1. kajol7

    Raw Feeding

    I've been thinking about switching Kash to raw feeding. I've been looking around here and seen a few recommendations. Is there a list with recommended online raw feed companies? If not I'll tell you exactly what we are looking for: Already mixed Grain Free No chicken or beef; mainly seafood...
  2. S

    Mr T is Switching to Raw

    After reading the posts here I’ve decided to switch Mr. T to a raw diet. I signed up for the Darwin’s Natural Pet “Natural Selection” line of meals. I will keep everyone posted on Mr. T’s raw food journey. Any suggestions re the switch are appreciated. Thanks!!!
  3. C

    New to raw

    Hi so put my bull dog on recommended raw food amount for her weight only been on a week she loves it but been constipated all day crying wen trying to poo wont let me near her bum panting should I be worried
  4. Maxthebulldog1210

    Funny rash on tummy/nipples

    I will attach a photo of Nova’s rash. It looks like red bumps but not raised, I have no idea what it is. Please help She eats raw, and have never noticed any allergies on her.
  5. G

    Feeding help

    I have 2 British bulldog puppies now 12 weeks. Louie & Frankie. Both brothers. I was looking for advice on feeding. I started introducing raw food into their diet at. 10 weeks however Frankie developed an infection and his poo’s had blood in them for a good while. The vet advised me to stop with...
  6. cefe13

    Lick mat?

    Have any bulldogs here experience of lick mats (there's one called Lickimat, for instance)? It is a rubber mat with some texture and you spread raw food or some treat and apparently it will keep dogs and their brains busy. I have no idea if this is something that Castor would like, so thought...
  7. helsonwheels


    Dear Fellow Dog Lover, You're getting this email because you signed up on our website and asked to be notified. If you no longer wish to receive these emails, please click the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of this message. Bravo Packing of Carney's Point, NJ, is recalling all Performance...
  8. I

    Raw feeding body smell?

    I started feeding my Bulldogs raw food that I purchase at a local pet market. It’s been a week and noticed a horrible smell that their body is throwing out. Smells rotten. What am I doing wrong? Should I just buy raw meat human grade for them? And I’ve noticed raw meat non human grade is very...
  9. Maxthebulldog1210

    Since 8 weeks I have been on full raw

    My new dog Nova was the runt, a litter of 11, and was tiny due to the upkeep. I have put her on commercial small batch raw and she has been doing well getting big. Raw is the way to go!!
  10. dymeale

    Raw Feeding

    Calling all my raw feeders!!! I am still having issues with my poor Nikolas. I started him on rabbit and he did great, his nose looked healthy, his folds went from being extremely raw to clearing up and he grew his fur back, his tear stains went away. He was on rabbit for a little over a month...
  11. Zedsded

    Do certain foods make your Bully phlegmy ?

    Hi everyone, we have just recently changed Dudley to raw food to hopefully help with what the vet thinks is probably arthritis in Dudleys hips. We first started him on a “home cooked 100% fish” diet which he was on for three weeks but his energy level was at an all time low to the point of...
  12. helsonwheels

    Morning Workout

    Every morning Nyala n Jake gets an intense workout with their trainer da Magpies. Morning routine.....Pups goes out to do their business, come back in for a short snooze, an hourish later Magpies comes for breakfast eating pup’s poop, yes I said poop cause both on raw diet, I see the Magpies...
  13. dymeale

    Me again!! Ugh!

    I started Niko on a raw diet about two months ago. Initially we started him on rabbit and he did great, his folds cleared up, his nose got better, his fur started growing back. We did only rabbit for a month, then we tried alpaca and that irritated his folds right away and he got bumps...
  14. mer55

    Help Needed! Jackson's weight!

    Hi All!! I had my son's 2 bulldogs with me last week. Ruger and Jackson are littermates. Jackson was "the runt" and was much smaller than Ruger at 8 weeks. NOT ANY MORE!!! Ruger is muscular but thin. He eats Fromm's 4 Star - 1 1/2 cups twice a day. Occasional treats but I know they give him...
  15. KrysA724

    The inevitable is a reality!

    So, as you all know, I was having issues with Brisket and his tear stains, some redness, and some itching on his skin. We tried using witch hazel, tear stain cream, switching from grain to grain-free food, adding allergy medication, and no luck. He's 4 months old, and my husband and I have made...
  16. M


    Hi. My dog, Otis, has urate stones. He had two surgeries to remove them recently and I found out last week that some stones are back. I switched to Hills U/D and more water intake with food. I'm desperate to find anything else that will help him to avoid surgeries. Clearly, he cant have...
  17. anatess

    Angus, the lonely dog.

    He's really taking Bullie's death hard. When Gizmo died last January, it affected both Bullie and Angus but Bullie has always been an independent spirit and Angus is always just following Bullie's lead so it didn't seem to be this "at a loss" look on Angus. With Angus being our lone dog, he is...
  18. dymeale

    Bumps on Skin

    Hi All, me again! My dog has these bumps every where. I thought they were mosquito bites but now I’m thinking they aren’t. He was eating raw alpaca and I cut it off because he seemed to not do well on it. He’s now on rabbit, before the alpaca he was on rabbit and did great. The bumps are flakey...
  19. dymeale

    Food and Skin

    Hiiii Everyone, My dog is going on about five weeks on raw. We started him on rabbit and he did really well!!! His skin got so much better! We then tried alpaca and he seemed to have somewhat of an allergic reaction. (Nose got flakey again and folds got a little red). Anywho, he’s back on...
  20. oscarmayer

    MINI’s allergies are getting worse and her neck and chest

    are raw from scratching. So this week she’s started her new Raw Diet. She’s already scratching less and I was thinking this will be a big step forward...until, she’s sitting in my lap and I tasted it before I smelled it...the new Raw Farts. They’re just awful. Jeez!...there goes another one...