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Nov 20, 2011
Bulldog(s) Names

CEBR’s amazing volunteers drove 18 hours over two days to rescue 8 bullies from a commercial breeding facility. They range in age from 2.5 to 4.5 years old and now have their first taste of freedom in their foster homes. We are calling them the Great 8, and ask for your help in giving them a new chance at life. Meet Gemma, the serious introvert. She is also extremely timid/shy She is a lover though! Once she gets to know you she likes to give kisses. She likes being petted and particularly enjoys a good neck scratch. She is a funny pooch. She spends all of her days sleeping. She can sleep sitting up, she sleeps with her face pressed into ottomans and pillows, she sleeps basically anywhere. Although she has no issues with stairs or any kind of health issue that restricts her movement she is not a mover. She is the ultimate couch potato. She spends all her time in her bed (happily). She passes her time snoozing and licking her toys. She likes being snuggled in her bed. Just don’t ask her to get up and come to you. Not happening. We're hopeful as time goes on she will get a bit more adventurous and explore more. For now she is quite content on her safe little island that is her bed. She has no issues with other dogs. She really likes her foster brother Ditka. She has tried to get him to play with her a couple times (that was more movement than we’d ever seen). Unfortunately Ditka is a senior and was not interested in rough housing with a 3.5 year old. Those little glimpses tell us there is a young dog in there. We just need to be patient and let that personality come out. We think Gemma would be great in a house that had another submissive pooch in the house. A pooch that wants to play would be ideal. She does not have an aggressive bone in her body. We have not tested her with kids or cats. Our feeling at this point is a low key home would be best for this shy girl. She needs someone with patience to allow her the time she needs to come out of her shell. The reward for letting her do it in her time will be huge. She is such a loving girl. She will make someone the best snuggle buddy. As far as potty training goes we’re close to calling her potty trained. She does not have accidents in the house anymore. The flip side of that is we have to physically pick her up and carry her outside. She is still quite afraid of being outside. Once out there she will do her business and immediately go to the door to come back in. She then bolts to her bed again. She does not walk on a leash yet but we are working on this. Once the weather gets warmer we can go back to practicing this. The average cost of each bulldog in our care is $900 and mill rescues often far exceed these average costs. To help us give these bullies the medical care they need and deserve, please click the donate button here or go to our website at HOW TO QUALIFY FOR A CEBR BULLY To determine if you qualify to adopt one of our adorable bullies start by viewing our Adoption Area Map. If you fall within the boundaries and are interested in our bullies the first step is to complete an application by visiting Online Home of Chicago English Bulldog Rescue


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