1. YDsmomma

    My dogs shedding like crazy😭

    So I’ve had my dog for 4 months now, he’s 6 months old he’s been on RC since he was with the breeder, he recently stopped wanting to eat it, like he’s not even enthusiastic like how he used to be he just smells it and walks away, he’s never been like that at all and I think he’s so over the...
  2. Amy89

    Hair loss

    Hi all. Can anyone help with the below pictures? Bruce has started with hair loss just down his sides. He doesn't seem to scratch.
  3. M

    Hot spots?

    Brought my 6 year old bulldog to the vet last week for a sore on his back and vet prescribed an antibiotic because she thought it was a hot spot. A couple years ago he started losing his hair and his side have gotten bumps on them the last week or so. The vet thought the balding could be his...
  4. C

    Help Needed! Hair loss with black specs

    I’m hoping for a little help . I just noticed yesterday my little boy Taz has started losing his hair . When I first got him he had an issue with his fur and the vet gave me a medication shampoo but this looks completely different. Does anyone have any idea what this could be ??
  5. anatess

    Bullie turned 13 years old

    She is old. But still spunky. Still digs holes in the garden. Still bullies her 10 year old brother. She turned 13 last week. And it's starting to show. Yesterday, she stumbled on her hind legs walking on the uneven pavers. This worried me greatly. We've tried to maintain her and her...
  6. G

    Stripping Undercoat?

    I was wondering if anyone else has to do this to their bulldog. I've noticed that Izellah sheds a lot in the spring and fall but almost never a single hair is noticed in the winter time. Last year fall and this spring, I've had to strip her coat by hand. Although she isn't a breed with a wire...
  7. Frost

    Glued Ear infected

    Hello, my Bruno has big floppy ears and recently came across a video on You tube on Glueing ears. I decided to give it a try and order tear mender glue. I glued them Saturday evening and did it it exactly like the video. I noticed since day 1 he was scratching his ears quite a bit. I figured he...
  8. KKandBEA

    2 MO Puppy Coughing/Hacking

    Hello, I am new to this forum and new to bulldog ownership. We adopted our EBD/Sharpei mix Beatrix about 3 weeks ago now. Although we did a lot of research before adopting and knew she could definitely have complications due to being a Brachycephalic breed, we do not know what to make of her...
  9. F

    Skin condition.... NEED HELP....

    Hello everyone, I’m having trouble with my Tank. He is only 5 months old but He is having “bald spot” and start loosing hair on the spot dramatically. Anyone know what happen to his skin and hair? I’m feeding him food from Fromm hold puppy but it does not help with his skin at all.:(
  10. Hankster

    allergies/ sun burn

    ok, so Hank has done the patchwork hair each year and we always get it under control (except one year we went for the cytopoint and it was a life saver/scarry thing for this mama) Anyway, this year, wam bam he was diving into every leafy thing AND laying in the sun i 'think' he burnt his bare...
  11. MelanieNormansMom

    It's been a long time... Sorry it's long

    hi all. It's been 3+years since I've been here. I joined when I got my first EB Norman ie, Big Norm, NormieNorm. I learned so much here. What food to feed and how to get it delivered, what treats, shampoo, cleaning stuff-all the cleaning stuff! I really got a great intro into being a bullymom...
  12. helsonwheels

    Nyala Nyala Nyala

    In the winter Nyala loves rolling in the snow or just get a good scratch on her full back. But lately with the snow melting then freezes at night it becomes icy. I didn’t noticed it till today her back rubs against the hills from snow shoveling, she puts her butt/tail against them n lost some...
  13. 1Chumly

    Update on new boy Buster

    This has been a bit of an eye-opener for us! Don't get me wrong, we love him to bits and are so thrilled to have him but he is NOT even remotely like Monty! Monty was so laid back and easy going. This boy has his quirks and is so stubborn. If he doesn't want to go outside, he won't, even if...
  14. R

    Needing food advice!

    I have two English Bulldogs. I took the advice from a bulldog owner to feed them Earthborn taste of the wilderness dog food and my dogs were stunning. Beautiful coats! I went to a vet who is supposed to specialize in English bulldogs and was advised that grain free is the fastest way to kill a...
  15. E

    Shaking, panting, depression

    I have a 7 year old male bulldog, Woody. Over the course of the last year, he's shown some odd behavior. It used to be once every few months. And since the beginning of this year, it's at least once (if not more) a week. He'll start walking really slow, breathing a bit strongly through his nose...
  16. xskyzx

    Its time of the year....

    My pup always break out during this time of the year, Anyone's pup does that too? Dry itchy scalps, hair fall out like crazy, watery eyes. What yall do to keep theirs allergies down? I use use claritin? Bath him in Medicaid shampoo.
  17. BabyDuke

    Olivers Skin Issues and allergies

    so it took over 9 weeks. Oliver had HORRIBLE skin issues. Raw, red, bumps. took him to vet had skin cytology done they wanted him to have surgery to remove all that is in picture one. I did a lot of research and with the help of 2BullyMama , we opted to go RAW, took him off low dose steroid, he...
  18. BabyDuke

    suggestions for skin once cleared but now dry

    Hi guys Oliver developed hot spots ( allergy and I think steroid related ) back early January. we had them tested and had many options. We chose to try Nu Stock and take him off all meds and go raw.. YAY!! lesions are 90 % gone. We have been bathing him once a week and applying the Nu stock...
  19. helsonwheels

    Jake’s Checkup

    I usually don’t post on little things like checkups but I went in today as Jake has been tearing from one eye. Doesn’t bother him at all but still went after 3 days. Basically it’s one eyelash bothering him. No scratches or anything n not really growing towards his eye. Will eventually but it’s...
  20. B


    I noticed this morning my English bulldog D Rock has what seems to be thinning hair around his neck. And dandruff He seems to be acting fine but I am concerned. The skin also seems to feel like a scab. What should my next course of action be.