1. E

    Is this a hot spot?

    Anyone know what this could be? Hes not itching it at all
  2. D

    How do you keep a young EB entertained when you’re working?

    This is my first post but I have been lurking on this site for some time after getting my dog Mayo last May. Mayo is a 15 month EB and I feel like he needs constant attention every time. I try taking him to daycare 2x a week when I’m working or busy. I also try to walk him in the morning...
  3. 1Chumly

    Heat warning!

    This was just posted on my local bulldog group FB page here in Houston so I am posting it here as a warning to us all. So very sad. Everyone, please be careful this summer, it will be very hot. A week ago, my husband and I went out for a walk with our English Bulldog. It was about 8 PM and it...
  4. helsonwheels

    Crap it’s like living in Texas!

    This is W.A.Y. Too hot for me. 40cel=104F Where’s MY WINTER?
  5. pilarmanzi

    Spots on tummy

    Hey all, I just noticed my puppy's belly started to get rash-like redness and also some dark black spots. I haven't changed anything in his diet, but he has gone into the lake a few times now (had a few hot days). The only time when I notice him scratching more than usual is immediately after...
  6. Frost

    Chilling on a hot spring day!

    A few days ago it was unusually close to 90 degrees so I decided to buy Bruno his own pool so he can enjoy the weather.
  7. M

    Hot spots?

    Brought my 6 year old bulldog to the vet last week for a sore on his back and vet prescribed an antibiotic because she thought it was a hot spot. A couple years ago he started losing his hair and his side have gotten bumps on them the last week or so. The vet thought the balding could be his...
  8. helsonwheels


    THE INVISIBLE SLIMY MONSTER IN THE WATER BOWL Ever rub your fingers on the inside of your pet's water bowl and you feel a slippery slime of sorts? Well that invisible goo is called Biofilm. Biofilm is a collection of organic and inorganic, living and dead materials collected on a surface. It is...
  9. jsygrls

    Looking for some advise

    I just noticed this area on my bulldogs lower mouth. Its looks like a hot spot to me. What do you all think? In this case its so close to his mouth, it under what I call his left jowls area and I want to be very cautious using medications. I have NU-STOCK and VETONE KetoHex wipes on hand. Has...
  10. jsygrls

    Need some advise/help my EB right foot ankle area is lightpink and glows when he's hot

    Please take a moment check this out my bully, only the lower right ankle area on my Bubba seems to glow warm PINK when he's hot like today after his am potty walk. We live in central Florida and its hot today. The area is NOT tender to my touch and it appears not to bother him. I can see no...
  11. N

    Need some advice!

    I have a 4-year-old English bulldog who in the last 3 weeks has made two trips to the emergency room. The vet says that he needs the upper airway surgery which I have scheduled for this Wednesday. In the meantime I'm trying to figure out other than keeping him out of the heat what kind of room...
  12. Vikinggirl

    It's so hot here

    Thought I'd share this cute funny picture. Enjoy
  13. ddnene

    Happy Independence Day!!!

    Wishing you & yours a Safe & Happy Independence Day!!! PLEASE practice social distancing, wash your hands & keep an eye out for your pets... it has turned very HOT & HUMID so be mindful of your babies becoming dehydrated & overheating!!! :usa::fireworks::firecracker:
  14. M

    Help Needed! Dozer has a Poss furuncle?

    Hello all, Well Dozer has had this bump on his foot for about a month now. Took him to the vet gave him antibiotics and a steroid for a couple weeks and it was about 90% gone. We had left over steroids which we continued to give him 1/4 of the pill a day to keep the swelling down but we...
  15. shade

    Pancreatitis in Boyd

    Hi all, So crazy story..... Took my 4 year old bulldog to vet for his very first hot spot on his cheek. I thought he had gotten bitten by something and we would not eat his dinner. Cheek was a little swollen and he had never had one before, so I had no clue. They would not let us come in...
  16. BabyDuke

    suggestions for skin once cleared but now dry

    Hi guys Oliver developed hot spots ( allergy and I think steroid related ) back early January. we had them tested and had many options. We chose to try Nu Stock and take him off all meds and go raw.. YAY!! lesions are 90 % gone. We have been bathing him once a week and applying the Nu stock...
  17. EllieMay

    Fired the vet

    Cinder is almost 6 months old now and it’s time to have her spayed...I have been nervous about this because I have not been able to completely trust her regular vet.. She has had a few issues that I have discussed with the vet and disagreed with her opinion on..I did what I thought was best...
  18. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Buddy~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Oregon

    Buddy is such a good boy. He’s only 2 years old and was a hot mess when he came to us, suffering from significant medical neglect. Buddy hasn’t been to the vet in a very long time, so his skin was a mess and he was super uncomfortable. We’re working with our amazing vets at Crossroads Veterinary...
  19. ddnene

    Too hot to eat?!!

    SO I'm in the middle of a transition faze for the pups... going from Fromm's to Acana (and of COURSE that article came out!!!) Anyhoo... my long term plan is to switch them to raw/freeze dried raw when we get home from vacation, I don't want to put my dog sitter thru all the hassle. My pups...
  20. Andy T

    Anyone ever use a Treadmill for their dog?

    Pebbles is according to the vet, overweight. She weighs 66 lbs & she thinks she should be closer to 50-55. She only gets for breakfast & dinner 1/2 cup holistic anchovy & 1/2 cup W/D low calorie food. A Small amount of 93% lean Jenny O grilled turkey sprinkled on top of food. It is so hot...