1. mer55

    Help Needed! Jackson's weight!

    Hi All!! I had my son's 2 bulldogs with me last week. Ruger and Jackson are littermates. Jackson was "the runt" and was much smaller than Ruger at 8 weeks. NOT ANY MORE!!! Ruger is muscular but thin. He eats Fromm's 4 Star - 1 1/2 cups twice a day. Occasional treats but I know they give him...
  2. sisters3

    GREEN THUMB PEEPS - Blue Rug Juniper Weeding - HELP

    Hello Green Thumb Peeps! My new house has a front bank with blue rug juniper, I like it BUT need some help on controlling the weeds. I can pull what is there (uggg) but would LOVE if anyone has any suggestions for prevention OR even a safe herbicide to use. Thanks in advance!
  3. nubonics

    Mild Vaginitis

    Jojo was diagnosed with mild vaginitis today. Earlier before calling/going to the vet, after she peed, I saw a really long light green strip of mucus hanging from her girl bits. Jo went into heat early and was spayed sometime after 5 months. She is 8 months now. When I called the vet, she asked...
  4. S

    Anyone use gras green treats?

    Heya So I'm looking into the different chew treats for dogs that are meant to help balance the PH in their urine to reduce the damage to our yard.... We're getting those pesky yellow/brown areas and before it gets worse I'd like to figure out something. I saw there are a bunch of different...
  5. A

    URGENT!!! Bald spots

    Good morning. Our English bulldog has been having really bad allergies we changed her diet to homemade food but she's still having issues with her allergies and now is getting these bald spots. I'm not sure if they are related or not. Her new food is beef bone broth, turkey breast and ground...
  6. Dollys Owner

    Dog Food Review Links in UK

    Green is best, orange is acceptable, and red is bad. The reviewer "SixStar" is banned from that website "petforums", but you may find it interesting to see the list and different comments. It's annoying that he didn't link to an external spreadsheet, instead spread the reviews over a bunch of...
  7. C

    Serious Bacterial infection Tail/ear

    Hello My senior bulldog had a bacterial infection in his tail pocket over a month ago. He went on antibiotics. The vet said it was likely worse than it looked. It was inflamed. Losing hair, etc. We did the meds but we were away part way through. It did seem to be improving but when we got...
  8. M

    My 3 month puppy has pneumonia

    Hello everyone, Just purchased a English Bulldog. Took him home and the next day went to the vet. Vet said he looked great. Like 3 days later he developed a bad cough. And started discharging green boogers. I took him to the vet, they shot an Xray and said he has a pneumonia. He also has a...
  9. sisters3

    Need Gardening HELP Please

    I am starting my herbs and tomatoes from seeds this year and I have some questions. I won't bother posting them now just in case I don't get any takers out there...... Thanks in advance to any green thumbers that answer :)
  10. Cbrugs

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Molly Jane~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    Age: 4 Yrs. Old Gender: Female Adoption Fee: $550.00 Special Needs: No Tolerant of children Tolerant of dogs Tolerant of cats Some people say I am f*t. I can’t even say the nasty word. Do I look f*t to you? I only weigh 74 pounds. If I wanted, I could be a lot bigger! Anyway, enough of...

    We're Back

    We've been back from UK for awhile. My husband has bee very ill. He became ill in the middle of the Atlantic while on the cruise ship. He was admitted to the hospital when we made it to Ireland. We eventually made it to England where he was treated for some heart issues. Where he...
  12. V

    Allergic to grass?

    Our bulldog has just turned one and this summer and last she has struggled with allergies. It got quite bad last summer which ended up with us taking her to the vet to have an injection. She has been scratching behind her front legs, chest and stomach (drags her stomach on the floor to scratch)...
  13. D

    Am I feeding enough?

    My dog is almost 9 months old, around 35 lbs or so. I feed him Zignature (turkey currently but I switch it between that and whitefish). I have been feeding 1 cup am + 2/3 cup noon + 2/3 cup pm. He loves fruit and frozen green beans, so he gets a bit of that too. The vet said to cut him back on...
  14. K

    Help Needed! Bit of a snotty nose

    Hi everyone First post here and just looking for a bit of advice, we have a 5 month old bully and yesterday and today we’ve noticed a bit of a snotty nose on a few occasions, to me it seemed clear but my girlfriend said it had a bit of green in it I’ve seen people saying could be an allergy...
  15. Cbrugs

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Edith~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    Age: 3 Yrs. Old Gender: Female Special Needs: No Tolerant of children Tolerant of dogs Tolerant of cats We know little of Edith’s life prior to a few days ago, when she was dropped off at a shelter. We do know she has been neglected for a while. Her eyes, ears, skin and tail all need some...
  16. Manydogs

    Another recall

    Carnivore Meat Co. LLC has recalled two Vital Essentials raw dog food products due to possible Salmonella contamination. In addition to the Vital Essentials recall, TruDog LLC has advised its customers by email that it has withdrawn a single batch of its Boost Me product, also due to possible...
  17. 2BullyMama

    Raw switch - 3.5 month status

    Sorry a little late, but work has been busier than I can ever rememebre. The boys are still doing great... annual wellness check went great! Our vet is thrilled that we switched to raw and said he can see the benefits.. We are fully on duck at this time, but thinking about trying the rabbit...
  18. Cbrugs

    Goat Milk

    How many people give goat milk? I have an opportunity to purchase some through the co-op. Jax never did well on kefir, he would always throw up so I am a little hesitant about trying the goat milk. Here is the description: "What is incredible about our milk is that it is pasture and Brush fed...
  19. K

    Over Weight EB

    Hello, I have a 7 yr. old, female, spayed, EB and her Vet says she is 10 lbs. overweight. She is on Blue Buffalo weight management dry food. She gets 2 cups a day along with a can of green beans, (1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at night). When she first started on the Weight Management lost a couple...
  20. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Selena~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    Please welcome Selena to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! She writes: I’ve seen a lot in my 8 years on this earth. But I never dreamed I would find myself in a shelter for abandoned dogs and cats. The folks I had always lived with took me there and left me. They said something about me being too...