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Nov 20, 2011
Bulldog(s) Names

Hi! I'm Rocky. I'm a nine year old English Bulldog but don't let my age fool you - I'm what you call "young at heart"! I came from a loving home where my previous owners were becoming too old to care for me. I've always known love and am happy to give it! Some of my favourite pastimes include playing with my ball, sitting on human chairs, chewing on a squeaky toy, and laying my head in my foster parent's laps while they watch TV. I can go from 0-100 really quick! Most of the time I'm happy to be lazy around the house, but I'll get these streaks of energy and you'll know it's happening because I'll bring a ball over to you and bug you until you play with me.

My foster parents know me to be a little stubborn. Let's just say I don't LOVE going out in the cold. I'll do my business as soon as I'm let out and then I want to go right back in. That being said, if I'm up for a walk, oh boy will you know it. I waver between quick jaunts outside to do business only, and longer leisurely walks to the park for 40 minutes because I love to smell everything and explore! Ideally I'm living in a home with access to a backyard ideally minimal stairs (though they're not usually an issue). Speaking of which, I'm cool with dogs. Sometimes they don't really interest me. I'm more of a people-dog than a dog-dog, but I'm never aggressive with them. My ideal home is probably with one or two adults. Not sure about cats or kids.

Oh, another thing my foster mom wants me to mention is that I have a tendency to steal. That sounds bad, but I promise it's cute. I have a habit of taking slippers or shoes from my foster parents when they aren't looking! LOL. It's funny to watch them react when they realize it's gone. I can be a bit possessive when they ask for their stuff back but a treat and a "drop!" usually does the trick. I've been told I can't be on the couch anymore when humans are there as I can be dominant over my space. I'd work best with a human or humans who know how to implement boundaries with me! I'm a good listener, I just need to be given proper commands.

I have allergies like most bulldogs, my vet says. I'm on a diet that excludes chicken and grain - most of my food is dry food you can find at the pet store but it's labelled specially as 'hypoallergenic food'! This is important as when I came into foster care, I was really itchy all the time. Now that I'm on the hypoallergenic food, I'm doing a lot better and can only continue to thrive! I was on Apoquel and have tried an injection of cytopoint which is supposed to last 4-6 weeks Being that I'm older, I'm prone to ear infections but I take medicine like a champ. I also have irritated paws, but I'm working on those too by getting baths with special shampoo. Yes, I'm a work in progress, but all special older dogs are! You'll be surprised by how easy going I am and how young I can act when my beloved ball is kicking around. Meet me and see for yourself!

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