1. Vabulldog

    Puppy seems unsettled?

    Our 7-month-old puppy spends a little time here and a little time there, lays down, moves, gets up, lays back down, comes to smell my feet, gets pet, goes and lays down, moves, lays down again. Is this normal? I'm usually on the couch that has carpet underneath it. He tends to go and plop down...
  2. 36B59865-A92F-4059-A4ED-C89A3537EA5A.MOV


  3. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ August Bulldog of the Month ~LAZY BULLDOGS~

    Welcome to the Bulldog of the Month Photo Contest! This month's theme will be: Lazy Bulldogs!! :lazy2: You've got a bulldog, right? Then this contest is for you, because EVERY bulldog paw-rent has a picture (or 1000) of their precious sleeping bulldog doing what they do best- being LAZY...
  4. NigelsMom

    Goodbye is the hardest part...Rest In Peace Nigel

    My beautiful boy is gone. We had to say goodbye early morning yesterday. It looked like bloat My heart is shattered and the joy he gave me is now gone. He passed with me and my husband and kids around him. We said our goodbyes and let him know what a good boy he was and how much we loved him...
  5. 1Chumly

    Buster had to have ACL surgery

    Buster had ACL surgery yesterday. He had a partial tear that we had been keeping an eye on. He would limp a bit when he got out of bed then kind of walk it off. The past few days he was really hobbling but not carrying his leg. We took him to the vet yesterday and the partial had turned into...
  6. oscarmayer

    MERCY!!! Look at the stone(s) our Vet removed from rescue Joker.

    He’s been leaking urine since we got him, 3-4 months ago. X-rays showed the stones and today was his surgery day. He’s in a lot of discomfort after a 2 hour procedure and his underside is very swollen. Hopefully, this will get him started on a complete recovery. Pre surgery... Post...
  7. Hceril

    Nurse Bella taking care of her dad...

    She insists on sleeping in the recliner with him.😝 not so comfy for him but he does love it! He had rotator and bicep repair surgery a week and a half ago. This is her a couple of days before the surgery sleeping on him since she couldn’t squeeze between us.
  8. gobronco

    Bruno laying on my fat belly

    Bruno sleeping on my fat belly lol
  9. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Mini & Hera~Bonded Pair of English Bulldogs Available for Adoption in California

    Hera is an 8-year-old Bulldog that came into rescue with her littermate sister Mini (Minerva). They have been together their entire lives and we want to place them together. Their human family was having a crisis and could no longer care for them. They have been indoor/outdoor dogs but had been...
  10. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE!~ August Bulldog of the Month ~LAZY BULLDOGS~

    2016 Lazy Bulldog Contest Winner! Welcome to the Bulldog of the Month Photo Contest! This month's theme will be: Lazy Bulldogs!! :lazy2: You've got a bulldog, right? Then this contest is for you, because EVERY bulldog paw-rent has a picture (or 1000) of their precious sleeping bulldog...
  11. KrysA724

    Congested breathing in EB puppy

    Hi everyone, I am a first time EB owner and noticed that our 8-week old puppy, Brisket, sounds congested when he sleeps. It doesn't matter the position he is in when he is sleeping, he always sounds that way. We got him about a week ago and had already be dewormed and recieved his first round...
  12. yankydoodle

    My dogs sleep close to a fridge

    The fridge makes a humming sound of sorts, and does it most of the day. Their sleeping quarters border the kitchen. The fridge drives me crazy, because i'm sure it is not good for them. They have no sleeping problems, but i'm still bothered by the sound it constantly makes. Should i do...
  13. J

    Sleeping Wolf

    The TV commercial says he is descendent from wolves.
  14. anatess

    Long Time, No Post...

    Hi All - I know I haven't posted here in a long, long time. I decided to go ahead and post today to let y'all know that my best buddy Gizmo (bichon frise) passed away on the very last day of January. He was 13 years old. Everything was fine, he was his normal spunky self, nothing to indicate...
  15. EllieMay

    Cinder updates :-)

    Cinder is getting big and doing great! She feels very “entitled” these days and I am not allowed personal space any longer... especially since the quarantine.. She enjoys eating, sleeping on me, stroller rides and the occasional 2 minute game with a toy...
  16. L

    Puppy breathing HELP!!!!

    Hi all I’m new to owning a bulldog. I brought a Lilac tri coloured boy today. I’m worried though he’s panting a lot when dropping to sleep breathing quite fast and his body is stretched. I can hear him Breathing when walking around the house or garden and sitting still etc but not raspy just...
  17. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Frida~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Illinois

    Hello! My name is Frida, and I’m a 4 year-old little lady being fostered in Chicago. I’m a very petite bulldog, with long legs, a beautiful tiger stripe brindle, and the softest, sweetest face in the world! I’m gentle and loving, a little shy at first, but ready to give (and receive!) love from...
  18. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Creed~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Illinois

    Hello! My name is Creed. I like to think that I was named after the boxer in the "Rocky" movies, but it could be that 90's band too! I am a 2.5 year old male and I am loving life! My owner surrendered me to CEBR because I had a torn ACL in my hind leg and they could not afford my medical care. I...
  19. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Buffy~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Illinois

    Hi everyone! My name is Buffy. I just broke free from the puppy mill where I most likely had several litters of puppies. I am thrilled to be living the good life, and cannot wait to meet my forever family! I am an all-around great girl! I love dogs and people. I haven’t been around kids much...
  20. mer55

    Surprise a SUCCESS!

    Todd and Katy were COMPLETELY surprised to see Jackson when they came to get Bogey and Ruger! Fun night with the pups! Jackson did great sleeping alone last night! Such a sweetie! We are so exhausted after having 2 puppies and a "big" pup, but now enjoying 1 on 1 with Jackson!