1. Vabulldog

    Has anyone had a puppy that was around 28-30lbs at 6 months?

    Brutus turned 24 weeks today. I've never had a puppy this small. He's a male and eats like a champ but weight wise is on the small side. I wouldn't want a puppy that would grow into an adult that doesn't want to play and just lays around. He's athletic, plays fetch, and loves walks. More than...
  2. Zedsded

    Wesleys 6 month old and getting bigger!

    Wes has just had his 6 month birthday :D and went for a vet check up, everything doing well and steadily putting weight on hes 46lb now and getting heavy to lift in and out of the car! :yes::D
  3. C

    Bulldog Too skinny?

    Have a 5 month english bulldog and feeding him Acana puppy plan twice a day 1 cup and doesn't seem to be gaining weight, looks skinny for me but need y'all opinion. Am I feeding him too little? Just curious... comparing him to most English bulldogs I've seen that are chunky.
  4. C

    New to raw

    Hi so put my bull dog on recommended raw food amount for her weight only been on a week she loves it but been constipated all day crying wen trying to poo wont let me near her bum panting should I be worried
  5. 1Chumly

    Buster had to have ACL surgery

    Buster had ACL surgery yesterday. He had a partial tear that we had been keeping an eye on. He would limp a bit when he got out of bed then kind of walk it off. The past few days he was really hobbling but not carrying his leg. We took him to the vet yesterday and the partial had turned into...
  6. kyredneck

    Grain Free Question

    Have been feeding Levi,, Victors Beef Meal & Brown Rice since he was 8 weeks he is now 13 months and he loves it with no allergy issues or any issues really at all eating it. Now thinking of going to Victors Yukon River grain free or Fromms Beef Fritatta but I noticed the protein content is a...
  7. kyredneck

    Senior dog food question

    So,,, was at my local pet store,,Feeders Supply,, where Levi actually has his own fan club there,, no kiddn’ lol. While he was picking out a new squeaky to drive me insane with:D a couple came in with a magnificent 3 year old EB. Amazing body definition and gorgeous shiny coat. I asked them what...
  8. Vikinggirl

    Saying Goodbye to My Cuddle Buddy

    Hi Everyone, I have some really sad news to tell you guys, our Family is going to say goodbye to my Cuddle Buddy Bulldozer on Tuesday. I am beyond sad and heart broken, and have been crying for days. My Bulldozer, my Dozer, my Dozey, he's such a Lovebug, he looks at me with those big brown...
  9. M

    puppy food and amounts

    hi, i picked up my new pup this weekend and was after your knowledge please. i have a 8 week old male. i was after some advice on what the best food is to give him i have taken him to the vets this morning and have been told he is over weight. thanks for any help .he is 6kg. i feed him lamb mice...
  10. yankydoodle

    Peanut butter

    Hi folks, Is peanut butter good for bulldogs ? I'm trying to find another way to feed my one bulldog her medication. I don't like the sausages route. Too many questionable things in sausages. Is peanut butter healthy ? And is it fattening ? My bulldogs need to lose some weight. Thanks for any...

    Puppy feeding advice

    Hello, After having lost our last bully Matilda in Oct of 2019 we have finally found another. We just brought home an 8 week old puppy today named Dozer. We have never raised a puppy before so we have some questions mainly about feeding. We are going to give him a few days to settle into his...
  12. 1Chumly

    Buster's bad leg

    I had previously mentioned in another thread after winning the Turkey Leg contest that Buster was limping on that leg. We went to the vet yesterday and he has a partial ACL tear. We are not doing surgery at this point. We are trying to keep him as quiet as possible and he is to continue on...
  13. mer55

    Help Needed! Jackson's weight!

    Hi All!! I had my son's 2 bulldogs with me last week. Ruger and Jackson are littermates. Jackson was "the runt" and was much smaller than Ruger at 8 weeks. NOT ANY MORE!!! Ruger is muscular but thin. He eats Fromm's 4 Star - 1 1/2 cups twice a day. Occasional treats but I know they give him...
  14. Chunky White

    Another positive check up from the vet

    Chunky went for his yearly checkup and shots yesterday and the vet said he is in good shape but barely over weight at 78.5 which I thought was comical. She says for his height and length she thinks he's fine at that weight. I bought a practically new Ford Explorer ST and Chunky has taken over...
  15. L

    Need diet help for my overweight boy.

    Hello everyone, I am new around these parts. I have a 7yr old English bulldog (Hercules) who has been under the care of family in Florida for the last 18 months due to me breaking my femur. Because of the lack of exercise and possible over feeding plus various table scraps he has put on a TON...
  16. N

    What food do you recommend for an English Bulldog Puppy?

    Hi I am a new member to this forum. I have an 8 year old male French Bulldog Bubba and I currently have a deposit down on a 2 week old female English Bulldog who's name is yet to be determined. Bubba has environmental allergies and has gained weight in the last year, so to ensure we are...
  17. anatess

    Bullie turned 13 years old

    She is old. But still spunky. Still digs holes in the garden. Still bullies her 10 year old brother. She turned 13 last week. And it's starting to show. Yesterday, she stumbled on her hind legs walking on the uneven pavers. This worried me greatly. We've tried to maintain her and her...
  18. yankydoodle

    Is your bulldog getting really fat during this time ?

    Long story short, my bulldogs have put on a lot of weight, and last week or so i could finally walk them, with permission, as we live in a complex with different houses, and i cannot take them on long walks, as people are supposed to stay at home, or will get fined or thrown in jail. What i do...
  19. Brunosmummy

    Help Needed! Interdigital cysts

    Hi guys looking for some help Here in Scotland we are currently on a lockdown due to covid 19 all our shops apart from supermarkets are closed and after phoning our vet they told us our boy is not classed as a emergency case even though he’s struggling to bear weight as he must be in pain...
  20. Chunky White

    Some Chunky pictures and update

    Chunky is back to being his normal goofy and sweet self after months of being lazy all the time. I am not sure what caused the inactivity but wondered for a while if he wasn't depressed being away from my nieces and nephews that kept him active all the time. He has been living with me full time...