1. dymeale

    Extremely Dry Nose

    Hi everyone! It’s been a while….my dog has an extremely dry/cracked nose. Any suggestions?
  2. 5

    Hello, New here and new pup on the way in two weeks.

    Hello, We just lost our six year old English Bulldog earlier this spring. He was a good boy but had many health issues, The worst of which was epilepsy. He required 5 pills twice daily on a pretty strict schedule to control seizures. He also had chronic ear infections and developed dry eye late...
  3. H

    Rescue dog skin issue, suggestions wanted

    Hi… I joined back in 2017 when I was considering getting a Bulldog to do some research. Fast forward to 2021….got that bully..a rescue, got another rescue and became a volunteer for our rescue. We lost our first rescue this year (we rescue seniors). So while doing a rescue transport last week I...
  4. F

    Too Skinny?

    Hi All, Just joined as owned an English Bulldog since 8 weeks old... just over 13 weeks currently. I am just wondering if she is too skinny? She eats 3 meals a day currently on AVA dry puppy food, what can I use to fatten her up? My friend got one from the same litter and he is huge compared to...
  5. B

    Newbie here... baby coming on Monday..food question..HELP!

    Hi gang! We are so excited to bring our sweet boy home. I have a food transition question. Breeder feeds Country Value which I saw was rated as one of the worse ones 😭😭😭. I'd love to hear how you transitioned your pup to something high quality. I'm looking into dry kibble and want to make...
  6. sisters3

    Lawn Service - Safe ??

    Hello all! I have hired a lawn service, Lawn Doctor, who I used before Joey arrived (6 years ago). I stopped it because I was not sure safe for pups. Well at my new house I want to re-start the lawn service. Quarterly, just weed control and fertilizer. I can tell them not to do inside the...
  7. H

    Help Needed! My bulldog has a wound that keeps bleeding, see post For info

    My bulldog has a wound/skin blemish between his ears on his head, we noticed it a few days ago when we saw his fur was turning brown (dry blood) so we cleaned it and it didn’t get any better. We have shaved a patch of his fur off to reveal the issue but we can’t put our finger on what the hell...
  8. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Mini & Hera~Bonded Pair of English Bulldogs Available for Adoption in California

    Hera is an 8-year-old Bulldog that came into rescue with her littermate sister Mini (Minerva). They have been together their entire lives and we want to place them together. Their human family was having a crisis and could no longer care for them. They have been indoor/outdoor dogs but had been...
  9. C

    General Question Feeding our 9 Week Old

    Hi All, Just after some advice. on how much food we should be feeding Max, We purchased the same branding food that the breeders has (Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Bulldog Dry Puppy Food) Max weighs 4KG & is 9 Weeks old - we are trying to confirm what is the correct portions to be...
  10. V

    Help Needed! My dog has anal gland issues?

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone's bully has ever had the same issue my dog currently has. If you look at the picture below you can see she has blood/pus coming out around her anal area. You can't see it in the picture but there is also some blood coming out of her tail pocket area also...
  11. S

    Hello all, need advice pls

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, my 10 months old has 2 dry circle patches on her leg. Anyone has experience with caring for this? TIA
  12. J

    I wonder if it gets very dry?

    Mack the Bulldog.
  13. dymeale

    Food and Skin

    Hiiii Everyone, My dog is going on about five weeks on raw. We started him on rabbit and he did really well!!! His skin got so much better! We then tried alpaca and he seemed to have somewhat of an allergic reaction. (Nose got flakey again and folds got a little red). Anywho, he’s back on...
  14. dymeale

    Seeking Diet Advice

    Hello, I am so happy I found this site as I am always looking for more information on how my EBD can live a happy & healthy life. My EBD, Nikolás, turned two years old in April. He has always been extremely active and wild! He keeps us all on our toes. 😃 However recently i have been really...
  15. N

    What food do you recommend for an English Bulldog Puppy?

    Hi I am a new member to this forum. I have an 8 year old male French Bulldog Bubba and I currently have a deposit down on a 2 week old female English Bulldog who's name is yet to be determined. Bubba has environmental allergies and has gained weight in the last year, so to ensure we are...
  16. KrysA724

    Best puppy food for 8 week old

    Brisket was purchased at 6 weeks old from a local breeder. He was on pedigree puppy dry food with a mix of soft food. He eats 4 times a day with about 1/4 and 1.5 Tbs of wet food each time. However, since I brought him home, I noticed his doodie is really soft, kind of diarrhea like. I want to...
  17. cefe13

    Raining outside

    Cool here today and raining so Castor decided to borrow my blanket for his afternoon nap on the couch. Btw, the top of his nose is really dry. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it and I hesitate to put something on his nose in case he would inhale it. Any advice?
  18. mer55

    Need Some Advice

    Hi all! I have popped in once in awhile, but just can't find the time to spend what I would like here! Jackson is now almost 11 months old, and is just a love!! He has been very healthy and happy- until the past several days. He started 4 days ago with one episode of vomiting during the night...
  19. K

    Raw feeding - How to start

    Hello all and cheers from Portugal. I've adopted an English bulldog (named Oscar) which is currently aged 6 months. Besides a cherry eye problem, which is already solved (unfortunately when I adopted him the case was serious which led to slightly dropped eyelids), he is healthy and happy...
  20. S

    New owner (adopted) seeking some food advice

    Hey Everyone My husband and I are just finalizing adopting a one year bulldog after the lady who originally purchased him decided she had no time for him. We are bringing him home this weekend and want to best prepare for him. We have an appointment next week with our vet to confirm he's...