1. TooTooMommy

    Veterinarians that are happy/giddy around bulldogs

    I'm curious how many here have experienced this? We have seen a few different vets for different reasons, plus--with fostering, we had to go to specific vets that we didn't choose. Everybully here knows how *a LOT* of the general public get sooo excited and happy when they see a bulldog. It...
  2. TooTooMommy

    Collapsed trachea AND bronchiectasis

    Hi everybully! Our precious ten-year-old was recently diagnosed with collapsed trachea and bronchiectasis. Our vets are pawsome, and we trust them implicitly; HOWEVER, it is always nice to hear peoples' personal stories! I'd reallllly appreciate any info, tips, what worked, what didn't. How...
  3. S

    Need recommendation for stroller

    Hi, My dog is about 50 pounds, has a torn a lot and is now 8 years old. I’m trying to find a good stroller that I can walk over trails with. I just bought the Petique all terrain jogger but would like to know what others use. Was also looking at Pet gear no zip jogger but read complaints...
  4. K


    Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself. I am a part of a writers team. I've been working there for over 2 years, creating content related to dogs. I found this forum occasionally when looking for articles about English bulldog traits, care tips, etc. The thing is - I am going to have one handsome...
  5. D

    Newbie from Scotland

    Hello my names mark and I’m the proud owner of an EBD called Geoff . He’s 16 weeks old now and my first dog or any pet. He’s such a wee character and very stubborn aswell. Loves being nosey and follows me everywhere. Joined to get information and make sure the wee boy gets the best life. He is a...
  6. H

    Pet Insurance ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

    We just brought Hank home about 3 days ago he is 10 weeks old. We are considering purchase pet insurance. So far we are leaning towards ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. Any experiences good or bad or suggetions? Nationwide review are horrible. Thank you
  7. rjisaterp

    Jewel Is In The Hospital

    Jewel was panting heavily off and on yesterday afternoon. My wife took her to the pet ER and after tests, she was bleeding into her gut from a nodule on her spleen. They operated and removed her spleen. As of 0700 this morning, Jewel is resting comfortably and may come home tomorrow. If...
  8. S

    Mr T is Switching to Raw

    After reading the posts here I’ve decided to switch Mr. T to a raw diet. I signed up for the Darwin’s Natural Pet “Natural Selection” line of meals. I will keep everyone posted on Mr. T’s raw food journey. Any suggestions re the switch are appreciated. Thanks!!!
  9. NigelsMom

    Goodbye is the hardest part...Rest In Peace Nigel

    My beautiful boy is gone. We had to say goodbye early morning yesterday. It looked like bloat My heart is shattered and the joy he gave me is now gone. He passed with me and my husband and kids around him. We said our goodbyes and let him know what a good boy he was and how much we loved him...
  10. helsonwheels


    Company Response In response to our request for more information, Zuke’s replied: “At this time, we are proactively and voluntarily removing our Zuke’s Mini Naturals products from sale due to a quality issue. “Zuke’s is a natural product, which uses a natural preservation system. We have...
  11. kyredneck

    Senior dog food question

    So,,, was at my local pet store,,Feeders Supply,, where Levi actually has his own fan club there,, no kiddn’ lol. While he was picking out a new squeaky to drive me insane with:D a couple came in with a magnificent 3 year old EB. Amazing body definition and gorgeous shiny coat. I asked them what...
  12. helsonwheels


    Dear Fellow Dog Lover, You're getting this email because you signed up on our website and asked to be notified. If you no longer wish to receive these emails, please click the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of this message. Bravo Packing of Carney's Point, NJ, is recalling all Performance...
  13. I

    Raw feeding body smell?

    I started feeding my Bulldogs raw food that I purchase at a local pet market. It’s been a week and noticed a horrible smell that their body is throwing out. Smells rotten. What am I doing wrong? Should I just buy raw meat human grade for them? And I’ve noticed raw meat non human grade is very...
  14. helsonwheels


    THE INVISIBLE SLIMY MONSTER IN THE WATER BOWL Ever rub your fingers on the inside of your pet's water bowl and you feel a slippery slime of sorts? Well that invisible goo is called Biofilm. Biofilm is a collection of organic and inorganic, living and dead materials collected on a surface. It is...
  15. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Peanut~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Edmonton

    Peanut is 6 1/2 years old and is currently in the Edmonton area. She is a sweet loving dog who loves lots of attention. She seems to think others out walking are really only there to pet her - and many want to. She enjoys regular walks that are more like leisurely strolls. Peanut came to the...
  16. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Harley~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in California

    He is a 2-year-old Tri-Color Bulldog male that came into rescue when he was found abandoned at a dump. Literally, he was thrown out like trash, but he is safe is in rescue now. He has been neutered, had his soft palate done, vaccinated, heartworm tested (negative), and microchipped. He is a...
  17. KrysA724

    The inevitable is a reality!

    So, as you all know, I was having issues with Brisket and his tear stains, some redness, and some itching on his skin. We tried using witch hazel, tear stain cream, switching from grain to grain-free food, adding allergy medication, and no luck. He's 4 months old, and my husband and I have made...
  18. Manydogs

    The truth about recalled pet food......

    Truth about pet food----
  19. helsonwheels

  20. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Daisy Doo~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Washington

    Welcome Miss Daisy Doo! If you've followed us for a while you might recognize her. She's been through BHNW twice before. We are hoping the third is her last. She deserves the most amazing home!!! Daisy's biggest need is for a family who really understands Bulldogs. She has the typical bulldog...