1. bulldogs1501

    Allergic to Food, or something else?

    Hello all! So Moose is almost 4 years old and almost all of his life he has been on N&D Cod Grain Free. We've switched up the protein, but anytime we've done so he has had either upset stomach or his eyes start bothering him. So we stuck with what works. Lately, he has started to throw up, and...
  2. B

    Help Needed! FOOD DECISIONS>>>>>AM I doing the right thing

    Trying to research what is best for my little girl. She is 28 lbs 5 months old and feed her Fromm Puppy Heartland Gold Grain free. Just under 1 cup three times a day. Where should I go from here? How long should I keep her on this food? When should I start mixing proteins? Which ones...
  3. kyredneck

    Fromm Beef Frittata

    Thinking of switching Levi over to Fromm from Victor Grain Free,, he ain’t diggn’ the Victor much at the moment. Where is the best place to order from as Chewy doesn’t carry it. Thanks
  4. kyredneck

    Grain Free Question

    Have been feeding Levi,, Victors Beef Meal & Brown Rice since he was 8 weeks he is now 13 months and he loves it with no allergy issues or any issues really at all eating it. Now thinking of going to Victors Yukon River grain free or Fromms Beef Fritatta but I noticed the protein content is a...
  5. kyredneck

    Senior dog food question

    So,,, was at my local pet store,,Feeders Supply,, where Levi actually has his own fan club there,, no kiddn’ lol. While he was picking out a new squeaky to drive me insane with:D a couple came in with a magnificent 3 year old EB. Amazing body definition and gorgeous shiny coat. I asked them what...
  6. M

    puppy food and amounts

    hi, i picked up my new pup this weekend and was after your knowledge please. i have a 8 week old male. i was after some advice on what the best food is to give him i have taken him to the vets this morning and have been told he is over weight. thanks for any help .he is 6kg. i feed him lamb mice...
  7. ZeldasMom

    Advice Greatly Appreciated

    Hi all - I'm new here and not sure I'm even posting this the right way lol. So, I have an 11 month old English Bulldog girl named Zelda. She is the best. But she's itchy. Not terrible but noticeable. She's currently getting Cytopoint shots monthly and we have been trying different foods. I'd...
  8. KrysA724

    The inevitable is a reality!

    So, as you all know, I was having issues with Brisket and his tear stains, some redness, and some itching on his skin. We tried using witch hazel, tear stain cream, switching from grain to grain-free food, adding allergy medication, and no luck. He's 4 months old, and my husband and I have made...
  9. KrysA724

    Tear stains suddenly

    So Brisket has been eating Fromm puppy gold, and it is not grain free, but I do plan on transitioning to it soon, however he has been getting into the habit of getting into Oreos food and he is eating Fromm with grain( it’s the chicken a la veg) and his tear stains have been getting dark. Both...
  10. mer55


    Does anyone here use Stella and Chewy's Raw Blend?? I am looking for a new food for Jackson- he is having skin and allergy issues and we are leaning towards the grains as the culprits. Definitely going grain free, but researching raw options. I do not have room ( or the bank account!) for the...
  11. mer55

    Help Needed! Jackson and ALLERGIES!!!

    Need help from the food gurus here!! Over the past several weeks, we have had Jackson at the vet with eye infections, and a weird lesion on his eye lid. During his first visit, the vet thought it was allergy related. She thought his feet and in between his toes looked red. He never licks his...
  12. S


    Good day all! I'm new the the community and English Bulldogs in general. I'm picking up my first Bully tomorrow morning. His name is "Jackson" he's two, well behaved, a black & white. Very cool boy! The people I'm getting him from have a two year old and a new baby on the way. They are...
  13. 1Chumly

    Vomiting in the middle of the night

    I would appreciate some thoughts as to what could possibly be going on with Buster. Occasionally, he will vomit in the middle of the night. I say vomit, it could be regurgitation, as I have never actually seen it happen. It is undigested food, hours after he has eaten. He seems absolutely...
  14. C

    Bentley’s coat

    Hello, Need to get Bentley healthy. What food brand do you use? We’ve used Victor grain free, I meal prepped his food (white fish with veggies), royal canine & honest kitchen. I can’t seem to get his coat healthy and nice.Not sure if he’s allergic to something in our grass Or food. I wanted the...
  15. R

    Needing food advice!

    I have two English Bulldogs. I took the advice from a bulldog owner to feed them Earthborn taste of the wilderness dog food and my dogs were stunning. Beautiful coats! I went to a vet who is supposed to specialize in English bulldogs and was advised that grain free is the fastest way to kill a...
  16. J

    Help Needed! Rash showed up after I changed food

    I Adopted a three-year-old English bulldog she is not fixed and the same week we adopted her she started her heat we put her on a grain free food and she developed a rash and so we switched her back to the food the other family was feeding her which was Pedegree and she still has the rash I am...
  17. NicosMom

    New Acana Food

    I just found 2 new Acana dry food choices that are single protein and limited grains. We are going to try the Duck and pumpkin which I ordered from Petflow. We feed Acanda grain free but with the new research that came out it's been on my mind to try something different. Acana stepped up and...
  18. A

    9 week old puppy w/yeast infections

    So, I’ve had my puppy for about a week and a half. We started off with a lot of diarrhea issues and I took him to the vet on the 15th with a conclusion of maybe stress diarrhea. On the 16th or 17th, I started transitioning him off the terrible Royal Cannin Puppy chow and we are still, slowly...
  19. helsonwheels

    Dr Becker’s on Grain Free

    Here’s a video that’s interesting.
  20. D

    Intimidated and overwhelmed with home cooked meals online

    Hello! I have a 18month old EBD named Sofi. When she was a baby when we got her from her Breeder she was on TOTW High Praire Puppy. At a year the vet suggested we switch her food because of all the reports of grain free diet (I know this is a controversial topic). We switched her to Canidae...