Harness and other items for new puppy.


Nov 15, 2020
United States
Bulldog(s) Names
Hugo(English Bulldog) and Hans(Rottweiler)
Hello all,

It looks like we will finally be getting an English Bulldog puppy (Hugo) later this month. We have had Frenchies in the past and currently have a Rottie, but this will be our first English. I am starting to order supplies in anticipation of picking up our new pup and had a few questions.

First, any ideas of good size and brand harness to get 3 month old Bulldog? I use a modular harness with my Rottweiler (Hans) and will get one for Hugo as well when he is grown. For now, I am looking for good basic harness (I have my Rottie’s harness from when he was a puppy but think it will be too large).

Second, anyone have any suggestions for favorite toys for Bulldog pups. I have some ideas but would love to hear suggestions from anyone out there.

Lastly, I will be driving to pick up Hugo and bring him back. Most likely, I will be going by myself. The drive will be about 3.5 hours each way, and I am currently trying to figure out the best way to transport him back. Hans currently rides with car safety harness, but I don’t know if they would be best and least traumatic way to transport the new pup. Any suggestions?

Look forward to any help you might have.
For right now, I would get a cheap harness, as the pup will be growing pretty fast. When it is full grown, then you can invest in a good one. I use step-in harnesses from Lupine,as their permanent ones, but others will have suggestions also. For now, any toys that can't be chewed easily, and no stuffed toys. Bullies like to swallow things! My pups were always after my shoes and tennis shoes, so I bought a cheap pair of children's tennies, and gave them to the pups.I always keep a good eye on a pup to make sure they didn't find anything they shouldn't have. When I pick up my pups, I just put them next to me on a blanket, and they just lay there. To me that is the least traumatic because they are near your body warmth and feel more secure. [MENTION=19939]Mechadogzilla[/MENTION]
Yes, like Lynn mentioned, I wouldn’t buy anything special just yet. Save up for a quality harness n collar later on.
They grow so quickly that it is better to wait with a high quality harness until he's bigger. I agree with [MENTION=8741]Manydogs[/MENTION] that the pup needs to be close and feel secure, but in the other hand, car safety is essential so blanket close to you plus safety harness perhaps?
Congrats on your first bully! My suggestion - if there's a petsmart or pet store near his pick up location is to pick him up and have him with you to size a harness for the long ride home. I adopted an adult so I picked up only collar and leash until I had her. I bought some of the seat belt buckles that snap into the seat belt receiver and I connect that to the chest ring on her harness and I have a horse bucket hanger around the headrest that I snap to the ring with her leash on the back and take one of her blankets for the seat (I have a black mustang with black leather seats and don't want her burning her tits or tata on hot leather seats). I'm disabled with a on functioning right arm and hand and have no way to push her back when she tries to come over the console in attempts to get in my lap. And I can't get her into my backseat by myself, she jumps right up and in the front passenger seat like a champ. I am more concerned for her safety especially with her in the front seat than anything else. I only use her harness to go bye bye in the car. I'm on 5 acres so walks and excercise isn't a problem never leaving home! We both old, fat, n out of shape. We both get worn out fairly quickly lol. I do agree with everyone to do the less expensive harnesses and collars etc as he grows and invest in a good one when he's grown. I did not know not to give puppies stuffed toys, I learn new things here every day! Shirley loves the rubber pigs that oink when she steps on, lays on, or munches on. Those are her favorite. She has a bunch of the rope toys and other squeaky toys and a lot of stuffed critters that squeak and crimple. I do know rawhide is supposed to be bad for bulldogs, so I got 2 kong's (they have puppy size too) and I shove peanut butter or coconut oil in it for her to lick out. I also got a bobsalot, she loves it but had to learn to twist instead of bulldoze it across the room for her kibble to fall out.
Congratulations!! Can’t wait for pictures!

my go to toy for puppy is a the Nylabone keys, you can freeze them for a little the it is nice and cold for them shark teething times. Agree with others, nothing crazy for color/harness as they grow too fast. With the bully barrel chest, your rotties harness might fit.

safe travels and please post pictures once Hugo is home
Congratulations on your new puppy.

I echo the remarks about buying an inexpensive harness for a puppy. We bought Reggie (our 4year old) the Julius IDC Power Harness at about 1 year old. At about 2 years old, we bought him the next larger size and have been using that ever since. A great investment.

Once Oscar (currently 7 months old) grows a bit more, we will get him the same harness.

For chew toys, Kong toys work well for Oscar, but not for Reggie. Both love Elk bones to chew on. For Oscar, I buy him the split elk bones as they are easier on his puppy teeth and newly sprouting adult teeth. Once the bones get small enough to be a choking hazard, we throw them away. We make a big deal out of giving them a new bone and they love them!

Bulldogs are like no other breed! We are so thankful we have 2!

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