1. rocco24

    Bald spot

    Hi all! I noticed this little bald spot near my puppy’s ear but not sure what could have caused it? He’s 7 months old and I feed him Victor puppy food.
  2. Semua

    Newby from Florida needs help after TECA surgery

    We are new to this site and looking to some advice, Lola is 9 years old and she just went under surgery ( total ear ablation) due to scarring and chronic ear infections. She came home yesterday and immediately noticed that her breathing was very congested and with a lot of snot from her right...
  3. E

    Smelly ear

    Hey my guys been itching a bit..i smelt his ear and it stinks..other one is fine...i used a rinse and then i put mometamax in...any other ideas?
  4. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Peanut~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Edmonton

    Peanut is 6 1/2 years old and is currently in the Edmonton area. She is a sweet loving dog who loves lots of attention. She seems to think others out walking are really only there to pet her - and many want to. She enjoys regular walks that are more like leisurely strolls. Peanut came to the...
  5. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Princess~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Tennessee

    Princess was surrendered to our rescue from a Good Samaritan who saved her. We do not know how old she is, we are guessing no more than 4 years old. She is UTD on vaccinations and she has been spayed. We know she has been used for breeding multiple times. She does have an ear infection that...
  6. anatess

    Angus jumped off the pier...

    I shared the crazy story about my first bulldog, Bullie (passed away last September), who has this weird fascination with water. You can't put her close to the pool because she will jump in. And she can't swim. But she doesn't care - she will jump in. My other bulldog, Angus, never did that...
  7. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Foxy~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Tennessee

    Meet sweet Foxy. This girl was surrendered to us from another rescue. She had been found wandering along a road. Aside from obviously being starved, our vet found a severe respiratory problem, hookworms, ear and eye infections, and bad teeth. The good news is that she is responding to the...
  8. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Daisy Doo~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Washington

    Welcome Miss Daisy Doo! If you've followed us for a while you might recognize her. She's been through BHNW twice before. We are hoping the third is her last. She deserves the most amazing home!!! Daisy's biggest need is for a family who really understands Bulldogs. She has the typical bulldog...
  9. Frost

    Glued Ear infected

    Hello, my Bruno has big floppy ears and recently came across a video on You tube on Glueing ears. I decided to give it a try and order tear mender glue. I glued them Saturday evening and did it it exactly like the video. I noticed since day 1 he was scratching his ears quite a bit. I figured he...
  10. mdoto

    Ear Yeast

    How do you guys solve this long term issue? Saw a vet today and got some solution, didn't have a medical name. I do see HB101; is this Burrows Solution (Aluminum acetate)? If it is, is this the stuff safe?
  11. Barbara Ray Linker

    Tumors (clusters) in the Ear Canal

    Before I call the Vet tomorrow, can anyone give me a short experience or education in ear tumor clusters in my bulldog's ear? I just took her to the Vet 2 weeks ago for a vaginal discharge and while there had him flush out her ears because I was constantly extracting waxy stuff from them...
  12. Maxthebulldog1210

    Please help

    Max my bulldog has transitioned to raw, after months of acana duck and pear. Currently he is on 2 patties a day. Well, took him to the vet last Friday to get dhpp, rabies and bortdatella. This was Friday, Saturday I also gave him flea medicine, frontline. He weighed 43 lbs but only had the 45 lb...
  13. Snoboardchk911

    Crusty ear edges

    Hi! My bulldog is starting to get crusty edges on both ears... not sure what I can do for it... thank you!
  14. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Bubbles~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Nebraska

    ​Bubbles is a 4-year-old who came to us in clear distress after failing to successfully deliver her puppies. She had a rough initial few days after her c-section but is now thriving in her foster home. She has been cleared by our vet and is in good health! Bubbles is a bit of a goof ball and...
  15. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Peppa~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Michigan

    Peppa was dumped at a shelter with a large growth in her abdomen. She had surgery to remove the growth and is feeling much better now. The picture posted was her on her freedom ride - no question about how happy she was to be spung! We are still evaluating her and how she is with other...
  16. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Della~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Illinois

    "Darling Della is an owner surrender from the Whitley, Indiana Humane Society. Della is 6 years old and a French/English Bulldog mix. She is very overweight at 44 lbs. She is small and needs to lose 8 to 10 lbs to be at a healthy weight. Della was badly neglected. In fact, she was surrendered...
  17. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Cash Money~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Georgia

    11/8/19: Please welcome Cash Money! His owner was no longer able to care for him, so she asked us to find him a new home. He needs to be vaccinated, neutered, have his palate shortened, had his saccules removed, nostrils widened, and his teeth cleaned. He appears to have chronic ear infections...
  18. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Harlow~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Georgia

    9/12/19: Please welcome Harlow! She was picked up as a stray by Carroll County Animal Control and when no one came looking for her she was able to join the rescue. She needs to vaccinated and spayed. Unfortunately, she is heartworm positive. Once she recovers from her spay surgery, she will...
  19. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Darla~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in California

    My foster mom calls me her “street girl” since she says I am a survivor and know my way around the tough streets where I was found as a stray. I think I about 4 years old, although when I start playing with a plastic water bottle, people think I am much younger. I love toys and I don’t always...
  20. B

    General Question Natural Remedies for ???

    Happy Holidays to you all. Awhile ago I am sure I saw a post or two on the website about a couple of natural remedies that I purchased And used for a short time but now I am not 100% sure what they were recommended for. Euphrasia, I believe it was for eye problems. I would like to know if this...