1. sisters3

    Happy Birthday Joey Girl !!!

    My sweet Joey Girl turned six years old yesterday. Combination Memorial Day celebration and Joey's birthday! She had an amazing day! Dear Sweet Joey, On your sixth birthday I want you to know that you are the sunshine, smiles, happiness, blue skies, and LOVE of my life. Thank you for being...
  2. S

    New Puppy Questions w/Pic

    Hello! My family is looking to add an EBD pupp to our family and have found this little guy . We are not going to show or compete. We think this little guy is cute and wanted to get the community input regarding his EBD”ness” - yes he is blue. . . . He is approx. 12 weeks old what of his...
  3. Marine91

    Surgery Time

    Well..... Harlea Bug is at it again. We noticed her squinting a bit out of the blue a few days ago so we got her in to the vet this morning and low and behold she has Distichiasis. The earliest appointment we could get her with the specialist for the surgical consult is next Monday, but in the...
  4. Maxthebulldog1210

    New baby girl

    We brought home Max’s new friend a blue tri bully by the name of Nova. Please suggestions are welcome. nova is 9 weeks max is 1 yr 11mo, and is getting anxious to play or meet with her but we have decided to keep separated until she is fully vaccinated. The back story is I live in CA in a...
  5. T

    Hello All, New member, new pup.

    Hello all!, I've been searching and reading the website for the last couple of days after I signed up. There is tons of great information here. I purchased my first dog ever from an EB breeder here in Southern California. My puppy's name is Lola, she is a Blue Tri EB. Lola is 9 weeks old and...
  6. sisters3

    GREEN THUMB PEEPS - Blue Rug Juniper Weeding - HELP

    Hello Green Thumb Peeps! My new house has a front bank with blue rug juniper, I like it BUT need some help on controlling the weeds. I can pull what is there (uggg) but would LOVE if anyone has any suggestions for prevention OR even a safe herbicide to use. Thanks in advance!
  7. M

    Hi everyone new member

    HI EVERYONE :hiya::hiya::hiya::hiya: I’m New here and thought I’d introduce myself and my new baby piglet who I’ve had for a couple of months now, I’m Leanne and my babies name is Tennessee he’s a blue tan who carries the chocolate gene , I’m looking forward to getting to know you all , seeing...
  8. Hankster

    food ordeal and a lesson

    I feed pre made raw patties and semi to fully thawed to Hank and as of late i drop the whole thing into his bowl and he enjoys a lot longer. Anyway, i broke in about thirds tonight and it was only barely semi thawed. I turned my head to fill a jug of water, and something made me turn back...
  9. Chunky White

    Some Chunky pictures and update

    Chunky is back to being his normal goofy and sweet self after months of being lazy all the time. I am not sure what caused the inactivity but wondered for a while if he wasn't depressed being away from my nieces and nephews that kept him active all the time. He has been living with me full time...
  10. helsonwheels

    Suing Blue Buffalo

    ERRRRRRRR maybeeeeee you over fed him!!!!
  11. Kimberlie

    Bulldog #2

    So...... I just put a deposit on my new bulldog boy!!! He is just now 2 weeks old. I can pick him up in January sometimes. He is just too cute!!! I am curious to see what color he is actually going to be. He looks gray on his left side but has other colors on him. She said something about...
  12. EllieMay

    I have to pick a new puppy.

    Well I found out today that the puppy I had picked out is not healthy and I’ve got to pick another. I don’t care for any of the other females and I don’t want to wait until next year.. I think maybe I’m just meant to have a male.. I have picked out two males. There is one deposit ahead of me so...
  13. EllieMay

    2 weeks and counting

    So the little blue bulldog that I’ve begun thinking of as mine is two weeks old now and doing well. My son and I had an ID tag made yesterday. He ( my son) picked out this huge gaudy silver heart with a red crown in the center. The whole thing is glitter epoxy. We had the name Cinder engraved so...
  14. ddnene

    Warning regarding Toxic Blue Algae...

    PLEASE be aware, I have read about this several times this week... so very sad!!! warning-pet-owners-toxic-algae-kills-three-dogs-matter-hours
  15. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Blue~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in California

    Hey there! My name is Blue and I am 10 years old. I'm sad to say that I'm looking for a new home because my owner passed away. I am a gentle giant, great with other dogs and cats. I have never lived with kids so I'd do best in a home with kids 12+. No stairs because I do have arthritis. I am...
  16. M

    Our new blue tri Merle boy Maximus Greywind

    After losing our beautiful girl Matilda at Christmas my wife and I decided we were finally ready to get a sibling for our frenchie boy. We came across a beautiful blu tri Merle pup and from there moved very quickly to reserve him. We picked him up at 8 weeks roughly a week and half ago. He is...
  17. helsonwheels

    Heat Strokes What to do!

    From a breeder.... Is that time of the year again, it's getting hot .. that means potential for a heat stroke , whether your @ home/taking your dogs to the park or a show , have this items available @ all times .. Signs of a heat stroke: tongue turns blue or gums bright red or white, glaze...
  18. Cbrugs

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Melvin~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Ohio

    Intake Date: 4-10-19 Last Update: 4-19-19 Age: 18 mo DOB: 11/20/17 Gender: Male Weight: Energy Level: Moderate Color & Markings: White and red brindle Good with other dogs: Yes Good with cats: unsure but seems to love everyone Good with kids: BBR Policy states no children under the age of 8+...
  19. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Roxy~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Ohio

    My name is Roxy. They say I’m about 8 years old but I have the energy of a 4year old I’m housebroken, Love to go for walks and rides. I get along with other dogs, and even cats. Love to cuddle and watch tv. Also like my playtime. I’ve found no human that I don’t like and I’m good with kids. I’m...
  20. B

    Vet Recommendations MS/TN

    Hi, I moved away from my regular vet in Dallas to Memphis, TN - Top of MS area. Vader had a bad visit yesterday at the local vet for breathing issues and I had to take him to an ER that was around the corner per vet recommendation as he was turning blue from the lack of O2. The local vet is good...