1. TooTooMommy

    Veterinarians that are happy/giddy around bulldogs

    I'm curious how many here have experienced this? We have seen a few different vets for different reasons, plus--with fostering, we had to go to specific vets that we didn't choose. Everybully here knows how *a LOT* of the general public get sooo excited and happy when they see a bulldog. It...
  2. kyredneck

    Fromm Beef Frittata

    Thinking of switching Levi over to Fromm from Victor Grain Free,, he ain’t diggn’ the Victor much at the moment. Where is the best place to order from as Chewy doesn’t carry it. Thanks
  3. GertieTerdz

    Gertie playing ball

    I'm thinking about sharing high and low quality shots of Gertie chasing a ball. This is her absolute favorite thing in the world. She will run into and over anything to get to a ball and it makes really funny photos.:laugh:
  4. kyredneck

    Grain Free Question

    Have been feeding Levi,, Victors Beef Meal & Brown Rice since he was 8 weeks he is now 13 months and he loves it with no allergy issues or any issues really at all eating it. Now thinking of going to Victors Yukon River grain free or Fromms Beef Fritatta but I noticed the protein content is a...
  5. ladywebb

    Another (2 part) food question

    Ok..I am already the type of person who tends to 2nd guess themselves (always want to make sure I am doing doing the right thing). So, sorry for sounding like a crazy person You all know Gilbert was having the tummy issues..I believe it was too many marrow bones and and the...
  6. G

    Newbie needing advice or reassurance.

    Hello to everyone I’m Kelly and the very proud owner of Duchess, a 6 year old (although you would never think it) rescue bulldog. We have had her a month now and she’s just great. She has a good background but was handed in as her owner was taken into hospital and no one else could have her...
  7. Zedsded

    Puppy hernia! Thoughts and advice please.

    We have just had a call from the breeder who has just been to the vets with the pups for their final check up and she has informed us that Wesley has a small hernia which her vet has said should not be a problem at all but “may” need a small corrective surgery if there is any problem when he is...
  8. Manydogs

    The tunnel of love!

    Maude in the tunnel Martha in the tunnel. I bought this in the Dollar store years ago for training my 2 Malanois. Remembered it several months ago and brought it out thinking that this group might like it. They have played with each other in it, chased each other through it, and as...
  9. anatess

    Angus jumped off the pier...

    I shared the crazy story about my first bulldog, Bullie (passed away last September), who has this weird fascination with water. You can't put her close to the pool because she will jump in. And she can't swim. But she doesn't care - she will jump in. My other bulldog, Angus, never did that...
  10. Zedsded

    Dudleys gone too soon

    Cant believe i am sat here writing these words about my big baby boy, buts he’s gone. Dudley Died on Wednesday afternoon While he was at the vets we are still numb and in shock And feel like i should wake up from this nightmare soon and he’ll be where he should laid on my lap now with me on the...
  11. K

    Honest opinion of puppy

    Hello I am thinking of purchasing this puppy. Can I please have some opinions of him. Thanks
  12. adadrian

    How obsessed with Bulldogs are you?

    How obsessed with the British/English bulldog are you? For me I’ve always been obsessed since I was a school kid, going to the library I remember I would get bulldog specific breed books and general dog books and read them from front to back. And today even though I have had and still have...
  13. anatess

    Angus, the lonely dog.

    He's really taking Bullie's death hard. When Gizmo died last January, it affected both Bullie and Angus but Bullie has always been an independent spirit and Angus is always just following Bullie's lead so it didn't seem to be this "at a loss" look on Angus. With Angus being our lone dog, he is...
  14. dymeale

    Bumps on Skin

    Hi All, me again! My dog has these bumps every where. I thought they were mosquito bites but now I’m thinking they aren’t. He was eating raw alpaca and I cut it off because he seemed to not do well on it. He’s now on rabbit, before the alpaca he was on rabbit and did great. The bumps are flakey...
  15. oscarmayer

    MINI’s allergies are getting worse and her neck and chest

    are raw from scratching. So this week she’s started her new Raw Diet. She’s already scratching less and I was thinking this will be a big step forward...until, she’s sitting in my lap and I tasted it before I smelled it...the new Raw Farts. They’re just awful. Jeez!...there goes another one...
  16. S

    Abnormal cells on bald patch

    Hi, So my 6 month old English bulldog went in to be neutered today, he got an all over check and everything went fine. Except we did say if they could have a look at a new bald patch on his head which appeared last week. He has allergies, and is on daily antihistamines, so we put it down to...
  17. Zedsded

    Stress holiday packing diarrhea ? Is it a thing?

    Hi all, Dudley is in the middle of a bout of diarrhea Which started a week ago and we think was triggered by a “treat” of a new tin of food which he hasn’t had for over a year we immediately swop straight back to his normal food and he recovered Over a few days back to almost normal. Then 3...
  18. KrysA724

    Addressing a potty accident late

    Hey everyone. I am still working on potty training Brisket, but he seems not to be making any progress anymore! His biting it getting better, as is the leash training, but the potty training is still on the rocks. I have been keeping him in a small area lately because he keeps having...
  19. Mochi

    New Pup! How do I transition from chicken and rice to new kibble?

    Hi! My new pup Mochi is 3 months old and I am currently feeding her rice and chicken for her meals and I also give her Royal Canin as her treats which amounts to maybe a half a cup a day of kibble. I got her a month ago and the breeder was feeding her royal canin so thats what we started her on...
  20. mer55

    Just resting my head...

    No mama, I am not even thinking of chewing your shoe. Just resting my head.