...
  7. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Boomer~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    Boomer has spent most of his life living in a cage indoors with his humans just out of reach or outdoors. He is fully appreciative of his new foster family and all the love and snuggles they are happy to give him. Boomer is also learning about toys and how to dog. He's nearly got this 'fetch'...
  8. C

    Cooper Post Op

    Surgery went well (according to Dr.) he is very inactive - cant coax him out of crate...Hope he is better soon! Prayers Accepted!
  9. AceRN

    Need help now!!!!!

    My bulldog was just neutered and dew claws removed today,, brought him home a 5:30pm est, placed him in his crate, he won’t sit down,it is now 7:15pm he is still to groggy from anesthesia to medicate, what do I do to help him?
  10. KrysA724

    Aggressive playing

    Hey guys! So as you all know, I have had Brisket for a little while, and he shares our home with a bunny (that is not in danger with Brisket around) and Oreo, our 5 year old schnauzer. Now, when we first brought Brisket home, Oreo was excited and very sweet and caring, playful with him, and...
  11. KrysA724

    TEXAS English Bulldog Available for Adoption

    Hey all, during my time in search of an EBD, I can across quite a few EBDs looking for forever homes and thought I could post some to see if anyone in their vicinity might be able to help. I could not post on any of the adoption threads and felt bad for this guy! He seems so sweet, but...
  12. KKandBEA

    2 MO Puppy Coughing/Hacking

    Hello, I am new to this forum and new to bulldog ownership. We adopted our EBD/Sharpei mix Beatrix about 3 weeks ago now. Although we did a lot of research before adopting and knew she could definitely have complications due to being a Brachycephalic breed, we do not know what to make of her...
  13. walterenglishbulldog

    NEED HELP! Bulldog vs Work Schedule

    Hello I will be going back to work soon and I work at a restaurant from 4pm-10pm. I have my neighbor letting my EBD out to go to the bathroom during my work hours. Although it really breaks my heart that he will be left alone for a long time. During quarantine, we would spend the whole day...
  14. K

    Help Needed! Sickness & Diarrhoea

    Hi, I am new to this page, but have been reading some threads and thought it would be a great way to get some advice. We have a new bulldog puppy, now 13 weeks old and have been taking him on short walks around our house - nearby fields and woods etc. 2 days ago, he didnt want his breakfast...
  15. K

    Hello, my name is Burwell!

    . This is Burwell. He's almost nine weeks old. He came home with us a few days ago and has made quite a splash. His vet visit on Friday put him at 10.7lbs. He's and active and alert little guy who enjoys his naps. We're crate training him and working on potty training too and he's doing...
  16. H

    Barking in crate

    I have a 9 week old EB I got last Saturday. My son and I have been crating her periodically throughout the day (split an hour or two in and an hour or two out etc). She doesn't give me much of a fight at night but during the day is a living Hell. She will bark and bark and bark for 30 minutes...
  17. A

    Bad breeding/bad genetics does it always equal a dog with issues?

    So, Cooper (male, neutered) is coming up to a year old soon. The breeder gave a whelp date that is different than her website. Our understanding now, is that he was removed from his mother and litter mates and crated alone (on top of other crates) at around 5-6 weeks. We brought him home at 8...
  18. SMammers816

    Help... Defecating in crate at night :(

    HELP.... please!! Copper is a year and a half and we have a situation where he will defecate in his crate at night. Our dogs always sleep in their crate at night and Cooper is downstairs in our living room. Gunner, our six year old fur baby, sleeps in a crate upstairs in our room. We tried...
  19. L

    ***New - Feeding Help

    Hello, my name is Liz. I have a 4 month old English Bulldog named Rocco. We've had him for 2 months now. Breeder had him on kibbles since the day we brought him home and as first time parents of course we continued his feeding with kibbles. He will eat his kibbles okay. I introduced him to...
  20. Chubby


    I took Chubby to his appointment because he needed some antibiotics for his itchy ears and agreed to get a nail trim after I was asked if I wanted to get his nails clipped by the receptionist. My appointment started at 11:30am. Due to Covid-19 I had to drop him off which I never did before. So I...