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  • Hello, my 1 year old bulldog throwing up her food. Idk what to do. Everytime she eats she vomits. Should i change her food. Shes currently on purina pro plan. Help pls
    the website is working intermittently. Sometimes it does and sometimes it not. I had problem accessing yesterday and today.
    Hi Lisa, my name is Alex. I noticed youā€™re in Tucson. So are we! We have a beautiful bully named Whiskey and would love to talk or even grab a coffee to discuss some bully topics! I live off of broadway and Pantano. We are currently building a house off Houghton too.
    Barry here. I'm back....again... The excuse is that I am always taking care of my Bulldogs.....?
    I am looking for the list of vet located in other cities and states. I thought there was a list here in EBN?

    Found it...never mind......Thanks

    Thank you,
    Can Anyone suggest what to do . I just realized that cookie has a red pimple between her paws. What can help his? would appreciate your suggestion. thanks
    Hi, this is lucy. I am changing cookies food Origen, because she was bored with it. What food do you feed your bully? Also cookie is shedding alot any suggestions? Im giving her nuvet vitamin and wild salmon oil once a day in her food. I would appreciate any information. Never owned a bully before.
    I have an lilac English bulldog he is eight months old his testicles still have not dropped should I be concerned
    Hiya. Thought it was time I turned up. Besides missing talking about bulldog with friends. Hope you and everyone are ok. :)
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