1. B

    Help Needed! FOOD DECISIONS>>>>>AM I doing the right thing

    Trying to research what is best for my little girl. She is 28 lbs 5 months old and feed her Fromm Puppy Heartland Gold Grain free. Just under 1 cup three times a day. Where should I go from here? How long should I keep her on this food? When should I start mixing proteins? Which ones...
  2. sisters3

    Happy Birthday Joey Girl !!!

    My sweet Joey Girl turned six years old yesterday. Combination Memorial Day celebration and Joey's birthday! She had an amazing day! Dear Sweet Joey, On your sixth birthday I want you to know that you are the sunshine, smiles, happiness, blue skies, and LOVE of my life. Thank you for being...
  3. H

    Stella and Angus’ babies

    Because our family and friends all love Angus and Stella so much and wanted one of their puppies, we decided to go ahead and breed once. We had a great breeder to help us along and happy to report Stella had 4 boys and 1 girl. Unfortunately the girl was a walrus baby and did not survive. But the...
  4. Krissie

    Meet Ivy, Quinn's new sister!

    We just rescued this sweet girl on March 6th. We drove 4 hrs to Iowa to get her. She was a puppy mill breeding female. She is only 2 years old, poor girl didn't even get the opportunity to become full size due to them breeding her far to young. She also has demodex but nothing will stop me...
  5. V

    Tear irritation

    Hello my girl had surgery last week on tail and spay. I have noticed that after that her eyes had teared alot and now she has an irriation right below her eyes (mostly left one) and it's red and irrtated. What do you all use for irritation. Nervous to use anything near her eye.
  6. Hceril

    Silly girl....

    Lately prefers to sleep on a table rather than the couch!🙄🥴🙄
  7. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Princess~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Tennessee

    Princess was surrendered to our rescue from a Good Samaritan who saved her. We do not know how old she is, we are guessing no more than 4 years old. She is UTD on vaccinations and she has been spayed. We know she has been used for breeding multiple times. She does have an ear infection that...
  8. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Mini & Hera~Bonded Pair of English Bulldogs Available for Adoption in California

    Hera is an 8-year-old Bulldog that came into rescue with her littermate sister Mini (Minerva). They have been together their entire lives and we want to place them together. Their human family was having a crisis and could no longer care for them. They have been indoor/outdoor dogs but had been...
  9. Barbara Ray Linker

    The Life of Miss Georgie Girl 01-02-2008 to 12-05-2020

    I'm heart broken. She has gone to be with "Papa" in heaven. She has been such a comfort to me the last 3yrs since my husband passed away. The link I'm sharing gives you a brief history of her life and all the love she showed.
  10. Hceril

    Look who turned 4!

    It wasn’t a great weekend for a celebration but we love our girl more than words can express! Happy Birthday Miss Bella!
  11. E

    Pros and cons of a 2nd bulldog

    Hey all, so my breeder got back to me and said i could get 1 from an upcoming litter.i want another but am also a bit weary since things are going so well with my current guy whos 5 and dont know if i wanna disturb a good thing. Anyone have any experience with getting a 2nd? If so, is girl...
  12. Maxthebulldog1210

    New baby girl

    We brought home Max’s new friend a blue tri bully by the name of Nova. Please suggestions are welcome. nova is 9 weeks max is 1 yr 11mo, and is getting anxious to play or meet with her but we have decided to keep separated until she is fully vaccinated. The back story is I live in CA in a...
  13. A

    Throat clear, then gagging, then vomit

    For the last few days our girl has been doing this thing where she tries to clear her through a couple of times and then gags (sometimes followed by vomit). She's always done this one or twice after eating without the vomit but lately she's started doing it throughout the day. Any thoughts on...
  14. ZeldasMom

    Advice Greatly Appreciated

    Hi all - I'm new here and not sure I'm even posting this the right way lol. So, I have an 11 month old English Bulldog girl named Zelda. She is the best. But she's itchy. Not terrible but noticeable. She's currently getting Cytopoint shots monthly and we have been trying different foods. I'd...
  15. Hstead

    Breeders - colors, exotic, Health, Temperment - Trends

    So I haven't posted a lot over the past couple of years although I do visit to see pup pictures and any time I have a question about something that pops up with our 3 1/2 year old Bolt. We have been thinking about getting Bolt a lil sister. The breeder we bought Bolt from has two litters...
  16. Lisabear123


    Hey all, it’s been a while since I have visited. Many of you might remember me and Brie. She was my furry heart and soul and I shared her here with you guys for a long time. She passed away a couple weeks ago. I’m beyond devastated and I’m truly struggling with her loss. It was suggested I try...
  17. helsonwheels

    Nyala’s BDay

    Baby girl turned 5 yesterday. Love my little Nyala. She’s such a good dog. She’s DA BOSS!
  18. B

    Happy to join this group

    Hi everyone!! My name is Jen, I live in MO and I have owned bulldogs for the past 13 yrs, unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our Tank on 1/16/18 and 7/3/20, but we now have our sweet girl named Lexie!! She is our almost 3 year old (her bday is in a couple weeks) she was a rescue bully and...
  19. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Foxy~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Tennessee

    Meet sweet Foxy. This girl was surrendered to us from another rescue. She had been found wandering along a road. Aside from obviously being starved, our vet found a severe respiratory problem, hookworms, ear and eye infections, and bad teeth. The good news is that she is responding to the...
  20. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Daisy Doo~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Washington

    Welcome Miss Daisy Doo! If you've followed us for a while you might recognize her. She's been through BHNW twice before. We are hoping the third is her last. She deserves the most amazing home!!! Daisy's biggest need is for a family who really understands Bulldogs. She has the typical bulldog...