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  • Thank you so much, that means alot! We are stocked up and ready! Hoping its not terribly awful, :(
    All we can do is suggest, it's up to them whether or not to do. It's sad I know... but I leave thinking they did. Haha. so I don't get upset.
    You are totally on it! Thanks for chiming in, you are right. Poor baby. Hopefully she'll switch it out :)
    Well then, I feel privileged, dear Sue!

    Actually thought I'd sent this until I realized today, I hadn't ;)

    You are such a great addition to this wonderful group, so glad
    you're here with us! Joey is just too precious, life is difficult &
    overwhelming (at times) with a bulldog but worth it, as you're
    finding out, nothing like them!

    Big hugs, Y'all :)
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