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Nov 20, 2011
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1/5/17: Please welcome Smoke. Smoke was surrendered to a vet clinic two days ago because his family did not have the resources to pay for an emergency prolapsed rectum plus some sigmoid colon issues. The clinic contacted one of our volunteers and we had him in our care and at the specialist within a few hours. They are doing everything thing they can to reduce the swelling of his colon and they have given him pain meds, but the color of the tissue is dark, purple and that means the circulation is poor. They will try to put back in as much as they can and hope that is stays in. We will know in the morning if he will need to have surgery to have a portion removed if the tissue removed.He is five months old. We are also told he has been living outside and battled Parvovirus in November.Our cost for care today and through the night is $2,500, after surgery tomorrow we are looking at a $4,500 vet bill.

1/6/18: morning update: Smoke will be heading into surgery shortly. They are hopeful that they can reduce the prolapse, the colon color will improve secondary to improved blood flow. If that happens, they will do a “ purse string” and observe. We’ll know more soon.
1/6/18 afternoon update: Smoke is out of surgery. They were not able to reduce so had to do a colon resection. He is in recovery and doing well.
1/7/18 update: Smoke had a good night and is feeling well this morning. He has a little diarrhea but that is nothing to worry about right now. He will spend another day at GVS for observation.
1/8/18 morning update: Smoke will be leaving the ICU today. He is eating and pooping and doing well so far! We have a more detailed follow up plan from the specialists later today.
1/8/18: afternoon update: The next two weeks will mean strict crate rest, a few medications, canned dog food, and leaking butt! He will see the specialist again in two weeks for a follow up visit, if all goes well then he can live the life of a happy normal puppy!
1/14/18 update: Smoke is doing well. Still on struck crate rest and still leaking some poop but he is feeling great. He has a follow up visit with the surgeon in one week.
1/19/18 Update: Smoke had his recheck with the specialist today. They said all looks good and he is recovering well. But he is still leaking poop. We are trying a new medication and we will start transitioning him to dry dog food.
3/22/18 Update: Smoke is doing well but we do not think he will ever poop normally. Unfortunately the surgeon had to remove so much of his colon that he can not process like a normal dog. Most times he can hold his poop but not all of the times. He is pooping 8-15 times a day. We have him on a raw diet to help decrease the amount of times he poops a days and the volume of each bowel movement. He is not wearing a diaper when he is foster parents are home, but he is having to wear one through the night.

approximate age: 9 months
approximate weight: 25
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: n/a
likes children: yes
food: BLue Ridge Beef (RAW diet)
lifelong medications: none


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Poor boy, I hope he is doing well and has found a good home by now. Sad to hear about the little babys like that.

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