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  • Sending you and Angus hugs �� in remembrance of Bullie. We’re all gonna miss the pictures of her and Angus getting dirty and trying to drive you nuts! I hope that you two can remember the best of times with her and allow that to make you smile when you think back about how amazing she is! Sending loads of love from me and Brisket ❤️
    Nice to see you! Hope you are doing well, you must have psychic powers because Christine and I were just saying we missed you about 5 days ago!
    Dear one, all of you have been in my thoughts & prayers daily.
    Know you are missed here and so loved at EBN...many are praying
    for your family and hoping for a miracle. I send love and comforting
    hugs <3
    That is so sweet, thank you! I'm not going to be breeding very often anymore, but if I do I will be sure to let you know! Where do you live?
    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for all the great advice you have been giving! Appreciate your help :up:
    I think it's so funny how different and yet at the same time how much we have in common. :excited:
    I'd say you made a haul, I never get deal's like that, the beef hearts I would get 3-5 at a time was $1.99 a lbs. The liver was a whole liver at .99 cents a lb. chicken by the 40 lbs cases were .89 cents a lb to 1.89 thats was the best they would do me. A pork was 2.89 a lb. and yes I filled my freezer up entirely with dog meat except for the top shelf. Sucked to be me. LOL never the less, it's going to be kibble and home cooked for the dogs and TV dinners for the old man. :evil:
    It's not going very good, it's becoming more and more expensive , time wise and $$$ wise. I'm growing weary and have thrown in the towel. Griz has gotten back all his itches so for him alone it isn't making a difference, here is my confession, I ordered Fromm from PetFlow, it's due to ship today, but I have enough raw for the rest of the week. i couldn't connect with any farmers to give me near wholesale price. It's alot of dogs to feed and provide for, I could see it even if it were just three. I could handle the old man better too. With 5 and the result's fading, I'm torn down, so to speek, I cook a meal for hubs too just about every evening . I'm cashing in the chips. :down: :whew:
    Thanks so much for the rep in the anal gland article. I know thus sounds funny but it's my most proudest one, next to the dangers if swallowing foreign objects that is. :up:
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