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  • Hello I am new here and I just read your post about your baby have incontinence after surgery. My girl had her tail partially amputated 2 days ago and she is have a little bit of poo coming out at random times. It's not alot. I took her to the vet and she said the surgery/anesthesia was hard on her and she didn't get anywhere near where it could have caused it. She said give it some time. Wondered how your baby did?
    Hello I hear you had your EB tail amputated. I hope you don't mind but did yours have a little incontinence? It has been 2 days and she started a little bit in the night. Not alot just a bit like when they leave a little when they poop. It's not diarrhea at all.
    Can you please contact me about my Dog Wrigley Bear my name is Dawn Knepp 630.973.6870. We has 7 seizures in a row last night
    LOL... I think you'll be fine... me, there will be issues, I am in bed and sleeping by 10 every night -- :babysleep:
    We miss you all so much!!!! I think about Vegas all the time and I hope he is doing well!!! How is miss sassy Orion doing? I lost your number and haven't been able to text. Xoxoxo
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