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Nov 20, 2011
Bulldog(s) Names

For the love of all things, who lets a dog live like this, then dumps him on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere? Thanks to some special Bulldog lovers, never will this boy go without proper care again. Please welcome Fletcher to our rescue family and follow him on his road to recovery. He is super sweet and loving. He wants nothing more than to put his head in your lap.
2/22/17 Update: Fletcher is another extremely horrible case for this Foster Ma. Every time I go into his room, I just lose it. He was very sad, confused and insecure when he arrived in my home. I am having to keep him quarantined from my dogs as he has kennel cough. I have only had him four days and can’t believe the changes in him. The small amount of time I spend with him has just made a huge difference in his personality. Through my tears, I hold him and love on him and tell him he is so handsome and gorgeous. He wags his tail on gives me lots of appreciative kisses. He is getting a little more confident and also has started to venture a little further out into the yard. It is so tempting to want to give him a big dinner of pot roast, mashed potatoes and some gravy! I can see and feel every vertebrae in his back, hip bones and every rib. Who knows how long he spent on the back roads after being dumped.
Yesterday, he went to the vet to get the stitches out of his eyes. The minute I took out the leash, he got so excited! This guy LOVES car rides! After he got his stitches out, he was cheezin’ for the camera! Fletcher has a long way to go. He is getting lots of good food, raw goats milk and fermented fish stock! All the best nutrients to build up his immune system, so he can fight off the demodex buggies. Fletcher is very good in the bath tub and also will sit very still while I put in his eye drops. Fletcher has dry eye, so he will always require medicated eye drops. He is on the road to recovery and by the time I finish with him, he will be the confident, healthy Bulldog that God created him to be!
3/17/17 Update from Fletcher:
Beautiful Bulldog
I was dumped in the country
My people couldn’t see
The beautiful Bulldog
I was created to be.
When I came into rescue
I didn’t have any hair
Now Foster Ma says
I’m a fuzzy bear!
My life was so sad
I didn’t know love
But my Foster Ma says
I am a gift from above.
She kisses my nose
She kisses my face
She loves me so much
I have learned about grace.
I get lots of snacks
I get healthy food
I never knew my life
Was gonna be so good!
I LOVE to jump
I LOVE to run
I am getting better
My life is now FUN!
My name is Fletcher
Now everyone can see
God created me to be.

3/30/17 Update: Howdy, everybullie. It’s me, Fletcher!My foster ma has been so busy with work, she hasn’t had time to do my update. So I am going to tell you how I am. I know foster ma is a little discouraged that my recovery has been so slow. I haven’t come along as well as the other demodex Bulldogs that she’s had in the past. She would love to say that I have gained lots of weight and am covered with hair. But I was just so sick, that it is taking me much longer to come along. As much as she loves me, she keeps saying that I have a “Happy Furever After” coming my way someday. I can’t even imagine that my life can be better than this! When I first came into rescue, they told me that I was going to live in the country with this foster lady. I was thinking, “Are you kidding me? I just escaped the country!” See, when someone decided they didn’t want me anymore, they drove me out to the country and dumped me. I wanted NOTHING to do with the country life again!

Well, I had no idea country living could be so pawsome! In this country life, there are warm, softy fluffy beds everywhere. One in every room of this place! No sleeping outside on the cold hard wet ground for me! I sleep in my foster ma’s bedroom on a big round fluffy bed in my playpen.
I love my playpen and I even go in there when she keeps the door open for me. I love jumping and rolling in my bed and chewing on bones!I got the best foster brothers and sisters a Bulldog could have! I like to hang out with my brothers, Gordon and Fletch. (YUP! We have a Fletch and me, Fletcher!) My foster sisters are great. They take care of me. My sister Piglet has become very protective of me. She cleans my boo-boos and washes my face. She kept me safe during those bad thunderstorms when we had to go into the saferoom. I am on the road to recovery, but I still have a lot to overcome. I know that my “Happy Furever After” is coming someday when I am all better!
4/11/17 Update: I just love this kid! He has been so easy to foster, except for the baths every other day. He went to the vet on Friday and they did a skin scraping. He no longer has any active demodex mites! They are all gone. But he is still so itchy from the skin healing that he has scratched himself raw and has caused a skin infection on his sides. He is now on a round of antibiotics and hydroxyzine for the itch. Nurse Piglet is always on hand to help out with Fletcher’s medical care! He still gets cold very easily and I always have to keep warm, snuggly blankets in every room in the house for him. He loves hanging out on the doggy sofa in my office while I am working. He is so stinking cute and just so sweet! He had an absolute AWESOME time at the Waco rescue event this last weekend. Lots of people came to see him and he got lots of love and pets. No one seemed to care that he didn’t have much hair. Let’s face facts: If he is this stinking cute with so little hair, think about how ridiculously cute he is going to be when all his hair grows back! ​He hung out in his stroller at the event and just let everyone come to see him. He had a great time and he snored all the way home!
5/15/17 Update: I have been resting up so that I can come out to the big Dallas Pet Expo this Saturday! I am going to be there after lunch! I am so excited! I hope I get lots of pets and kisses like I did at the Waco event. So, here’s the latest on me. I am still on a medical hold because I have a recurring skin infection. I am so itchy that I scratch myself and my skin gets infected. I am trying out a new medication for my itchy skin. Foster Ma prays this will work! I still need to gain a lot of weight.
The good news is that I have gained 5 1/2 pounds since I have come into foster care. The good news is that I still need to gain another 7-8 pounds. What? You think that’s bad news? As long as I need to gain weight, that means I am going to get four meals a day! FOUR! That’s two more a day than these other hounds in the house get! I’m diggin this needing to gain weight thing. I was starving for so long that four meals a day is heaven on earth! FOUR! My meals include a heaping cup of Zignature kibbles, canned salmon, yogurt and a farm fresh egg. PAWSOMENESS! Because my hair has still not grown back all the way, I still get cold very easily. At night, I sleep on a big fluffy bed that is right next to my Foster Ma’s bed. Once she tucks me in, I don’t move all night long. My favorite place to sleep is on the sofa with my Foster Ma watching movies! I love the soft blanket that she made. I pull it of the back of the sofa and make myself a nice little nest.
Here are some facts about me:
2. I am house trained. When I need to take care of any of my bizniz, I go to the back door. If Foster Ma doesn’t see me, I let out a nice loud WOOF.
3. I don’t chew on nuffin’ that ain’t mine! I chew on my bones and not on Foster Ma’s Jimmy Choos!
4. I LOVE walks and car rides. LET’S GO!
5. I am a very good snuggler!
6. I get along with ALL dogs and kids. I am pretty easy going and mellow that I probably would get along with cats, too. But Foster Ma is allergic to cats, so we can’t test this theory.
7. I am a very good guard dog! If there is a noise outside or someone at the door, I let them know I am the boss and I mean business. I don’t run from anything that scares me, I run at it. But I am a VERY friendly boy. If my Ma says you’re OK, then I am turn on the charm!
If you are thinking about adopting me, I have some requirements:
1. Lots of food and treats!
2. A BIG FLUFFY bed to sleep in at night.
3. Lots of love, pets and kisses for me.
And most of all…..YOU HAVE TO APPLY TO ADOPT MY FROGGY TOO! Love, Fletcher
6/20/17 Update: HEY EVERYBULLIE! It’s me, Fletcher (left) and my foster brother, Gordon! Gordon is a Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumnus. When he came into rescue, he had infections from head to toe! He was a hot mess. But Foster Ma got him all fixed up, but no one would adopt him because he is too high maintenance and his medicines are expensive. So, he became one of those foster failures!
I don’t want to become a foster failure because I don’t want to live with Gordon. Gordon is bossy. The other day Foster Ma was letting me lick the yogurt spoon and Gordon shoved me out of the way and took the spoon. RUDE! Don’t get me wrong ~ we get along great. We can hang out and watch TV and just chill. But when Gordon wants something and I got it, then he just takes it away. And I just let him take it and say whatevs. I don’t want to fight…. I just want to be everybullie’s friend. That’s the way I roll. Can you see that I am getting fatz? I am putting on some pounds and finally starting to fill in the extra skin that’s been hanging off my bones. I even got some fat on my ribs and Foster Ma ain’t scared to give me some love pats on my sides anymore. She pats on me and tells me I’m gettin’ fatz and I bounce around with joy.
Now, you probably noticed I still ain’t got a whole lot of fur. I have more than I did, but because my skin was in such bad shape and I have some scarring, it may take a long time for all my hair to come back, or it may not all come back. I may always have a few bald spots. Everyone tells me that it doesn’t matter because I am so stinking cute even without the hair! With my extremely cute face and bubbly personality, I am one heck of a cute Bulldog! Not to mention…. I am absolutely one of the best behaved Bulldogs ever! I am definitely the best behaved Bulldog in this house. I already told you my foster brother Gordon is bossy and he sass mouths Foster Ma. She tells him to do something and he just sasses back and he won’t do it. Foster sister Piglet is a brat too! Foster Ma tells her to do something and she just doesn’t listen and does whatever she wants. Foster Ma tells me to do something and I jump to it! Even when she puts those stupid drops in my eyes. I dont’ argue; I just sit there and be a good Bulldog for eye drops, pedicure, baths. Because I am a good boy. Y’all come see how cute I am this weekend at the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumni party! Gordon can’t come with us because he’s too fatz and Foster Mom can’t lift his big butt into the car. But I will be there!
8/29/17 Update: Hey ladies….you looking for a cuddly, warm and sensitive guy? Come and check me out. I love to lay on the sofa and watch some chick flicks or binge watch some Netflix.
Dudes… looking for a chick magnet? I am your guy! According to ZZ Top, “every girl is crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man!” And I am looking pretty sharp these days in my new digs.
I realize that I still don’t have all my fur, but I get fuzzier every day! Check me out, even without all my fur, I am pretty dang good looking! I am bouncy, fun, crate trained and house broken! I get along with everything that has fur and I think kids are pretty darn fun. I have been in Foster Care for over 6 months now recovering from the nightmare that was my former life. Froggy and I are now off of Medical Hold and we are ready to find our Happy Furever After.

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