1. Vabulldog

    Help with soft evening stools

    I have an 8, almost 9-month English bulldog puppy. Ever since he got back from being boarded his evening stools are soft. Not diarrhea, but sometimes I have to pull grass to be able to get it. It's formed, but soft. I've given him probiotics with his morning meal the last 3 days to help. One...
  2. Vabulldog

    How many times a day should a 12 week puppy poop?

    We are feeding him twice a day. I'm going to start keeping a journal but I feel like he's pooping more than I'd expect. I'd expect after meals, in the am, before bed maybe throw in a lunch and that'd be 5 tops. Am I off? He's eating Purina Pro puppy formula.
  3. N

    Help Needed! Swallowed piece of plastic bottle

    My boy Pabllo needed exactly 10 seconds to make a ripe trough a sock and reach the 2 litres water bottle & make the hole in the picture. I only took my eyes off him for 10 seconds to reply to a text message and i have put a sock on top of the bottle for safety measurements ( i tought i was that...
  4. F

    UK food suggestions?

    hey everyone! im new here and have been loving reading all the advice but one problem i keep having is that many of the recommended products, especially food, isnt available in the uk. Lenny is only 14 months and had to have surgery for bladder stones last month :( the vet suggested purina HA...
  5. berlin78

    Chloe is being a little poop!

    So Chloe is now almost 17 weeks. She's doing pretty well on the housetraining front, even making it through 8 hours one night in her crate! But... she hasn't yet been allowed to sleep in our bed (which is what we wind up doing eventually) and I think she's trying to "claim" it. We do let her get...
  6. Zedsded

    Don’t try this at home!

    If you let your puppy out for a poop and end up having to wipe his bum with a baby wipe because he’s got an upset tummy :eek: DON’T! and i can’t stress this enough, DON’T! Then reach for a poop bag and realise you have two, so then lick your finger in order to split the two poop bags only to...
  7. cefe13

    I've had enough

    :please: Does anyone know if there is some smart stuff that I can spray on my door step to deter passing dogs from leaving their poop there? This has become absolutely crazy. It is mandatory to pick up after your dog here and 99 per cent of dog owners do that without a problem. However, there...
  8. ladywebb

    Help needed!

    I am at a loss! Started last Thursday night/Friday morning, my hubby came home early morning to find poo in Gilbert's tent (little pop up tent we use as a kennel for nighttime and when gone..he loves it!). Ok...Gilbert has not pooped in his kennel and/or tent (have both..just different areas of...
  9. helsonwheels

    Morning Workout

    Every morning Nyala n Jake gets an intense workout with their trainer da Magpies. Morning routine.....Pups goes out to do their business, come back in for a short snooze, an hourish later Magpies comes for breakfast eating pup’s poop, yes I said poop cause both on raw diet, I see the Magpies...
  10. C

    Please help - 10month puppy won’t go to toilet outside

    Hi there I’m new to the English Bulldog forums so thank you for letting me join. We brought a 10 month old puppy from a home that no longer wanted him the previous owner said that the dog had been toilet trained.. they also said that the dog was so lazy didn’t want to go out for walks… When we...
  11. anatess

    Bullie turned 13 years old

    She is old. But still spunky. Still digs holes in the garden. Still bullies her 10 year old brother. She turned 13 last week. And it's starting to show. Yesterday, she stumbled on her hind legs walking on the uneven pavers. This worried me greatly. We've tried to maintain her and her...
  12. Frost

    Looking too try Zigniture food

    Hello, I been feeding Bruno Royal Canin since I got him from the breeder a month and a half ago. His undercoat is pink and his poop has shape but soft when I pick it up. I’m thinking he may have allergies to chicken. So I’m about 1/4 left In the bag and want to try zigniture but not sure about...
  13. C

    Please Help 🤢

    Our female English bulldog is 9m old. Unfortunately due to covid we were not able to get her fixed. She has been rescheduled for the end of the month. She seems to be starting her first heat. Her vulva is swollen, she’s acting out of sorts. We don’t see any real blood yet, but the SMELL...
  14. yankydoodle

    My dogs eat poop

    Hi folks, I take daily walks with my dogs and every now and then they like to eat the poop of other dogs. I know dogs do this, but I don't like it at all. My question is, can they smell if the poop of other dogs is infected, for instance, if the other dogs maybe carry an illness ? Will they...
  15. G

    At A Loss... What Should I Feed Her?

    Hi, I have a one year old Olde English Bulldog. Over the past 8 months, we have been trying to find the best food for her with no luck. I have come to the conclusion that the only way to resolve her bowel issues is to make her home cooked food. But I have no idea how to do it or where to start...
  16. SMammers816

    Help... Defecating in crate at night :(

    HELP.... please!! Copper is a year and a half and we have a situation where he will defecate in his crate at night. Our dogs always sleep in their crate at night and Cooper is downstairs in our living room. Gunner, our six year old fur baby, sleeps in a crate upstairs in our room. We tried...
  17. N

    Corkscrew Tail

    I just got a new puppy and was told that he has corkscrew tail and that it is causing him to poop all day. The vet told us that the pain that his tail rubbing on his behind is causing him to not be able to get in position to poop properly but I have not herd about anyone that has had the same...
  18. Maxthebulldog1210

    General Question Small batch patties?-Raw

    Just started Max on small batch diet, he was on acana duck/pear for a long time. Transition has been going smooth, well I went cold turkey but he seems to be doing alright. Has anyone ever used this?
  19. L

    General Question New bulldog mom

    I am a new bulldog mom to a 10 month old girl named Harper Jane. She was a rescue I took her in and I am completely lost. She has been fully vetted, up to date on everything, going to be fixed on the 20th. I got her 5 days ago and when she first came to me her poop was runny, now it’s in the...
  20. H

    Help Needed! Bulldog poops massive amounts

    Hi, my 7 mo old English Bulldog loves to poop in our garage. Regardless if the door is open. AND he poops massive amounts. I feed Iams dog chow. Please help