1. dymeale

    Extremely Dry Nose

    Hi everyone! It’s been a while….my dog has an extremely dry/cracked nose. Any suggestions?
  2. Semua

    Newby from Florida needs help after TECA surgery

    We are new to this site and looking to some advice, Lola is 9 years old and she just went under surgery ( total ear ablation) due to scarring and chronic ear infections. She came home yesterday and immediately noticed that her breathing was very congested and with a lot of snot from her right...
  3. summerep

    Help Needed! Bulldog still crackly 2 months after KC

    Hi new member here and I joined really to seek some advice. I have a 17 weeks old puppy and after a couple of days of having him we found out he had kennel cough (caught it from the breeders) his symptoms were always hacking trying to clear his throat, wet nose and sounding crackly. After...
  4. S


    Shirley has vomited a small amount of what looks like undigested supper twice this week. It happened both times between 3-5am (yeah I hardly sleep). She's not lethargic nor showing any signs of not feeling well, no temp, eyes clear, no runny nose etc. I feed her bfast at 6:30am and supper at...
  5. S

    Shirley Wigglebutt attempting to be a chameleon!

    Shirley Wigglebutt thinks she's invisible playing chameleon! Also noticed awhile back when she displayed behaviors of being abused before coming to me and that her jaw seems off. The slit from her nose isn't straight, or are other bully's like this too? Yes her fangs had also been filed....
  6. gobronco

    Bruno Mars the rescue dog

    Meet Bruno the rescue dog. We got him in November. he was surrendered because of health issue. Chronic aspiration pneumonia. He was surrendered in June? 'spent a lot of time in the hospital and with foster parents. He got pneumonia again just before thanksgiving and went through pallet and...
  7. L

    Hello! Here for palette and nare info.

    Hello! I have joined your forum because I am desperate for information. I need to locate a veterinary surgeon that is skilled at nare and soft palette surgery. I actually own a French Bulldog and she is having a lot of trouble breathing in air through her nose, she also gags and throws up food...
  8. E

    Don't know whats wrong with my bulldog

    I've posted here before about this but it's been awhile. My EB Woody is 8 years old, and for the last 2 years or so, he has these "episodes" where for hours or even days, he just acts very strange. His symptoms are the following: -slow movements (sometimes it looks like he's tip toeing)...
  9. tressetar23

    Help Needed! Allergies are driving my bulldog crazy!!

    Hello and thank you in advance for your help! I am new to the group. I am also a new bulldog Mom! I am not sure where to start or how to help my dog :( He is 2 years old, I have had him for 6 weeks. He is a pure bred grand champion, I purchased him from a local breeder. The breeder had him on a...
  10. dymeale

    Raw Feeding

    Calling all my raw feeders!!! I am still having issues with my poor Nikolas. I started him on rabbit and he did great, his nose looked healthy, his folds went from being extremely raw to clearing up and he grew his fur back, his tear stains went away. He was on rabbit for a little over a month...
  11. dymeale

    Me again!! Ugh!

    I started Niko on a raw diet about two months ago. Initially we started him on rabbit and he did great, his folds cleared up, his nose got better, his fur started growing back. We did only rabbit for a month, then we tried alpaca and that irritated his folds right away and he got bumps...
  12. anatess

    Angus, the lonely dog.

    He's really taking Bullie's death hard. When Gizmo died last January, it affected both Bullie and Angus but Bullie has always been an independent spirit and Angus is always just following Bullie's lead so it didn't seem to be this "at a loss" look on Angus. With Angus being our lone dog, he is...
  13. dymeale

    Food and Skin

    Hiiii Everyone, My dog is going on about five weeks on raw. We started him on rabbit and he did really well!!! His skin got so much better! We then tried alpaca and he seemed to have somewhat of an allergic reaction. (Nose got flakey again and folds got a little red). Anywho, he’s back on...
  14. oscarmayer

    MINI’s allergies are getting worse and her neck and chest

    are raw from scratching. So this week she’s started her new Raw Diet. She’s already scratching less and I was thinking this will be a big step forward...until, she’s sitting in my lap and I tasted it before I smelled it...the new Raw Farts. They’re just awful. Jeez!...there goes another one...
  15. walterenglishbulldog

    NO ENERGY All of a sudden

    Today Walter woke up like normal. Played fetch in the morning, took him inside and from then on he just didnt have a lot of energy like he usually had. He doesnt have diarrhea or vomiting. Hes just sleepy the whole entire day and just slept. Id play fetch with him indoors but I know that...
  16. dymeale

    Seeking Diet Advice

    Hello, I am so happy I found this site as I am always looking for more information on how my EBD can live a happy & healthy life. My EBD, Nikolás, turned two years old in April. He has always been extremely active and wild! He keeps us all on our toes. 😃 However recently i have been really...
  17. cefe13

    Raining outside

    Cool here today and raining so Castor decided to borrow my blanket for his afternoon nap on the couch. Btw, the top of his nose is really dry. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it and I hesitate to put something on his nose in case he would inhale it. Any advice?
  18. H

    12 week old playing tug of war with son's shorts and leash

    I have a 12 week old that is jumping up on my 26 yo son and biting and growling on his shorts--almost like tug of war. She does the same exact thing with when I leash train. I started yesterday with placing a treat on her nose and giving the command "release" and if she doesn't release I say...
  19. B

    Scabs and sores on my puppy’s face

    My puppy is going to be 1 at the end of August, so far he had no problems other then one cherry eye, but now I noticed he started having scans on his face, I tried picking it and dead skin just falls off with the heat leaving an open sore, I think it started happening after I gave him a bath...
  20. walterenglishbulldog

    Started with NuVet Plus 3 days ago now my dog is SICK

    I started giving my EBD NuVet powder. And now I could hear phlegm in his breathing, hes trying to blow his nose a lot, there is clear discharge from his nose, and he threw up undigested dog food because he was probably gagging from the mucus or from the clear discharge. I started giving my dog...