1. K

    TPLO or TightRope

    Hello, my 3 year old had the tight rope procedure on his right knee 1.5 years ago and recovered well. He just tore his other ACL and requires surgery. I have read that TPLO is the “gold standard” for canine ACL repair but can’t find a lot of literature supporting one method over the other for...
  2. F

    UK food suggestions?

    hey everyone! im new here and have been loving reading all the advice but one problem i keep having is that many of the recommended products, especially food, isnt available in the uk. Lenny is only 14 months and had to have surgery for bladder stones last month :( the vet suggested purina HA...
  3. J

    Help Needed! Cyst between toes. Remedies? Ointments? Anything?

    My Sasha had a cyst form on her back foot between her toes. I read it's common in Bulldogs. The bad thing is my Vets only suggested surgery. To me that should be a last resort. It's not big and it doesn't bother her. Another crazy thing is another one is starting to form on her other back foot...
  4. Semua

    Newby from Florida needs help after TECA surgery

    We are new to this site and looking to some advice, Lola is 9 years old and she just went under surgery ( total ear ablation) due to scarring and chronic ear infections. She came home yesterday and immediately noticed that her breathing was very congested and with a lot of snot from her right...
  5. E

    Possible acid reflux??!!

    Hey all... so a brief background on my bully is this. Had the soft palate surgery when he was 1 after he aspirated his food and got pneumonia. Fast forward to 6 yers old.. i recently gone to a allergist and we switched his food to purina pro plan ha due to the fact hes allergic to almost...
  6. 1Chumly

    Buster had to have ACL surgery

    Buster had ACL surgery yesterday. He had a partial tear that we had been keeping an eye on. He would limp a bit when he got out of bed then kind of walk it off. The past few days he was really hobbling but not carrying his leg. We took him to the vet yesterday and the partial had turned into...
  7. oscarmayer

    MERCY!!! Look at the stone(s) our Vet removed from rescue Joker.

    He’s been leaking urine since we got him, 3-4 months ago. X-rays showed the stones and today was his surgery day. He’s in a lot of discomfort after a 2 hour procedure and his underside is very swollen. Hopefully, this will get him started on a complete recovery. Pre surgery... Post...
  8. gobronco

    Bruno half way through his first one mile walk

    Bruno (the rescue dog) half way through his 1 mile walk. Since his recurring pneumonia and throat surgery in December I have been taking it easy on him. He needed time for his lungs to heal. Short walks at first then 1/2 mile then 3/4 mile walks. His lungs seem to be doing much better and he...
  9. V

    Tear irritation

    Hello my girl had surgery last week on tail and spay. I have noticed that after that her eyes had teared alot and now she has an irriation right below her eyes (mostly left one) and it's red and irrtated. What do you all use for irritation. Nervous to use anything near her eye.
  10. Hceril

    Nurse Bella taking care of her dad...

    She insists on sleeping in the recliner with him.😝 not so comfy for him but he does love it! He had rotator and bicep repair surgery a week and a half ago. This is her a couple of days before the surgery sleeping on him since she couldn’t squeeze between us.
  11. E

    Help Needed! Hip dysplasia with luxation - FHO vs THR

    Hi everyone. We are longtime readers of this thread, and we thank you for all of your helpful advice. We have a 10 month old bulldog, who unfortunately after she was spayed had hip luxation (out of socket) on both sides. We absolutely do not blame our vet. On the X-ray there are signs of...
  12. C

    Entropy surgery caused cherry eye?

    Hi there - first post - proud owner of 2 english bulldogs Our little female bulldog (2 years old) had entropy causing her to constantly squint - so we decided to get surgery. All went well, she is not in pain, but now after 2 days she has formed cherry eye on the operated eye. We have had...
  13. Zedsded

    Puppy hernia! Thoughts and advice please.

    We have just had a call from the breeder who has just been to the vets with the pups for their final check up and she has informed us that Wesley has a small hernia which her vet has said should not be a problem at all but “may” need a small corrective surgery if there is any problem when he is...
  14. S

    EBD Puppy - Hip Dysplasia Surgery?

    Hi all- Been lurking around here for a few months for general advice on the breed... Unfortunately, per some recent x ray results, my little guy has pretty bad hip dysplasia on both sides. I brought him in because he sways a lot when he walks... also, after playing at the dog park the other...
  15. Marine91

    Surgery Time

    Well..... Harlea Bug is at it again. We noticed her squinting a bit out of the blue a few days ago so we got her in to the vet this morning and low and behold she has Distichiasis. The earliest appointment we could get her with the specialist for the surgical consult is next Monday, but in the...
  16. S

    Excessive panting also choking

    Hi All, My Red used to love riding in the car. For the last 6 months he pants while in the car and even if he goes to a familiar house he continues to pant for hours after we arrive. He has been to the vet and the vet says he he healthy. Anyone ever experience this and if so what did you do...
  17. gobronco

    Bruno Mars the rescue dog

    Meet Bruno the rescue dog. We got him in November. he was surrendered because of health issue. Chronic aspiration pneumonia. He was surrendered in June? 'spent a lot of time in the hospital and with foster parents. He got pneumonia again just before thanksgiving and went through pallet and...
  18. C

    Cooper Post Op

    Surgery went well (according to Dr.) he is very inactive - cant coax him out of crate...Hope he is better soon! Prayers Accepted!
  19. 1Chumly

    Buster's bad leg

    I had previously mentioned in another thread after winning the Turkey Leg contest that Buster was limping on that leg. We went to the vet yesterday and he has a partial ACL tear. We are not doing surgery at this point. We are trying to keep him as quiet as possible and he is to continue on...
  20. C

    Cooper Bean!

    He is coming home today from ACL surgery - keep him in your thoughts and prayers!