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Nov 20, 2011
Bulldog(s) Names

Hi everyone my name is Angel. I am 5 ½ years old. I also have an adorable face, the cutest perky ears and an all-white coat. I had a rough start when I first came into rescue. I had a stinky ear infection. In the same ear I had a tumor that had grown and it became ulcerated. So you can imagine that I wasn’t feeling so well. My foster parents saw that I was not walking well either-I wasn’t taking full strides with my hind legs. Also, within the first hour of being in rescue my foster parents noticed I had small peanut sized rocks in my stool…. A trip to the vet, a few x-rays later, I found out I didn’t have any more rocks inside me. I did find out though I have arthritis in my legs, hip dysplasia, a luxating patella, allergies and I needed to have surgery on my ear. WOW….right?? See what I mean about having a rough start???

Now that I am on meds for my legs, have had my surgery, I am feeling better and my foster family is seeing more of my personality. When I get happy and excited I get a confident stance, wag my tail at 100 mph, run back and forth. I always want to be near my foster parents at all times. I will follow them around the house and make sure that I sit right next to them when they are relaxing. To show them I love them I give them kisses and cuddle with them. If I want attention, I give my foster family a good head nudge, my paw or talk to them to tell them to pet me. I just love being the center of attention. I am fully potty trained. I haven’t had one accident in my foster parent’s house so far and I will let you know when I have to go out!!! I love, love, love car rides. I also an appetite on me, I Iike to eat and love treats. My foster family says that I’m good while they are sleeping at night and at work because I haven’t got into anything I shouldn’t….although they think I have a mischievous side…but who doesn’t right?? My foster parents say that I have been well behaved while they have had guests over too-I just soak up the attention from them.

When I lived with my other family before I came into rescue I didn’t use a crate but my foster family set one up for me in my room and I have started to use it with the door open. I can do stairs but with my legs carpeted stairs would be the best. If there are stairs outside I may need rubber mats to help me get up and down them. My foster parents take me on short walks which I love because I get to explore the neighborhood and smell lots of things. They take me for short walks to help me maintain my girly figure so I can get around more easily with my legs. I know sit but I could use some work on my commands, taking treats gently, and work with pulling on my leash. Also if there is a loud truck, or a doorbell rings, or a neighbor walks by I can get pretty vocal with them-My foster parents are working on redirection/refocus techniques and will most likely need to work on this in my new home to. My foster parents think a home with just me in it would be perfect or a calm dog that will let me be the center of attention. Also, my foster parents think an experienced bulldog owner that is willing to work with Angel is best.

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Please view the adoption process and fill out an application at their website --->

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Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News! :up:

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