1. dymeale

    Food and Skin

    Hiiii Everyone, My dog is going on about five weeks on raw. We started him on rabbit and he did really well!!! His skin got so much better! We then tried alpaca and he seemed to have somewhat of an allergic reaction. (Nose got flakey again and folds got a little red). Anywho, he’s back on...
  2. C

    Help Needed! Hair loss with black specs

    I’m hoping for a little help . I just noticed yesterday my little boy Taz has started losing his hair . When I first got him he had an issue with his fur and the vet gave me a medication shampoo but this looks completely different. Does anyone have any idea what this could be ??
  3. KrysA724

    Shampoo & Conditioner Recommendations

    Are there any suggestions for shampoo and conditioner for my little one? He's small and has only been bathed by me once, but I was wondering if you all new of anything that is gentle and natural that will help keep him clean whenever bath time does come (not often)?
  4. xskyzx

    Its time of the year....

    My pup always break out during this time of the year, Anyone's pup does that too? Dry itchy scalps, hair fall out like crazy, watery eyes. What yall do to keep theirs allergies down? I use use claritin? Bath him in Medicaid shampoo.
  5. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Della~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Illinois

    "Darling Della is an owner surrender from the Whitley, Indiana Humane Society. Della is 6 years old and a French/English Bulldog mix. She is very overweight at 44 lbs. She is small and needs to lose 8 to 10 lbs to be at a healthy weight. Della was badly neglected. In fact, she was surrendered...
  6. T

    TrizCHLOR 4HC Shampoo or TrizCHLOR 4 Shampoo

    Hey fam hope all is well. We have been using the TrizCHLOR 4HC Shampoo with great results. However, I just noticed there is a TrizCHLOR 4 Shampoo that doesn't have the hydrocortisone in it. I didn't realize that there were two types so my question is which one is everyone using out of the two...
  7. L

    What shampoo can I use that will reduce her shedding

    I'm looking for a great shampoo that can reduce cookies shedding any recommendations out there?
  8. J

    10 month old with terrible skin problem

    For the first 6-7 months he was perfectly healthy and out of nowhere my sweet baby started developing papules/pustules all over his body. These are filled with a little bit of pus but mainly blood and tend to be dark colored. (They pop when he plays with his big brother Zeus who is a boxer) They...
  9. A

    What shampoo do you use and how often do you bathe?

    Hello, i want to establish a bathing schedule, my pup is indoors 90% of the time, doesnt really stink but i want to establish a good bathing schedule, should i bathe every 2 weeks? 3 weeks? what shampoo to use? what do you do and use? do you use conditioner as well? which one?
  10. Dollys Owner

    What is your daily maintenance regimen for your bully?

    Mine ( for 30 pound french bulldog ) 1) Clean wrinkle that eye drains into every 2 days with 3 round cosmetic pads, 1rst with a dab of ketohex shampoo, 2nd with water, 3rd to dry it up 2) Fill ears up weekly with EcoEars (from Amazon) and let her shake it out. 3) Clean ears daily with some...
  11. E

    Help Needed! Hives/allergies

    Hi! My English bulldog Bella is almost 8 months old. She is my first English Bulldog. She has been on Purina Pro Plan. I recently came across this site and read about Purina not being a good choice. So I tried changing her dog food to Fromm Grain free Heartland gold. I started the transition on...
  12. B


    I am back regarding Bella’s ON GOING “apparent staph’ skin infection that she gets one or twice every year usually between December and April. She started showing signs of reoccurring about mid April. The first thing I did was bath her using Nizoral shampoo to kill the bacteria and get the loose...
  13. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Rocky~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Ontario

    Hi! I'm Rocky. I'm a nine year old English Bulldog but don't let my age fool you - I'm what you call "young at heart"! I came from a loving home where my previous owners were becoming too old to care for me. I've always known love and am happy to give it! Some of my favourite pastimes include...
  14. K

    Help Needed! Bumps on my 9 week old english bulldog

    My 9 week old english bulldog has bumps under her ski. She is on ketoseb shampoo +ps and it is not clearing up. She is starting to lose her fur on her paw and on her back. Can't keep affording the vet every week to get her looked at
  15. rbourque314

    Lincoln's Major Skin Improvement!

    Hello all, I posted awhile back about an issue that Lincoln was having with his skin. I went through a couple antibiotic treatments and countless medicated baths with no real significant improvement. He has suffered from these really strange crusty/scaly bumps on his skin ever since he was...
  16. Cbrugs

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Luke~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Ohio

    Intake Date: 9-27-2018 Last Update: 10/06/2018 Date Available: 10-6-18 Accepting Applications until: Age: 8-10 estimated by doc's at VCA DOB: ?? Gender: Male Weight: 57 Energy Level:Low Color & Markings: White w/tan markings Good with other dogs: Yes Good with cats: Unknown Good with kids...
  17. S

    New English Bulldog owner

    Hi I just picked up my pup on Friday and he is 11 weeks old. He is doing great crate training and potty training. The Breeder was feeding him Nutri-Nugget and that’s what I’ve been feeding him since he’s used to it but here are my questions. 1- how much and how many times a day should I feed...
  18. Corea99

    General Question Smells, Probiotics, & Supplements

    Community questions. Do you give your bully supplement and/or probiotics? IF so, what do you recommend? My bully is smelly. Not yeasty, just a general strong doggy odor. Unfortunately, upstairs is carpeted so the odor lingers despite air purifier and vacuuming. [Stuck with carpet for now]...
  19. rbourque314

    Crusty & Scaly Skin - Allergies or Infection? (Pics)

    Hello all, My poor Lincoln, who is 2.5 years old, has something going on with his skin. I can describe the spots as crusty/dry and scaly (see photos). They don't seem to bother him all that much and are not red/itchy, but they are causing hair loss and excessive shedding. I have been using...
  20. Cbrugs

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Milkyway~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in California

    MilkyWay is between 1 1/2 – 2 years old, female spayed tri colored bulldog, weighing in at 30 pounds. She is still very puppy like – high energy and very playful. She is good with other dogs and kids. MilkyWay came to rescue through a local Shelter with some skin dermatitis issues and an ear...