Bruno update, all is good


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Dec 16, 2011
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Update on Bruno the rescue dog. No more lung issues so far. We have been watching him really closely to make sure he doesn't get overexcited. We have found out he is super smart. every day when I get home from work I put all of my stuff away before I greet the dogs (this prevents Crazy from peeing on the floor). Bruno decided in this time he needs to go find a bone (nylabone ring) and bring it to me in order to be petted. In reality that is how long it takes to me to put my stuff away. The other day he went into the living room to get the bone and all of the sudden he bolted out of the doggie door. He bolted back in the doggie door with his dog bone so he would be greeted. he remembered he left it in the backyard. He still does the alligator thing a couple time a day but he is also such a love bug. My wife has had to hide in the bedroom a couple times when he he gets too crazy. he likes to bite kneecaps, hands and feet. my wife has severe arthritis. Whackamole (folded up light catalog) helps but we have to be sparing with it. we think someone in his past may have done too much whackamole. we think he is the best 15 month (seems like 5 month) old bulldog ever.


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Sep 12, 2013
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Great to hear Bruno is doing well and what a good routine that he goes to get his bone to greet you. That is actually something we regret not teaching Castor when he was a pup as it's so convenient when visitors come, etc. Many years ago, my husband had a giant dog who always went to pick up a toy before he came to greet visitors. Castor is calm these days (and we have no visitors of course due to covid) but when he was younger he was very happy when visitors arrived or when we came home, so then he would have needed Bruno's skills!


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Jul 28, 2011
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So happy to hear he is doing well! My Lambeau does the ‘get a toy’ thing when I get home too... so funny.

As for the zoomed, they will subside as he ages.

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Dec 9, 2016
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This is funny cause Louie will ALWAYS grab a chew or toy to show you when you get home. I didn’t realize others did it as well!

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Mar 30, 2015
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Great to hear Bruno is doing well! :) zoomies are just so funny, they just look so happy :D

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