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Nov 20, 2011
Bulldog(s) Names

Please welcome Jack Frost to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. He writes: I’m new to rescue and I’m glad to be. I don’t know if I got out, was turned loose, or ran away. All I know is that I ended up in a really, really cold place. In fact, there were snow flakes falling on my fur. I thought to myself, “I am a sofa kind of fella ~ not a shelter kinda guy!” I am not real fat, so I did not have any “fluff” to keep me warm and my teeth were really chattering. I kept looking at the kind shelter lady with my big brown eyes pleading “Lady, it’s cold out here. Please help me. My toes are getting frosty!”See, there is not a lot of “foot traffic” at this shelter. The shelter lady knew my stray hold was over and no one had came looking for me. Sometimes bad things happen to good dogs in small shelters this time of year. Well, great news… my new shelter friend picked up the phone and called Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and said “You are gonna love a Bulldog that we have here. And he needs a Christmas miracle!” Then I heard the rest of the story. My rescue was hours away, and it was late in the day. My head dropped because I knew I was cold and I felt like I was getting a cold. And then my Christmas Miracle pulled up! No, not a sleigh with reindeer, but a Cadillac Escalade! Yep, me, Jack Frost, hopped in the passenger seat, strapped in a seat belt and I was off, leaving those snow flurries behind. The seat had a warmer and I curled up in a ball. The next thing I knew I had made my journey west and me, Jack Frost, have a brand new life! So stayed tuned for my updates. Please understand I, a Bulldog named Jack Frost, am thankful for my Christmas Miracle!
12/24/17 Update: We picked up Jack Frost yesterday, and this boy is something else… He’s a bit thin from his time on the streets, but eats very well, so he’ll gain that weight back in no time! He’s a little bossy, but that’s just a survival instinct he learned along the way. Once all the introductions were done and a few rules were set, he’s settled right in at our place. His first order of business was a good bath and much needed teeth brushing, which he did well for a “stray.”
He sits to command, but only if you have a treat ready, and is so far good with potty business. He loves his monkey that was in his Christmas goodie bag, and has carried that poor thing all over the house! He will cry when crated; he prefers to be out and about, but he slept well in the crate in my room last night. He loves cuddles, but hasn’t jumped up on the furniture (despite foster sister being a permanent couch pillow) and curled up at my feet last night during TV time. He’s going to make his new family very happy when he finds them!
12/30/17 Update: He seems to have an upper respiratory infection from his time on the streets and in the doggy jail, before he was brought to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. We’ve been sleeping in the crate with the humidifier close and taking our pills like a big boy! He loves his medicine in just a tiny bit of cheese! He’s already starting to feel better there! He also has a tail pocket that’s pretty bad, so we are treating that as well; however, he DOES NOT like tail cleaning! It’s a two man job because it’s a little sore in there. He is great with my two crazy kids, and seems to actually like my loud autistic little boy the most! He knows all about toys and Nylabones! He still refuses to jump on the furniture, but will place his head on your lap to let you know when he needs attention. He still hasn’t figured out that the food won’t stop here… he gulps down any food bowl placed on the floor, even foster sisters’, so we are rationing several 1 cup feedings spread out over the day. He’s already gaining a little weight back. He has finally slowed down on the water drinking… he was so thirsty the first few days, I caught him sneaking the toilet in the kids bathroom! It looks like we are on the road to recovery, but will be a few weeks before he’s back to his old self again. I sure wish this boy could tell me of all his adventures before rescue!
1/4/18 Update: Jack Frost is working hard to get over his respiratory infection, he still takes his medications like a pro. His tail is getting a little better, and he’s settled right in at the foster pad. He can’t decide which bed is his favorite, so he divides his time between all of them. He loves the kids, and is very playful. It’s hard to believe he’s 6! He acts more like a 3 year old and he still drags that monkey everywhere! He’s gaining his weight back and is beginning to realize that the food and water are always coming. He still likes to sit at my feet and not jump on the couch. He’s just a great guy!
1/21/18 Update: My respiratory infection is all better. We are still working on my tail – I have a pocket that needs daily care. I love my bath time so much that I’ve learned how to get in the shower all by myself! Can’t seem to get back out on my own, but that’s OK. I like the cool tiles. I’ve gained much of my weight back; they feed me pretty good here, and when Foster Mom gives me love, she doesn’t feel my back bone anymore! I am still working on manners. I play a little rough when I get excited, and I like to get all the attention in the house, but I’m so cute, why wouldn’t you give me all the attention? I mean foster sister is cute and cuddly, but I’d rather have the hoomans all to myself! I’m still waiting on my forever folks.. you know you love me! Go submit your application today!
2/5/18 Update: I got to go all the way out to see Dr. Larsen, and she gave me some medicine to make my tail all better! She also gave me this pretty pink birdie.. he’s my new favorite toy, besides my favorite monkey! I put my babies to bed with me every night and bring them out to play each morning. I have this foster sister, and I like sitting with her, in her bed, but my toys are much more energetic and fun!
3/4/18 Update: I’m sooo very excited to let y’all know I have a meet and greet on St. Patrick’s Day! I have my green bow tie ready, and monkey is especially excited that we just might have our very own family soon. Y’all, wish us luck

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