1. T

    Hi all - new to site and need help & advice (with the female)

    Hi to all Have come onto this site many times since becoming the owner of Jorja but have only registered today. Am currently at a loss as to what to do next. As since she turned 2, she has violent attacks on my other dog Davey. Not all the time but becoming more frequent. We have 3 dogs in...
  2. J

    Intro: Gravy

    Hi! First time dog owner here:blush2: I've been researching EBD ownership for the past 5 years and finally got this bucket of Gravy 8 weeks ago. Most of the questions I've had, I've found the answer to on this forum. This is his favorite this to do.
  3. D

    Happy bulldog

    I’m maybe being over sensitive but paranoid Geoff isn’t happy and loving life. What’s the signs I should be looking for to tell me my boy is happy. First time bulldog owner and I love him unconditionally and he is completely spoilt. Sometimes I look at him and think I hope your loving life and...
  4. D

    Newbie from Scotland

    Hello my names mark and I’m the proud owner of an EBD called Geoff . He’s 16 weeks old now and my first dog or any pet. He’s such a wee character and very stubborn aswell. Loves being nosey and follows me everywhere. Joined to get information and make sure the wee boy gets the best life. He is a...
  5. YDsmomma

    New here, also new to owning a dog 🙂

    Hi my names ashley, I’m the proud owner to a 7 month old spoiled English bulldog �� I never owned a dog before this just cats so it’s been an experience, I got him when he was 8 weeks old, still kinda on formula and wet dog food. He’s the love of my life, and goes everywhere with...
  6. O

    Introducing Oni

    Hi everyone! I just joined this page and wanted to introduce myself and my beautiful baby. Oni turned 1 years old on April 9th and she has been the best addition to my life. I am 22 years old and I am a first time bulldog owner so I am still learning how to give Oni everything and more. We got...
  7. SidNBear

    First time EBD owner

    Hello! First of all I’m still figuring this website out so hopefully this posts correctly lol, but I’m a first time English bulldog owner, he’s an absolute terror. I love him but he definitely gives me a run for my money. I just have a few questions regarding his care, we are feeding him Hills...
  8. cefe13

    I've had enough

    :please: Does anyone know if there is some smart stuff that I can spray on my door step to deter passing dogs from leaving their poop there? This has become absolutely crazy. It is mandatory to pick up after your dog here and 99 per cent of dog owners do that without a problem. However, there...
  9. G

    Newbie needing advice or reassurance.

    Hello to everyone I’m Kelly and the very proud owner of Duchess, a 6 year old (although you would never think it) rescue bulldog. We have had her a month now and she’s just great. She has a good background but was handed in as her owner was taken into hospital and no one else could have her...
  10. G

    Hello Everyone

    Hi 👋 First time owner of a british bulldog and I can't believe I have waited this long to get one! Fantastic breed and he is a little character
  11. C

    Entropy surgery caused cherry eye?

    Hi there - first post - proud owner of 2 english bulldogs Our little female bulldog (2 years old) had entropy causing her to constantly squint - so we decided to get surgery. All went well, she is not in pain, but now after 2 days she has formed cherry eye on the operated eye. We have had...
  12. ladywebb

    New EBD Mom

    Hello! New member and first time EBD owner. I have owned dogs in the past, but, I can personally say that I have found my favorite breed! I have been reading up on information thru all the forums and can say have seen some great advice and hope to acquire more info while being a member.
  13. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Juno~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Nebraska

    Status: Available Age: 8 Gender: Female Location: Omaha, NE Reason given up for adoption: Owner Surrender Temperament: Nervous, learning to love people Health Condition: Being evaluated Placement Limitations: Being evaluated Special Needs: No Comments: Juno is a breeder mama and is learning the...
  14. L

    First time English Bulldog owner

    Me and my two 5 month old EB's want to say, hi y'all from Reno! I've had dogs my entire life, but never Bulldogs, and never 2 Bulldog puppies at the same time. So it will be interesting to learn more as they grow and hopefully from this site. Thanks!
  15. adadrian

    What’s your opinion and what do you say about bulldog health issues ?

    So as you know I’m a first time bulldog owner, and ever since having one I’m getting a lot of comments of how unhealthy they are, how they can’t breath or cool down and it’s cruel. I even had one guy say get a levin or olde English never get a British they are too unhealthy. What do you guys say...
  16. SunnyThebully

    How much to feed my puppy

    Hello everyone, I am a first time owner of an English bulldog and as most of you when you bought your first bully you had a lot of questions my question is very simple, yet very important. Currently my dog is almost 4 months old and I am feeding him 3 times a day .5 cups for a total of 1.5 cups...
  17. SunnyThebully

    Super excited first English bulldog owner

    Hello everyone, I’m super excited about my first English bulldog puppy. Glad I can be part of this community.
  18. adadrian

    New Bulldog owner from Australia!

    I just realised I haven’t done a introduction, Hi I’m Adrian from Australia, I’m a massive dog lover, always had them. I’ve had a variety of breeds in my life I’ll list the breeds I’ve owned in order that I’ve had them. Australian cattle dog Doberman Pug Chihuahua Jack Russell terrier Pit...
  19. C

    Please help - 10month puppy won’t go to toilet outside

    Hi there I’m new to the English Bulldog forums so thank you for letting me join. We brought a 10 month old puppy from a home that no longer wanted him the previous owner said that the dog had been toilet trained.. they also said that the dog was so lazy didn’t want to go out for walks… When we...
  20. V

    Bulldog Alternatives

    Hi everybody, I don't know if I am in the right place for this, since it is a pure English Bulldog forum, but I 'll try. I live in Greece, owner of a French Bulldog and an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. My Frenchie is the third one now (all from serious breeders) - I love these creatures...